Office Fitness Challenge Ideas To Stay Healthy

13 Fun And Effective Ideas You Can Do for Your Office Fitness Challenge

Are you looking for office fitness challenge ideas that are both fun and effective? If so, then this blog post is for you! In it, we discuss 13 office-fitness-challenge strategies that will make your office a healthier place to work. Whether you want to use office fitness challenges as a way to get in shape or simply provide some “fun” during the day, these tips will help ensure success.

Why Office Fitness Challenge?

Why Office Fitness Challenge?

Technology is a good thing. It helps to make things easier and more convenient. But you have to be careful. You might spend too much time sitting around, which can lead to a lot of problems that you don’t want! That’s why it’s important that your boss knows how much time you’re spending sitting down, so they can keep you on track and get office fitness challenge ideas that will help.

A corporate wellness program is a way to help employees stay healthy. It does this by promoting healthy habits in the workplace. People can help each other get in shape by working out and eating healthy food. You can make workplace wellness challenges about exercise, nutrition, or meditation.

Organizing fitness challenges is a good way to make your employees healthier. They will do activities that are fun. Office fitness challenges are team-building exercises. They are to help people be healthier and fitter.

Understanding the Basics

When you create a fitness challenge for your employees, it is important to consider these things –


Before you start your fitness challenge, do some health promotions at your workplace.

  • You need to teach your employees how to be active and eat healthily. You can do this by giving them physical education lessons, or by teaching them about the benefits of being healthy.
  • If people want to adopt healthy habits, you should encourage them. Encourage them to exercise regularly and eat healthy meals.
  • Do not send anything in the mail. Send flyers to your employees and ask them to participate.


  • Decide what kind of fitness challenge you want to create. You should ask your employees for their feedback on it.
  • Think about what you want to do.
  • Do you want this to be a team challenge or an individual one?
  • To set a goal, frame it in a way that is easy to do.
  • Set the rules for your challenge. Pick how long it will be.
  • Make sure you keep track of your workers and make sure they are motivated.
  • For your employees, you can give out prizes. You don’t have to give them money. Maybe you will give them a prize.

Ideas For A Great Office Fitness Challenge

Here are some ideas for a fitness challenge for the office. It is a successful and engaging one. –

Cycle-To-Work Challenge

Cycle-to-work Challenge- office-fitness-challenge

A cycle-to-work challenge encourages people to bike to work instead of driving. This is good for the environment because it will help with pollution. If you bike to work, they might give you a healthy breakfast or lunch.

You can make the contest last up to 60 days. The person with the most points will receive a reward.

Walkathon Challenge

The Workplace Walkathon Challenge- office-fitness-challenge

A step challenge is when you walk for a certain number of steps every day. It can get you healthier. If you want to lose weight, it is easy. You can walk around for 20 minutes each day. You can also change how long you walk or what days of the week you do it on.

Set a number of steps as the challenge. For example, if it is 5000 steps, your employees can walk that many steps. If it is 10000 steps, they can walk those many more. You should give gifts for completing this daily challenge.

Also, you can set the challenge for a set period. If people win, they get a prize. The winner will be called something like “Walker of the Month.”

7-Minute Workout Challenge

The 7-Minute Workout Challenge

A 7-minute workout is a good idea for your employees. The workout lasts for seven minutes, and it’s really good exercise. Participating in a 7-minute workout is an excellent approach to reduce fat and maintain staff fitness levels high. With a fitness program, you can quickly build and execute a 7-minute exercise routine for your staff.

Stair Climbing Challenge

Stair Climbing Challenge

If you work in a building with many floors, you can have a stair climbing contest. If everything goes well, your employees might not need to use the elevator!

Set a daily goal for your workers to reach. Reward people who climb the most stairs or finish the task in the shortest time.

Plank Challenge

The Plank Challenge- office-fitness-challenge

The Plank is one of the most effective core-strengthening exercises, and it’s easy to perform. Strengthening the abdominal muscles, reducing stress, and improving posture are some of the advantages of doing a plank. It’s also fantastic since it doesn’t require any equipment or weight to finish.

Create a plank challenge among your employees to promote healthy competition and have fun. Set a minimum duration for each person to finish, with increases in time. At the end of the work, give your employees a healthy snack.

“New Day, New Workout” Challenge

The "New Day, New Workout" Challenge

Create an office workout challenge. You need to do a new workout every day. That will make the challenge more exciting! A challenge can make people feel good. It makes them work out their muscles, which are needed to be in shape.

