16 Workplace Wellness Challenges to Try At The Office

16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

What are Workplace Wellness Challenges?

Workplace Wellness Challenges

Workplace wellness challenges are one way to try to promote morale, workers’ health, and productivity. When employees are physically active during the day, they are more alert and attentive. This means that this will help them be more productive because they won’t have as many lulls in attention. Withstanding desks that allow for being physically active or break periods, you can help improve productivity because your employees won’t feel frustrated with only sitting at their desks all day long. It would also be helpful if companies provided fitness programs, healthier foods, spaces for fresh air, and water access during the day. There are 16 workplace wellness challenges ideas to try at the office.

What is Workplace Wellness?

What is Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness means having the opportunity to work in a healthy and satisfying working environment. Increased job satisfaction has been found to be associated with workplace wellness. This is because of the importance of having plenty of freshwaters, fresh air, and maintaining a proper temperature. Having these amenities will make it easier for people to work.

Many offices or companies may not be able to offer workplace wellness because they do not have these luxuries. But, there are some small changes that can be made within an office or company that would promote workplace wellness which include:

  • Having more free water available
  • Increasing airflow by opening windows or turning on fans
  • Keeping the temperature at an appropriate level (avoid extremes)

Some workplaces may also provide a Fitness in the Workplace program, a program in which employees can join to stay fit while at work. This is not only beneficial for wellness but will help increase job satisfaction because it will allow employees to be active during their day. It would be nice if all companies provided this program because people tend to get more done when they are physically active.

Why Is Workplace Wellness Important?

Why Is Workplace Wellness Important

Being healthy can help improve many things about your life. Doing things like working out, eating well, trying to reduce stress, giving up smoking, drinking less alcohol, participating in things that are enjoyable all play into being healthier which then promotes better physical and mental health for you. When you are unemployed you can feel socially isolated because of the lack of socialization that comes with work. This makes it harder for people to recover from being unemployed due to the lack of social engagement. Being physically active can also help reduce stress by being more productive so it will be easier to find a job sooner when looking for new employment.

Benefits of Workplace Wellness

Promoting workplace wellness will not only help improve employee morale but can also lead to increased job satisfaction by allowing employees to be more active on their breaks or during lunchtime. It’s kind of awesome when companies try to include elements of fitness into their office because some people might not necessarily want to go out for a run first thing after waking up, so exercising before or during work is a great way to get your blood pumping.

16 Workplace Wellness Challenges To Try at the office

These are 16 workplace wellness challenges to try at the office :

Yoga or Meditation

Yoga or Meditation

Yoga is a great way to stretch out your muscles and improve your balance. It also improves mood by releasing serotonin. Meditation is a great mental challenge that can help people find inner peace, calm their minds, focus on one task, and be more mindful. These are two different types of exercises that will not only assist you in challenging yourself but may even benefit your mind as well. You can challenge the employees by trying these at the office.

Doing Exercises

Step-ups with a box are a great workout for your glutes and hamstrings, as well as your quads and calves.

Push-ups can be done with an increased incline to increase difficulty, but it is also one of the best workouts for your chest. Push-ups can also strengthen other parts of your body like your arms and shoulders. This challenge would need to be completed in intervals with rest periods between sets because it’s a very high impact on the joints. Therefore this will be a good way to make sure there are breaks throughout the day so employees don’t get too tired from working out. Workout programs that allow people to work on their own fitness at their own time and pace can be great for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. It is also good for morale and gives employees something to feel excited about.

This is one of the many challenges you could introduce at the office. This would be challenging but beneficial if done in intervals through the day with time for resting after sets or rounds are completed.

Using the Stairs

Using the Stairs as 16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

You can encourage the workers to take the stairs by making stairs more convenient than elevators or escalators. The only way the employees would be likely to take the stairs is if it was in close proximity and they were not timed because having a time limit would not make sense when people are working. This will work best in small office buildings where there isn’t a lot of distance between floors and the staircases in these buildings aren’t extremely big either.

This is one way that you can encourage workers to exercise but also maintain their productivity throughout the day.

Clean Your Space

Clean Your Space AS 16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

This is one of the 16 workplace wellness challenges to try at the office. Sometimes cleaning up around your desk, cubicle, workspace, or even designated workout area can help boost morale and increase productivity. Overly cluttered areas may overwhelm others see them and cause stress levels to rise, making it hard to focus and complete tasks.

