The Best Employee Wellness Programs for Small Businesses

employee wellness small business

Employee Wellness for Small Businesses

Employee Wellness for Small Business

Employee wellness is a big topic for small businesses. Wellness programs allow you to invest in your employee’s health and wellbeing, which will result in increased employee productivity and decreased employee turnover rates. However, employee wellness can be difficult to implement for small business owners who are strapped for time or resources. This blog post will provide information on the best employee wellness for small business that is available to help improve your employees’ lives while also growing your company.

Benefits of employee wellness for small business

Benefits of employee wellness for small businesses-

  • Healthier staff members are more likely to be productive compared with those who aren’t taking care of themselves well enough.
  • Having healthy people at work means better customer service which leads to happier customers which will result in a positive feedback loop.
  • Employee wellness programs can potentially reduce employee healthcare costs for companies as they allow employees to take control of their own health and live healthier lifestyles.
  • Employee productivity and wellbeing
  • Increased employee loyalty to the company
  • Decreased employee turnover rates
  • Improved employee morale, engagement, and satisfaction at work.

Employee Wellness for Small Business

Overall benefits of employee wellness programs: improved health (mental and physical), increased happiness in life overall, better experience with your employees/team members on a personal level. Also, more productive time is spent at work because they feel less stressed or unhappy which leads to them not working as hard when feeling unwell mentally, etc. So, generally happier people will be more efficient. Keep reading below if you want some help on how to get started creating an awesome program for your company. Best practices When implementing any new idea into your workplace, especially one as large and important as employee wellness programs. It is best to take small steps. This can help you work out what works for your team/employees before taking the next step forward.

Best employee wellness programs for small businesses

The top 5 list of best employee wellness programs for small businesses are as follow-

Take Shape For Life

Take shape for life is a diet program that helps people to lose weight and keep it off by controlling their hunger levels while losing fat at the same time! It’s not just about dropping pounds fast, but rather helping people get on track with shedding excess body fat so they can stay there in order to live healthier lifestyles.

MantraCare Healthcare


MantraCare is a healthcare organization that provides services to individuals as well as businesses. They offer employee wellness programs too.

It provides several healthcare programs like-

Mantracare has an experienced team of healthcare experts, therapists. They help employees attain good health and reduce healthcare costs for organizations. MantraCare is also suitable for small businesses or startups. They provide even online customized consultation to the employees.


Lifeworks offers detailed analytics for organizations that help them understand employee health risks. It uses data to provide employee wellbeing programs.

It is known for its innovative ideas of providing healthcare services at the workplace and helping employees attain good mental & physical health. employees can also reach out to the counselors regarding financial, legal, retirement, and work-life issues.

Lyra Health

Lyra Health is a service that offers various healthcare services for businesses. They claim to offer the best mental healthcare services to employees. They also provide employee wellness programs.

The employee wellness programs offered by Lyra health are as follows-

– Meditation and mindfulness

-Yoga for work – Yoga for work is an employee wellbeing program that provides yoga classes to employees. They also offer various workshops which help with employee capacity building, communication skills, etc., These workshop sessions focus on the holistic development of individuals.

Cascade Centres

Cascade centers employee wellness programs are very effective. This wellness organization is owned by Johns Hopkins University and offers employee health care services for small businesses. They provide various employee wellbeing programs like-

Employee depression management, program, Fitness employee wellness programs (employees with weight loss issues) Stress management employee wellness program Mental health.

Cascade center is well known for providing services that include financial coaching, homeownership programs, life coaching, etc. As some of the employees find it overwhelming to discuss their financial matters.


Ginger is a mental health management company that provides employee wellbeing programs. Like- Employee stress management programs, employee depression management training, and employee mindfulness training. They use artificial intelligence to track the behavior of employees. That makes it easier for them to identify problems before they start affecting work performance. Ginger is specifically famous to help employees deal with everyday stresses so that they live happier and productive life.

Why small business should consider employee wellbeing programs?

A new study has found employees who don’t feel well are less productive than their co-workers, which costs businesses $225 billion annually. It’s time for you to do something about it. We all know the saying ‘happy staff means happy customers!’ but did you also know that unhappy staff leads negatively affect customer service? This is because there will always be negative people in every workplace/environment. However, if they’re surrounded by positive people (aka. your employee wellness programs team) then their negative energy will be countered.

A study done at the University of Exeter found that employees who are happy in life have a positive attitude towards work, which can help improve productivity among staff members. Employee wellbeing programs for small business or company-sponsored employee wellness program challenges can make for great workplace social events too.

Best practices when implementing any new idea into your workplace. Especially if one is as large and as important as employee wellness programs, it is best to take small steps.

Steps To Implement Wellness Program

employee wellness small business

Set a goal and a timeline for success. Make sure you have an end goal in mind before starting! You don’t want it to be too vague because then the chances of failing are much higher. So let’s say that I wanted to organize employee wellbeing programs activities with my company which would include yoga, meditation, etc. Then I’d make this one of my yearly resolutions (because realistically you won’t get everything done within a month) but working on it every day/week until the following year starts up again is how we’ll actually achieve our goals.

Ask employees about their health

Find out how healthy or unwell they are feeling? How often do they smoke? What types of exercise do they enjoy doing etc.? Find out from them what will make a difference – this way there’s a much higher chance that something will stick!

Create an employee wellbeing committee

If no one else takes initiative on creating an employee well-being program in your company then maybe ask someone who has been around for a while to start up a committee with other members of the company (or some of your employee’s wellness programs can be done as a group activity like going to the gym together, playing sports, etc. and it’s also nice for them to meet new people!).

There are many free or low-cost company-sponsored employee wellness programs that you could look into or even just sponsoring one of your employees taking part in another kind of challenge outside work hours. This will help with team building too because they’ll get along better if they know each other well enough through participating in sport/activities together.

  • Use employee wellness programs that are not just focused on weight loss but also focus on building mental strength.
  • Building employee mental strength will help employees deal with challenges that they face in their daily lives.
  • Start employee wellness programs right from the hiring process as it is one of the best ways to ensure employee wellbeing and productivity throughout an organization’s lifetime.
  • Provide healthy food at work as it helps employees stay healthy and good food also improves employee morale.
  • Set up workout areas at work as this encourages more people to take part in employee wellness programs that promote physical health and well-being.

What not to do when creating wellness programs?

small business things not to do

Do NOT tell all your employees to go on a diet! This will likely upset some of them and be very unhelpful. Instead, create employee wellbeing programs that are positive in nature – maybe free yoga or meditation classes during lunch breaks for example?

Where to go from here: If you’re looking into creating your own employee wellness program then there are many great resources out there including this guide which is an excellent starting point for small businesses.

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