At the completion of each day of the competition, you can give your staff healthy lunches to guarantee that their bodies receive adequate nourishment.

Lifestyle Challenge

Lifestyle challenge

A lifestyle challenge is when you set different tasks every day for your employees to do. For example, you can ask them to drink more water, spend 10 minutes outside, or exercise for 5 minutes. For example, you might do a water challenge one day and then a health lunch eating challenges the next.

If you want to resolve a situation like this in a shorter period of time, such as one week or two, that’s fine. As a thank-you for their efforts, give everyone a little gift.

Charity Challenge

Creating a challenge for a charity goal is an excellent method to get everyone in your company exercising.

Register your team for a charity event in your region. Marathons, among other things, are frequently organized to raise money and awareness for issues like breast cancer, Aids, and others. Thank your staff for taking part in a good cause and reward them with a meal out.

“Drink More Water” Challenge

Drink more Water Challenge

We all know how important it is to drink water. Sometimes, people, have trouble remembering, but you can make a habit of drinking water. As an employer, you can help your employees. You can make sure that clean water is in the office for them to drink. You also could do a challenge where everyone drinks water. Reward participants who drink more than the advised amount of water each day by offering stickers or other incentives. For example, ask workers to substitute one juice or pop glass per day with a water glass instead.

A fantastic reward for this challenge is a nice reusable water bottle, but you might want to give it away at first so that team members may have one.

Healthy Eating Challenge

Pack your lunch- office-fitness-challenge

Likewise eating at restaurants can be expensive, and it is hard to find healthy meals. Some food is cooked with salt and sugar more than at home. Challenge your team members to bring their own healthy lunches rather than dining out. Allow them to choose the number of prepared meals they’d want to swap for store-bought ones, but a reasonable target is four days per week. That leaves one lunch open for “cheat days” or lunch meetings, leaving one more day open each week.

Offer a gift card for your local organic market to staff members who stick to their healthy food goals. For an additional incentive, provide a gift card for the local organic market to employees who succeed in adhering to their healthy eating objectives.

Daily Meditation Challenge

Daily meditation Challenge

Meditation is an excellent approach to enhance brain and body health while also promoting mental well-being. As a result, in-office meditation sessions, silent rooms, yoga offers, and free memberships to meditation centers in the area are some of the available alternatives.

Also, encourage your employees to use meditation in their healthy routines by organizing lunchtime yoga sessions. There are also a number of meditation apps that may assist team members to get started in their own time.

Sports Challenge

Join a sporting challenge

Also, there are many sports that are affordable. These include intramural soccer, a badminton league, or swimming at the local pool. Moreover, your company’s wellness challenge could be to encourage employees to create sports teams or join existing ones. You can also help by getting them jerseys with your logo on them.

Sports are a way to get exercise and make friends. You can play with other people in your class.

Smoking Cessation Challenge

Smoking cessation

Indeed, people know that smoking is bad for their health. Smoking can make you addicted. It is hard to stop doing it. If someone wants to quit smoking, offer a challenge. Also, it can be a big reward, but it can be divided into pieces. Moreover, most people will not quit cold turkey.

Therefore, raise the stakes for those who make it to one month, three months, six months, and a year without smoking with bigger bonuses. Make sure they have all they need for this challenge, as well as invite them to bring their family members along. If a spouse, for example, smokes, suggest that they join in the fight as well. We’re more likely to break negative habits if we eliminate the triggers from our lives.

Benefits of Office Fitness Challenge

A workplace fitness challenge is a good way to keep employees healthy. They can learn things which will help them keep healthy lives.

Go walking to work. Exercise during your lunch break. Increase the number of steps you take every day.-

  •  As a result, increased energy is something you might feel. When people are healthy, they have more energy.
  • When you are motivated, you work hard. You can do more.
  • People who do not go to school are called absentees. Decreased absenteeism is when people have less of a chance to be absent from school.
  • Improved morale means that people are happier.
  • Engaged employees are happier in their jobs, and they are more productive.
  • This improvement will make employees feel better.


With these strategies in hand, you can set up an office fitness challenge that not only gets people moving throughout the day but also provides some fun. Furthermore, remember to focus on what works for your team and have a positive attitude! Also, if you’re looking for other ways to get healthy at work, be sure to check out our blog post with tips from experts who are passionate about this topic. We hope it helps inspire you as you create new initiatives or continue old ones during National Healthy Workplace Month. And if all of this seems too much? No worries–we’ve got your back. The wellness program will help make your company’s employees healthier by helping them eat better and move more each day through tailored support programs like telehealth coaching and mobile.

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