This is a great way to help with morale and productivity because people will be able to see more clearly around their designated work areas.

Taking a break

Taking breaks throughout the day can actually help improve mental alertness and increase productivity. When you take a break from something that requires heavy thinking or concentration, you allow your brain time to relax and recover which heightens performance levels when you return. It also helps you refocus when you get back from your short rest period. You may want to stand up during these breaks in order for increased blood flow in the body. These challenges employees with active breaks in order for them not to become so fatigued from only sitting down all day.

Eating Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods

Having healthy snacks around the office can encourage employees to eat more healthily, which has many benefits. Some of these benefits are reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, preventing weight gain, or helping you lose weight if needed. If one becomes aware of what is in their food they may even begin making healthier choices on days they don’t bring their own snacks.  This is another challenge that would be great for morale because some people may not like particular healthy foods but having them available will make it more accessible and less intimidating to try new foods. You can also make fruit bowls more accessible by putting them on each floor so people don’t have to go too far out of their way to get fresh produce at any time during the day.

Having Good Sleep

This is one of the 16 workplace wellness challenges to try at the office. You need to make sure that your employees are getting enough sleep. One way to do that is by taking naps at appropriate times during the day, alternatively, let them take a break and then return refreshed.

If they are not able to take enough sleep at night, then you could suggest that they take a nap early in the afternoon before things get too hectic for them to handle.

This is helpful because having long nights can cause irritability and lack of concentration which will make tasks more difficult to complete.

Trying Positivity Challenge

Trying Positivity Challenge as 16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

One of the challenges at the workplace is to try to stay positive. It’s important to keep your mood up so you don’t become burnt out by all the negativity around you. This could be challenging but it will also help employees feel better about themselves and their work environment.

A challenge would be to try not to complain for an entire week, or if they can’t do a whole week, they could do a day at a time with a small reward for each day completed. You may want them to focus on noticing when they complain and count how many times they do it during the day.

It’s not going to be easy but it will make them more mindful of their actions and may even cause them to be more careful about what they say.

Not only can complaining have a negative effect on the self but it can also have a negative effect on other people that are around them while they complain. The challenge will help them to see how much of an impact their words have on others and hopefully encourage them to think twice before speaking negatively again.

Financial Stability

Financial Stability as 16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

One challenge you might try for your employees is to find creative ways to make money. This can be done by coming up with an idea that will help them earn more or they can come up with new ways to increase the revenue of your company. Employees may not like this because it requires creativity and they may think it’s too hard but they’ll eventually think of something if they’re trying hard enough. Remember that these ideas will most likely be their own so they will feel more invested in the business they are helping. These challenges are great at boosting morale because people love earning things they worked hard for.

Starting to Volunteer in Activities

This is a great way to be able to get out of the office and connect with others in your community. It will help with both your physical and mental health which can be done in many different ways. You could invite people over for lunch once a week or meet them at the library every Saturday for yoga. There are so many ways to volunteer that you can think of one that suits everyone.

Volunteering is important because it helps you to see there’s more than just your own life and allows you to appreciate how blessed you are. It also helps you feel like you’re giving back to society by doing something good.

Starting to Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Starting to Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

One thing that people can try to help them reduce their drinking and smoking is to get involved with other activities. This could be something like volunteering or learning how to knit. One way to avoid alcohol is to find something else that they are passionate about that gets them out of the house.

This way it won’t be as hard for them to stop drinking because then they have other places in their life where they have already cut back or stopped completely. It’s also good because being able to volunteer in the community will make them feel better about themselves. Helping others may be just what they need at this point in their lives.

Developing a Hobby

One of the challenges that can be done at the workplace is to try to develop a new hobby. This challenge is easy for some people and difficult for others but it’s important to have some type of zest in their lives. A challenge could be to try and learn a new skill, such as playing an instrument or learning a language, etc.

This will give them a goal that is achievable and will help them become more productive during work hours. Employees might not like this because it takes time but they’ll eventually see how good it feels when you’re more fulfilled by life. Finding out who you are on the weekends or after work will make them feel better about themselves and more passionate about their job.

