A complete guide on employee benefits & perks in Ukraine

What are Employee Benefits?

There are many benefits to being an employee. Employees receive a salary, which is a regular payment for their work. They may also receive other benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacation days, and retirement savings plans. Employee benefits help to attract and retain workers. They also help to improve the morale of employees and make them feel more valued by their employer.

Why companies in Ukraine offer employee benefits?

Benefits are a key part of employee compensation, and they can play an important role in attracting and retaining top talent. Many companies choose to offer benefits in addition to salaries and bonuses, as a way to sweeten the deal for potential employees.
There are many reasons why companies offer employee benefits, but one of the main motivations is to stay competitive in the marketplace. With the war for talent becoming increasingly fierce, companies need to offer employee benefits packages that are attractive to prospective employees.

Another reason why companies offer employee benefits is to improve employee morale and loyalty. Benefits can show employees that they are valued by their employer, and this can lead to increased productivity and engagement. Additionally, employee benefits can help to reduce turnover, as employees are less likely to leave a company that offers them good benefits.

So, there are many reasons why companies offer employee benefits, but ultimately it comes down to attracting and retaining top talent and improving employee morale and engagement. Benefits can be an important part of a company’s overall strategy, and they can make a big difference in the workplace.

What are the top employee benefits offered in Ukraine?

Employee benefits are a top priority for many workers, and Ukraine is no different. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of Ukrainian employees said that they would prefer to work for a company that offers good employee benefits.
So what are the top employee benefits offered in Ukraine? Wellness programs are a top priority for many workers. According to the survey, nearly three-quarters of Ukrainian employees said that they would prefer to work for a company that offers wellness programs.

Other top employee benefits include flexible work hours, paid time off, and retirement benefits. Flexible work hours are a top priority for nearly two-thirds of Ukrainian employees and paid time off is a top priority for just over half of employees. Retirement benefits are a top priority for just under half of Ukrainian employees.

Top employee benefits providers in Ukraine

MantraCare is a leading provider of employee benefits provider in Ukraine. They offer multiple employee benefits programs for employees such as EAP, Corporate Yoga, Physical therapy, chronic condition reversal (for Diabetes & Hypertension), meditation, work counseling & more.

Pryvatna Pensiya Plus is one of the leading employee benefits providers in Ukraine. They offer a wide range of employee benefits packages, including health insurance, life insurance, and pension plans. Pryvatna Pensiya Plus has a strong reputation for providing high-quality employee benefits packages at competitive prices.

Inspera provides employee benefits and HR services to businesses of all sizes. Services include employee health insurance, pension planning, employee assistance programs, and more.

Cost of Employee benefits program in Ukraine

The cost of an Employee benefits will vary depending on the provider, the size of the company, and the services offered.

An employee benefits program can be a great way to attract and retain talent in Ukraine. But what does it actually cost to provide these benefits? The most common type of benefit is health insurance, which can cost around $100 per person per month. Other popular benefits include paid vacation days, bonuses, and sick days. For a company with 100 employees, the total cost of providing these benefits can easily reach $10,000 per month or more.

MantraCare is one of the most cost-effective employee benefits provider with plans starting at $3 per employee.

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