Low-Carb Chinese Food: Healthier Than Many Options

Low-Carb Chinese Food

What Is Low-Carb Food?

Low-Carb Food

All over the world, low-carb diets have been rising in popularity for many years. Food manufacturers and restaurants are responding to this trend with lower carb options than most people would typically expect. While there is no one size fits all diet plan that works for everyone, we think that a balanced approach can work best when it comes to choosing your meals. These contain low-carb Chinese food options for you.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best low-carb Chinese food options. This is for when you’re in a pinch and need something fast.

What Are Low Carb Chinese Food?

Many people assume that Chinese food is unhealthy. This is because it contains high levels of sodium and fat. However, the truth is that many dishes are surprisingly low in carbs. These can be just as nutritious as other types of cuisine.

Chinese food is one of the most popular foods around. However, many people are not aware that they can have low-carb Chinese food with their meals. You can enjoy your favorite Chinese dishes. This is while still maintaining or losing weight. It is highly recommended that you opt for using this unique diet supplement. There are various ways in which you can prepare your own low-carb Chinese food at home.

Types of Low Carb Chinese Food Options

Types of Low Carb Chinese Food Options

These are some Low Carb Chinese Food Options:

Broccoli Beef

Skip the rice altogether if you’re able; this is one of my favorite options because it has so much protein but very few carbs. The only downside here is that sometimes broccoli isn’t included in addition to beef like advertised. Try asking your server about additional vegetable dishes before settling on this dish since many times there are multiple options available! As always, try not to eat too much sodium while eating low-carb Chinese food. This is because many times it contains a lot of sauce.

Kung Pao Chicken

Ask your server to hold out on any starch options like rice or noodles and instead add extra veggies, which is a great way to make this Chinese food dish even healthier! It can also get quite spicy with all of that Kung Pao peppercorn, so be careful here if you don’t enjoy very spicy foods.

Shrimp Lo Mein

Replace the noodles in this delicious dish with cabbage or other veggies to add more crunch and flavor while keeping things low carb at the same time! You’ll never think about lo mein without thinking about carbs again after trying some of these dishes packed with protein but little sugar. Be sure not to go overboard on soy sauce, which can quickly turn these dishes into ones filled with sugar and carbs.

Beef Chow Mein

Skip the noodles entirely for this dish (even better if you can get it without rice too!) to keep things low carb at all times. Just be sure not to drown your vegetables in high sodium soy sauce since that’s how most Chinese food is prepared! You’ll love the flavors of beef chow mein even more after trying some of these healthier options than what many restaurants provide.

Black Bean Sauce Chicken

If you’re looking for a nice mix of spicy and sweet, this is the dish for you. The black bean sauce mixed with peanuts will make your taste buds explode in flavors that are almost too much to handle but oh-so-delicious! Be sure to ask about any potential starch options since it does come with rice or noodles sometimes which can quickly turn into extra sugar carbs depending on how they’re prepared.

Chinese Vegetables

Most Chinese restaurants will offer a wide variety of vegetables that can be steamed with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce to make it even more delicious than normal! Try asking for extra veggies if possible so you can get your entire day’s worth of fruits and veggies in one sitting.

Chinese Broccoli

Ask the chef about any potential starch options like rice or noodles since this dish does come prepared with some on occasion which could turn it into sugar carbs quickly depending on how they’re cooked. This is another great low-carb high protein option that won’t leave you feeling hungry after eating; just don’t forget about all those added sugars found in typical Chinese food dishes by default!

Mongolian Beef

One of my favorite dishes at Chinese restaurants is since there isn’t much added sugar unlike other typical Chinese food items like sweet and sour sauce which is loaded up with sugars that are almost impossible to find in real-life ingredients. It’s also packed with protein from the beef but keep an eye on any soy sauce consumption here; it adds a lot of sodium without offering many benefits over normal table salt.

Egg Foo Young

Skip the noodles for this delicious traditional Chinese food option (even better if you can get them without any starch!) which usually comes prepared with some form of starch somewhere on the plate. It also has eggs mixed into it which makes it a great source of protein that will fill you up without the added sugars found in sweet dishes like egg foo young.

Steamed Beef with Broccoli

Skip the noodles or any possible starch options on this dish to make sure it stays low carb at all times. Steamed beef with broccoli is another great option that won’t leave you feeling hungry after eating but be careful of how much soy sauce they use since that can quickly turn this into a high sugar and carbohydrate meal depending on what type of soy sauce they’re using.

Lo Mein

Replace anything starchy like rice, noodles, or even potatoes if possible here for lo mein by asking your server not to include them in order to keep things as healthy as possible without losing out on flavor! It also contains protein from the chicken. So you need not worry about getting enough meat. You can just watch out for too much sodium coming from soy sauce or anything else they might use to mix things up.

Chinese Chicken Salad

If your local restaurant has a Chinese food salad on their menu then consider giving this one a try since it’s usually packed with nutritious vegetables and some chicken mixed in for good measure. Just be careful of how they prepare the dressing because that can quickly turn into sugar carbs which will ruin all the benefits from eating healthier.

Egg Drop Soup

Don’t be afraid to ask the chef about any possibility of adding extra protein like chicken or beef if their soup options are always on the lower side for meat consumption. Egg drop soups can also make a great low carb option since it’s mainly broth and vegetables which come together in an almost stew-like consistency that you’ll love!

