A complete guide on employee benefits & perks in Saudi Arabia

What are Employee Benefits?

Employee benefits are all of the perks and advantages that a company offers to its employees. These can include things like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings plans. Employee benefits help to attract and retain good employees, and they can also improve employee morale and productivity.

Why companies in Saudi Arabia offer employee benefits?

There are many reasons why companies in Saudi Arabia offer employee benefits. One of the most important is to attract and retain top talent. By offering a comprehensive benefits package, companies can make themselves more attractive to job seekers and help ensure that their best employees stay with the company for the long term.
Another reason for offering employee benefits is to promote a healthy and productive workforce. By offering benefits like health insurance and gym memberships, companies can encourage their employees to live healthier lifestyles and take care of their wellbeing. This can lead to reduced absenteeism and greater productivity overall.

Finally, employee benefits can help improve employee morale and motivation. When employees feel that their company cares about their wellbeing and offers them perks and benefits that make their lives easier, they are more likely to be loyal to the company and motivated to do their best work.

What are the top employee benefits offered in Saudi Arabia?

As an employer, it’s important to offer benefits that will attract and retain top talent. In Saudi Arabia, some of the top employee benefits include wellness programs.
Wellness programs can help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent chronic diseases. They can also improve productivity and morale in the workplace. Some employers offer on-site fitness facilities, health counseling, and other wellness services. Others provide financial incentives for employees to participate in wellness programs.

Offering wellness programs as an employee benefit can help you attract and retain top talent in Saudi Arabia. It can also improve productivity and morale in the workplace. If you’re considering implementing a wellness program, be sure to consult with a qualified health professional to ensure that it meets the needs of your employees.

Top employee benefits providers in Saudi Arabia

MantraCare is a leading provider of employee benefits provider in Saudi Arabia. They offer multiple employee benefits programs for employees such as EAP, Corporate Yoga, Physical therapy, chronic condition reversal (for Diabetes & Hypertension), meditation, work counseling & more.

Al Rajhi Takaful is one of the leading employee benefits providers in Saudi Arabia. They offer a wide range of employee benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, and investment plans.

Saudi Fransi Bank offers a range of employee benefits packages, including health insurance, life insurance and investment plans.

Cost of Employee benefits program in Saudi Arabia

The cost of an Employee benefits will vary depending on the provider, the size of the company, and the services offered.

A basic health insurance program for a small company may cost around $100 per employee per year. A more comprehensive program that includes dental and vision coverage may cost closer to $200 per employee per year. Larger companies with more employees enrolled in their benefits programs may be able to get discounts on the overall cost.

MantraCare is one of the most cost-effective employee benefits provider with plans starting at $3 per employee.

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