Low Cost Wellness Programs in Workplaces That You Must Know

Low-Cost Wellness Programs

It’s hard to stick with a budget when it comes to your health. But here are some low-cost wellness programs that can help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

What are Low-cost Wellness Programs?

Employee Wellness Programs

Many companies offer low-cost wellness programs to their employees. These programs are designed to teach individuals how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while improving their quality of life. The usual way these programs work is by giving people incentives. People can get prizes for taking care of themselves and getting occupational health screenings, or they can just stop smoking, or lose weight.

It is possible to develop a wellness program that benefits your staff while staying on the cheap. Here’s a list of some low-cost employee health promotion ideas for any company.

Onsite Wellness Services

Employee wellness services such as chair massages, meditation sessions, yoga lessons, acupuncture treatment, and more can all be great Wellness options provided at a low cost to employees. Make a special room where workers may sign up for weekly sessions at a cheaper rate.

Free Healthy Snacks

Free Healthy Snacks

  • First, figure out how many calories your employees need each day to be healthy. You may also want to know what medical conditions they have and if they have any food restrictions.
  • Second, create a list of healthy snacks that employees can choose from depending on their needs or preferences such as fruits, vegetables, protein bars, etc.
  • Set up a plan for your wellness program. This could be weekly meetings where you talk about healthy food or when an expert can come in to talk about different types of foods that are good for people.
  • Fourth, take advantage of online wellness programs such as Fitbit which can help your employees track their calorie intake and get healthier over time.

Walking and Biking Paths

It’s very simple to build a walking or cycling route around the business building. Simply set aside some area of the company property for afternoon strolls, distribute inexpensive pedometers to employees so they can measure their activity, and provide a few bicycles for them to ride on their breaks.

De-Stress Zone

De-Stress Zone

After a difficult day, every workplace needs at least one “safe” location where staff may vent, relax, and release their stress. Create a space in your building for employees to let off steam without fear of embarrassment. It can be a helpful asset in promoting wellness among the employees.

Employee Assistance Program

EAP can help your employees and family members be more healthy. An Employee Assistance Program is a free or low-cost benefit that helps you manage your physical, emotional, lifestyle concerns. It also helps your family members with these things. The goal is to prevent problems from getting bigger. It can be rough if people take time off of work because they were stressed, or if someone has an accident because they were not feeling well.

Water Coolers

Water Coolers

Water coolers are a good way to help you run your business better. It can provide health benefits that you may have never even thought about. This is why it’s important to make sure they are available in all areas where people work or have meetings. Water is something that everyone needs daily, so it’s important to make sure they have access to it when necessary.

Flexible Work Schedule

It is possible to have a flexible work schedule without having to pay for your wellness program. This type of plan is for people who are self-motivated and good at time management. If you want to work more with the company, you might want to look into this type of factor.

Corporate Health Discount

Corporate Health Discount

These discounts offer employees who sign up the opportunity to receive discounts and incentives on medical-related services. They are becoming popular due to rising health care costs and can be a great benefit for employees of all types, especially those that don’t have access to employer-sponsored group plans or work part-time.

Fitness Rooms

Fitness rooms are becoming an increasingly popular trend. People who exercise while they work are happier and less stressed. They also work better. However, gyms can be costly for employees that only need them on occasion or want to save money by exercising during their lunch break instead of after-hours.

Catered Lunches

When employees are overworked or anxious, they may skip meals or select high-calorie meals. At least once a month, schedule a catering event to have a nutritious lunch prepared and served by the crew.

Office plants in Workspaces

Office plants make a difference in your office environment. Not only can plants increase productivity among workers, but they also provide a healthy work environment and fresh air.

Ergonomic Work Station

If you want to keep your workforce healthy and productive, it is important to ensure they have good quality equipment for their workstations. It is not just cheap chairs that can be bad. Low-cost keyboards, monitors, and other equipment can also have problems. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for your workers to work in comfort while using excellent high-quality ergonomic office furniture.

