Wellness Coordinator: Tips to Find Wellness Jobs

3 Best Tips to Find Wellness Jobs as a Wellness Coordinator

Have you ever had the feeling that wellness is your calling? If so, then you should consider becoming a wellness coordinator. This job has become increasingly popular over the last few years because wellness coordinators are in high demand to help people find wellness jobs and coordinate wellness programs for their company. In this article, we will provide three tips to help you find wellness jobs as a wellness coordinator!

Why Do We Need A Wellness Co-ordinator?

Wellness Coordinator

You want a wellness job as a corporate wellness coordinator. How can you find such a job? Wouldn’t it be great if somebody would just publish directions to help you get a corporate wellness job? This blog was written to help people understand the importance of health and wellness. I have interviewed for many jobs, helped college students launch their careers in this field, and now I work with employers on creating new jobs. The people interviewed helped make sure that the article had all the newest, most accurate information about wellness jobs. If you use these 3 strategies, you will have an advantage in finding a well-paying job like wellness coordinator.

If you read carefully and take notes, you will do better in any health and wellness job.

Strategy #1 Start your Corporate Wellness Career Before Graduation

Corporate Wellness Career

Work with wellness coordinators to create wellness programs for their companies. If you want a wellness job as a corporate wellness coordinator, then start interning or volunteering now! Look online at your alma mater’s website to see if they have any volunteer opportunities. The more experience that students have before graduation, the better prepared they are for wellness jobs.

If you chose a person who has the experience, you are not alone. The person who is making the hiring decision will base it on how well you sell your previous work experiences. They do not care about how well you did academically.

A good grade will not help you to get an interview. It is true that what grades you have can prevent you from getting one. Nobody wants to work with know-it-all. People want someone who is an expert, not a rookie. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do.

What kind of job should you have? Any job is good, but if you are lucky enough to attend one of the many Universities and Colleges that have wellness programs for their employees or even students, get a job in that program if possible or just volunteer. This can even be a good internship.

Do both. Work with the people who run the wellness or health education program and ask them questions. You can work with mentors to try things out before you do them on your own.

Here is how to be different and find your first wellness job.

Take a tour

Take a tour

If there are any wellness programs in your area, ask to take a tour. They might be in a city that is far away. Take some friends and go on a road trip!

Research the program before you go there. Make sure you ask questions. Don’t say anything about what you want, just ask questions about the program.

Attend any events that are about wellness

Attend any events that are about wellness-wellness-jobs-wellness-coordinator

Some students volunteered to work at a registration desk so they could get a reduced rate. They got to meet people and did not have to pay at least some of the money they would have spent.

Strategy #2 How to Look for the Right Wellness Job After Graduation

How to Look for the Right Wellness Job After Graduation

There are many places you can search for jobs. One of the most common is LinkedIn. Others include Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Monster. Some people also use their undergraduate school’s job search engine to find jobs.

Most people will simply use LinkedIn or Indeed to find wellness jobs. It is easier and quicker than doing other things like applying through the company’s website. This is a good strategy if you want to tell your parents that you applied for jobs so you can play video games in their basement.

If you want to work in the wellness industry, you have to try a little harder. You can do this by using sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster.

If you apply for a job, the company will ask for your resume. You can upload it to them, but the person who makes hiring decisions needs to take time to log in and see all of the applicants.

In order to be successful in your job search, you need to learn about the jobs on one of the sites mentioned above. Then they will do these things. The secret sauce is that they will spend a lot of time learning about the company to learn its mission and objectives.

A company will call people they know until they find someone who knows about the position. They will ask questions. Then they will write a resume to show how good they are at those job duties.

Here are some other strategies for finding a wellness job.

Use word of mouth

Use word of mouth

Some of your friends work in the wellness industry and know people who do. Ask the wellness coordinator questions, and do it before you prepare for them.

Call whenever it is required

Call whenever it is required

About a week after submitting your resume, call the company. Unless the person you are talking to knows who you are, say “It’s all good. I’ll send you another resume just to be sure.” They are going to say yes. Then you can say, “I will send you my resume. “This process will get your resume to the top of the pile. Someone on the inside knows you! After you do not get the job, send a thank you card. You are thanking them for looking at your resume and interviewing you.

Explain why you chose wellness as a career option

wellness career

This has to do with when you chose what subject in college. Feel good about a holistic approach instead of therapy. It is like a victory when you change your lifestyle and it is important for me to help other people to change. You must be passionate about wellness.

It has been said that nobody gets rich in wellness. This means that the people you are interviewing will know this, but they will want to see if you are excited. You might want to know what wellness is. It sounds like a nice thing to do.

Strategy #3 What about Wellness Certifications?

Strategy #3 What about Wellness Certifications

During the interviews to write this blog, many people said “I was going to get wellness certification (or even more certifications) BUT…”. The reason is here.

Talking about her work experience helped her get a job before she was able to get certified. That is a good problem!

Having a degree shows what you learned in school. But, this is not always needed for jobs. There are many types of wellness certifications that are available.

Getting a certificate for wellness may not make a difference in getting a job. It is more important to have actual work experience.

If you want to get certified, make sure that you consider the time and money it will take. Here is a list of certifications and some tips.

  • If you want to work in a corporate wellness program, then you can add a minor in business. This course will teach you about business terms. You might learn more than in your class on organizational behavior.
  • CPR and AED certification: Take a class in college that will teach you these. If you don’t have these skills, you can always get them from an organization like the  American Heart Association for less than $50.
  • You can get different certifications by getting a personal trainer. One of the best is the American College of Sports Medicine. There are also others like National Academy and American Council on Exercise.

A great and recognized certification is the one offered by the Wellness Council of America. It is an easier certification than the Chapman Institute’s, which is called WellCert.

Common Questions About Wellness Co-ordinator Jobs

Common questions about wellness coordinator jobs

So what do people with wellness jobs do? It all depends on what type of wellness program you are hired to. Wellness programs take on many different forms. Some programs have gyms on-site. Many people we interviewed for this blog said they used personal training at the gym, health coaching over the phone or in person, and working through their company’s human resources department. The bottom line is that anyone who works as a wellness worker is trying to help people.

How much do wellness jobs pay? In general, starting salaries are from $30,000-40,000 per year. For jobs that require a master’s degree in a certain area, the salary will be higher. Salaries will depend on the responsibilities, the wellness program, and even where you live. Some people do not go to work to get rich.!

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