Learning a Sport

Learning a Sport as 16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

This is one of the 16 workplace wellness challenges ideas to try at the office. Some people might find it hard to keep up with an exercise routine because they just don’t have the time. One thing that they could try to do is enroll in a sports team that practices during their lunch break or after work. This way they won’t waste all their free time and will be able to bond with the other members of the sports team. They’ll also be more productive during work hours because they’ll feel more physically fit throughout the day. Remember to give them challenges every so often so that they stay motivated and if you want to, you can even encourage them to start a competitive league with other teams in the area.

Trying to Complete a Desired Target of Steps

You can encourage your workers to complete some steps so that if they are not completing their target, they will get an achievement for their work. This is a great way to encourage teamwork and good behavior because you’re rewarding them just for trying their best. You could give them a different target every month or every quarter, etc.

Remember that this may not be something that everyone will love but it’s important to try new things so we can discover who we really are and what we like and don’t like doing in life. It’s also a nice way to show your workers how much faith you have in them because if it doesn’t work out, at least the employees know that the manager had their back throughout the process.

Trying to Avoid Eating Outside

Trying to Avoid Eating Outside as 16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

One of the ways that will be able to help your employees is to avoid eating outside. They can limit their sugar intake. They can even use an app that will help them to limit their sugar intake. You can encourage your workers to pack their lunch at home so that they can eat healthier and save money. This way they won’t have to waste so much time during their lunch break.

This will also help them avoid those extra calories from eating outside because this is not something they can control as well as it’s better for them to stay indoors instead of going outside where there might be bad weather or dangerous people around. Another good idea is if you give your workers a discount on food from the grocery store or one of your restaurants inside your building, etc.

Eating More Veggies

Eating More Veggies as 16 Workplace Wellness Challenge Ideas to Try At The Office

Another challenge is for them to eat more veggies in order to feel better about themselves and try new things. They don’t have to make a big deal out of it but they should try and cook their veggies with different spices or sauces that will be able to help them enjoy the taste as well as get rid of the bad smell that some foods give off.

You can also encourage your workers to come together and try new recipes because this is a good way for them to bond and will help them feel better about themselves when they find something healthy and delicious at the same time.

Remember that every employee is unique so not everyone will like these challenges but if you want, there are other ways you can motivate your employees such as taking them on trips, etc. The important thing here is to show how much faith you have in them and take steps into making their lives more fulfilling and less stressful.

How to Incorporate Workplace Wellness Into Your Office?

How to Incorporate Workplace Wellness Into Your Office

1. Workplace wellness can be incorporated by having an active workplace which means allowing employees to take breaks throughout the day that don’t require them to sit in a chair all day long. For example, maybe set up a standing desk for your employee who sits at a computer all day, or let them exercise on their lunch break. Try incorporating things like yoga stretches, lightweight training with dumbbells, or using resistance bands

2. Providing fruit when snacks are available is another small change you can make in order to improve workplace wellness

3. Make sure have access to water so they can more easily stay hydrated throughout the day. This is going to be a little more difficult for some offices that have a water fountain, but it would be good if there was at least a sink with a water faucet so they can bring their own cup or have them self-serve

4. Having access to fresh air and being able to open windows is another small change you can make to promote workplace wellness. Fresh air helps keep people feeling awake instead of groggy from carbon monoxide which builds up from getting office equipment like printers working

5. Make sure the temperature in your office isn’t too hot or cold; having an appropriate temperature level allows employees to focus better

6. Have fitness programs available that your employees can join if they want to be more physically active or lose weight. Having fitness programs available is good for morale because it helps the workers feel like the company cares about their health and well-being.

A Word From Mantra Care

People sometimes get stuck in their lives and after a while, the same routine every day can become exhausting. Challenging your employees with different things at work will help them build a stronger mind, body, and soul so that they won’t run out of energy doing the same thing every day. Introducing these challenges at work will not only refresh your employees but will also improve their well-being by increasing mental alertness and making a healthier lifestyle possible. This is especially useful if the employees are close to each other or share a workspace as it can help build morale and camaraderie between co-workers. Some of these challenges may be hard to implement depending on the type of office you have, but they are worth a try to see if they make a positive impact on the work environment.

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