Hot and Sour Soup

This is another popular Chinese food dish that seems to have either an excessive amount of added sugars through sweeteners, corn starch, or other ingredients without much nutritional value. If possible then try asking them not to include anything starchy with your order so it stays as healthy as possible while still tasting delicious at the same time!

Mongolian Chicken Stir Fry

Skip the rice or noodles with this delicious low-carb high protein option that will help you get more meat in your diet without sacrificing taste. Mongolian chicken stir fry is a mix full of vegetables. This is so no need to worry about missing out on nutritious food here.

Szechuan Chicken

Another great dish worth trying that doesn’t have too much-added sugar if any at all; just be careful of how they prepare the sauce since it can quickly turn into a lot of sugars and carbs without very many benefits over normal table salt. This is one low-carb high protein meal you’ll definitely want to try when visiting Chinese restaurants for Chinese food options instead!

General TSO’s Chicken

Skip the breading around the outside of this delicious fried chicken option since it will use flour or other starches to make the coating stick. General TSO’s chicken is one of our favorite low-carb high protein options since you can get more meat on your plate without losing out on flavor!

Chicken Lo Mein

This noodle-based dish isn’t an option that we’d normally recommend but if you’re looking for something with a little bit of starch then consider asking them not to include any noodles in order to keep things as healthy as possible. If they do have lo mien then just be careful of how much soy sauce they put into their recipe because too much salt mixed with sweeteners like sugar and corn syrup turns this dish into something very unhealthy.

Baked BBQ Pork Bun

This is one of the few BBQ pork dishes. This doesn’t have too much sugar added. This makes it a great low-carb Chinese food choice. Just be careful with how they prepare their sauce. This is because some places can use corn syrup or other sweeteners. This is instead of healthier alternatives like normal table salt.

Chow Mein

Another noodle dish that isn’t an option you’d normally want to choose when looking for healthy choices but if you’re in the mood then just ask them not to include noodles and watch out for extra sugars thrown into the mix without thinking twice about what health benefits come from eating only vegetables and meat together.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap

They make this recipe with either low-carb high protein chicken or beef. You should only choose the one without any added starches. These are like wheat flour which can turn it into something very unhealthy. Just skip their sweet chili sauce and you’ll be good to go with this option!

Chicken Fried Rice

Another dish that uses a starchy base like white rice instead of healthy options like brown basmati rice.  Just ask them not to include anything starchy in your order. This is because you all know how quickly those extra carbs will add up. This can be if they aren’t careful about what ingredients they use for cooking.

Sweet And Sour Pork

As long as there isn’t corn starch mixed in then you’re looking at one of the best choices on their menu so feel free to order it without worrying about extra carbs or sugars. Just be careful of how much sweet and sour sauce they add since that can quickly make this a dish with more sugar than anything else!

Chicken Chow-mien

If you’re craving noodles then consider asking them not to include any in your meal. This is instead of going for lo mien. You can make it with white rice whenever possible. You can just ask nicely. This is so they know what you prefer when ordering low-carb high protein dishes at Chinese restaurants.

Benefits of Low Carb Chinese Food


These are some benefits of low-carb Chinese food:

  • Low carb Chinese food is often healthier than many other options because it does not use excessive amounts of oil. It also tends to be lower in calories, fat, and carbohydrates overall.
  • Low carb Chinese food is also lower in sodium. This is a good thing for those concerned about their salt intake.
  • It makes it easier to stick with a low-carb diet if you find fast, cheap, and delicious food. This doesn’t make you feel deprived or has fewer carbs than traditional options.
  • Chinese cuisine tends to use lots of vegetables as well. This is why many dishes fit into a healthy meal plan quite easily.

Tips to Choose Low-Carb Chinese Meal

Tips to Choose Low-Carb Chinese Meal

These are some tips that you can keep in mind to choose low-carb Chinese food:

    • Noodles and rice should be avoided. They will increase your insulin levels. This increase is not good for weight loss. So do not choose noodles and rice while you are on a low-carb diet plan.
    • You can also avoid heavy sauces. This is because they might contain hidden sugars. You can replace the heavy sauce with light soy sauce if you need it.  There is an advantage of avoiding it totally. This is when you are working towards losing weight by following a ketogenic diet plan. It would help keep off any extra carbs that show up due to the overuse of these condiments.
    • Also, avoid drinking too much alcohol because it contains sugar along with many other calories.
    • Stay away from chow mien, egg foo young, beef with broccoli, and other vegetables cooked in soy sauce. It would be better to choose steamed veggies instead of fried ones or those that are boiled.
    • Fried rice has a high carb content. So do not have it more than once per week. This is because you might end up increasing your net carbs intake for that day. Also, try having cauliflower fried rice which is basically made by replacing regular white rice with cauliflower “rice”. This helps keep down the carb count without reducing the taste quot at all. So this makes it a perfect choice for low-carb dieters.
    • Also, try having cauliflower fried rice which is basically made by replacing regular white rice with cauliflower “rice”. This helps keep down the carb count without reducing the taste quot at all. So this makes it a perfect choice for low-carb dieters.


Low carb and ketogenic diets are more sustainable ways of eating. But many people don’t think about the food they can still enjoy on these types of restrictive diets. We’ve created this list of low-carb Chinese foods. This will keep you feeling satisfied without compromising your carbs intake for the day. You can contact Mantra Care for more diet-related information.

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