Exercise Clubs

Exercise clubs in the workplace can be an effective way to lose weight on a budget. Studies show that these types of programs can increase productivity, boost employee morale and even lower healthcare costs in the long run.

Employee Incentives

Employee Incentives are a great way to encourage employee wellness. Incentives help workers stay healthy and active. They also increase morale in the workplace.

Cooking Classes

Many wellness programs include cooking classes that teach people how to prepare inexpensive, healthy meals. Cooking is a popular way to lose weight. It helps you save money. By learning how to make tasty dishes with fresh vegetables and protein-rich foods, anyone can eat healthier without spending much money.

Wellness Technology in Workspaces

There are several weight loss programs and websites that many businesses offer for free or at a low cost. You should make sure that your employees can take advantage of these resources.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness workshops help employees to be healthier and save money. Many companies are offering low-cost wellness programs to help their staff improve their health. There is a growing trend among employers who want to help workers live longer, happier lives by adding stress management workshops or nutritional counseling into the workday.

Health & Wellness Fairs in Office Space

An annual health and wellness fair at work is a good idea. There will be many different vendors, services, and professionals who you can talk to about your health. Think about having the event before the time for open enrollment for employee benefits starts so that people can take advantage of it then.

Management Retreats

It’s critical to provide your management team with the support they need to lead by example under such immense pressure. Schedule a yearly management retreat at a health spa or local conference center, inviting speakers and wellness experts at a reduced group cost.

Mental Health Services in Office Space

Employees are no longer just worried about their physical health but also their mental well-being as well. A study found that only 20% of employers were offering mental health services, leading to a large gap in services.

Mental health is becoming an increasingly important topic as employees are now looking for ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression at work. Employees also want access to counselors during the day so they can take care of mental well-being before or after their shift rather than waiting until their days off.

More Usage of Stairs

Encourage employees to use stairs more. Get daily exercise by walking during breaks and lunchtime. Don’t spend money on gyms that you do not use. They won’t help you lose weight quickly. Walk down the hallway instead of using the elevator, or take a walk around your block every morning before work to get some fresh air.

Breakroom Games for Employees

Games in the breakroom help boost morale, teamwork, and productivity at work. Install a few rented basketball and arcade games in your break areas, and urge employees to visit at least once per day for 15 minutes.

Company Group Outings

Company outings are an excellent way to encourage wellness programs. Whether it is a fitness class or merely taking the entire day with co-workers for lunch and massages, these activities are great ways to support company efforts in providing low-cost wellness programs.

Voluntary insurance is one of the most common and effective wellness programs. It allows employers to provide health benefits, such as medical care or prescription drugs, tax-free for workers under 50 years old at a lower rate than they would otherwise pay if their employees were not insured through work.

Corporate Awards

When you are making an employee wellness program, it is best to use a rewards-based approach. People are more likely to be healthy when they are being recognized, rewarded, and financially incentivized.

Paid Time Off or PTO  is a great way to enjoy some time away from work. It can be used for personal or family needs, relaxation, education opportunities, travel plans, or just spending more quality time with loved ones.

Pets in Workspace

Pets in the workplace can help people’s mental health. They can have a dog, for example. Pets are good at work because they will make you happy. A survey by CIPD found that 88% of employees who bring their pets to work are happier and more productive. Pets lessen stress levels, improve morale, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthen social bonds between colleagues. these all further contribute to a healthier workforce.

24*7 Emergency Hotline in Office

It is one of the best low-cost wellness programs that one can opt for. Fast access to medical advice is a cost-effective alternative that may be part of a company wellness program. A live phone nurse hotline is for people who need help. They can talk to the nurses and ask questions before they go to the hospital.

A Word From Mantra Care

No matter what your company does, it’s important to keep employees healthy and happy. Implementing a low-cost wellness program can help you do just that. It doesn’t take much time or money to implement such as offering free flu shots or running an office fitness challenge for prizes like gift cards to local restaurants. When people feel healthier and happier, they are more productive at work. With these simple steps in place, we hope not only will employee health improve but also workplace culture and productivity.

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