14 Weekly Fitness Challenges to Keep You Motivated

weekly Fitness Challenge

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay motivated to do fitness. But there are many different weekly fitness challenges you can do this week. We put together some weekly challenges for people who want an extra push!

What are Fitness Challenges?

Weekly Fitness Challenges

Challenges are something you do to see what you can do. They work best when you do them with a group of people who work with you. This way, if we need help, we know that there is someone who will help us. Challenges give us more confidence and they push our boundaries by seeing how far we can go.

Challenge Yourself! There are many ways to challenge yourself and the possibilities are endless. But there is one thing you should always keep in mind when it comes to challenges. You should always make them achievable.

Sometimes, challenges are hard. They are hard when you are at work and are not able to finish them. You can try HIIT workouts or doing exercises before you leave the office. Sometimes, people will do a 30-day workout challenge. This might be harder for some people because they have to do it every day for 30 days.

The possibilities are endless! If you want to see how much you can do, try doing all of the challenges in one week. You might be surprised at what happens when it comes to fitness and health.

Benefits of Fitness Challenges at Work

Benefits of Fitness Challenges at Work

Weekly fitness challenges help make teamwork, communication, and collaboration better. Challenges make everyone trust each other more. They also help people work together to do the challenges they want to do.

We all know how hard it is to stay motivated. But with challenges, you can set yourself some goals and make sure that you are always working towards something. Doing a challenge will push your limits, but everyone will have fun!

Fitness Challenge Ideas

Here is a list of different challenges for fitness. They might take up a lot of time or they might not, but they will help you stay motivated and get more exercise.

Running: Mile-a-thon

Running a mile-a-thon is a great way to challenge yourself. It will help you push your limits further and also see how far you can go in one session! Running for 15 minutes doesn’t sound hard, but it can be tough. You’ll be surprised with what running entails when it comes to the amount of effort it requires. A mile-a-thon is a race where you run a mile. You can get to see how far you will go before you get tired.


If running isn’t your thing then why not try out something different? Cycling is one of the most helpful weekly fitness challenges. It is great for building strength and endurance, while also helping you stay fit. The best part about cycling challenges is that you can do it anywhere! You don’t need to spend money on equipment or a gym membership if you plan on doing this challenge at work. Cycling challenges can be done by going for a short bike ride every time you take the elevator or head down to get a cup of coffee! It is a good way to build stamina and speed.

Hiking: Outdoor Workout Sessions


When it comes to hiking, the possibilities are endless! You can walk up a hill. Or you could try walking on a long-distance hike. This is good for making your body strong, and it helps with endurance and strength. It also helps you to be more toned. Hiking is a good exercise that will help you stay healthy. Hiking will also help take your mind off of things, like work.

Free Fitness Classes: Group Sessions with Friends

Working out can be hard because there is no one to push you. But if you find a class, it can help. You can also help a friend by signing up for classes with them so they won’t be alone. Free fitness classes are good for you. You can try new things, like dance or yoga. There are lots of free fitness classes to try! Sign up today!

Healthy Recipes: Cooking Challenges

Cooking Challenges

Cooking a healthy meal is a way to stick with your diet. You can cook for yourself and have delicious food. If you don’t know how to cook, then you can try out some of the recipes online. You can also ask around and see if any friends or family members have a good recipe for you. When you cook a cooking challenge, everyone will help and it can be fun. You can try new foods that might not always be used.

Rowing Machine Sessions

If you want a workout that will help you get stronger, rowing is your best choice. You can do it with a machine or by using oars for power. Rowing machine challenges are when you and your friends row at the same time. It is a good way to make friends. You can help each other with rowing.

Treadmill Workouts: Walking for Progress

Treadmill Workouts

If you want to do something simple, try walking. Walking is good for your body. You can walk indoors if the weather is bad outside. Treadmill challenges are an easy way to get on the path of fitness. You don’t need to spend too much time doing it either. You can set goals for yourself when you are walking. Walk more than you did last week!

Skipping: Fun Workout Sessions You Can Do Anywhere

Here’s a fun fact – did you know that skipping is actually an amazing workout? Exercising outside is good for your muscles. It helps with endurance, coordination, balance, and even your heart. You can do this when it is sunny because it’s fun! Skipping is a way to get exercise and enjoy the outside. You can buy skipping ropes and challenge your friends or family members. They will get exercise too.

Yoga Challenge: A Great Workout for the Mind and Body


Yoga is a good workout. You can do it anywhere. Yoga challenges are perfect for people who want to do something relaxing with a little competition. This is why they are popular among friends and coworkers who work out together. Do a yoga challenge to stay on track with fitness. Yoga is a great way to work out because it will improve your strength, coordination, and flexibility. This will help you stay healthy and may help prevent injuries in the future.

Pour the H2O: Challenge Yourself to Drink More Water

Treadmill Workouts

Drinking water is a very important part of weekly fitness challenges. If you drink water, then your body will thank you. If you want to have more water in your body, you can set up challenges for yourself. This will help you stay motivated. Drinking more water means that you can work out better and be hydrated during the day. Drinking lots of water also keeps your skin healthy. When you exercise, it is good for you and your body. It also helps make other things in life better like work and school.

Plank and Rank: Work Out Your Abs and Get Ranked

The plank challenge is a tough way to work your core strength. It will give you a stronger core than just holding it in place. The plank is a good exercise. There are a lot of different ways to do it, making it more difficult. For example, you can raise your arm or your leg up at the same time. The plank challenge is a fun way to stay healthy and improve your fitness level as well. Studies show that doing planks can help your muscles in your core and all over your body. These are some good ideas for challenges. You can do them by yourself or with other people.

Zumba Challenge: A Fun Workout You Can Do at Home

Zumba Challenge: Weekly Fitness Challenges

Here’s another fun fact: Zumba is known as the workout you can do anywhere. And we mean ANYWHERE! This dance-inspired workout is fun and not too hard for beginners. Zumba challenges are a great way to enjoy yourself while also feeling the burn. You can work out with your friend or family member. Whoever does it for longer each week will win! This is a fun way of working out together with other people while still enjoying yourselves!

Step-it-up: A Simple Challenge You Can Do Anywhere

Finally, we have ways to work out and improve your health through our weekly fitness challenges. You can have fun while you do it too! The best part about this challenge? It can be done anywhere! You need stairs to do this. You go up one step at a time. Step-It-Up challenges are perfect for people who want to work out in their homes. You can go on a walk or jog around the neighborhood and get more fit and also enjoy the fresh air. Step it up challenges are popular. That’s because they are easy to do and usually free.

Squat Challenges to Improve Your Strength

Squat Challenges

The squat challenge is a good way for people who are just starting to work out. It’s easy and you can do it at home. In this exercise, you want to go down in a squatting position and then come back up again. For this exercise, you can make it more challenging by adding weights or doing multiple squats at the same time. Even if you only do one at a time that is okay too. Squat challenges are great because they can be done anywhere. You don’t need any equipment to start a business. You can do it from home and be safe. To get more ideas about fitness challenges, try doing some squats with family or friends at the park.

A Word From Mantra Care

People can make their fitness and dieting goals a reality by participating in weekly challenges. These healthy habits will help you feel better and become the best version of yourself. Are you ready to start this week’s challenge? If so, we hope that these tips helped you get started. It is hard for many people to keep up with their exercise routines or diet plans long-term. But if you give yourself a chance every week and try your best to follow through, they can lead to some good results over time. Successful things take hard work. And that is what we are here for. If you need help, please talk to us.

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