Health And Wellness in Workplace: Why they’re Important?

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Health and wellness in the workplace can affect everyone. Nearly 70% of employees suffer from stress, which is a leading cause behind most illnesses. Stress can also increase blood pressure levels resulting in an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. This means chronic illnesses like diabetes will be difficult to control. This is so because it’s not always possible to find healthy food choices when you’re on the go. An increase in chronic illness leads to poor productivity and missed days of work. It will directly impact your bottom line.

What is Health and Wellness in Workplace?

Health and Wellness in Workplace

Healthy food choices can help reduce obesity rates among employees. These employees may suffer from stress due to their current living conditions or income level. These conditions result in not having enough money for healthy groceries at home.

The workplace is a stressful environment that can have an impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s not only necessary for your employees’ health and well-being; it also has a number of benefits. One of them is that it helps to reduce absenteeism, which means you’ll have more productive workers on your team. It also has a positive influence on employee morale, resulting in increased productivity as well.

Health and wellness in the workplace are very important for companies. It ensures that the employees are able to do their job properly. It also helps them to be productive at work. This means they’re better equipped to handle both professional lives as well as personal life. This contributes to keeping stress levels low because of this balance. In addition, research shows that good health can lead to growth. This is done by enabling employers to have healthier employees who will eventually leave fewer sick days behind. This results in cost savings.

Benefits of Health and Wellness in Workplace

Benefits of Health and Wellness

This is a quick way to increase productivity and reduce your company’s healthcare costs. If you make it more convenient for people to get healthier, they will take notice. People who are healthy can work for longer hours without having health issues. This means that if the office gets busy, they’ll be able to handle things much better than someone who isn’t. If you make health and wellness a priority in your company, it will improve morale. It’s much easier to stay happy at work if you’re fit and healthy.

Healthy employees also have lower rates of absenteeism. If people are less likely to get sick or injured, they’ll find themselves staying home for fewer days each year. This is because when the body doesn’t have any time off from being active due to an injury or sickness. It never gets a chance to recover properly. People who take proper measures towards their fitness level tend to miss far fewer days annually. Simultaneously, those who don’t try as hard not to go out there every day with full energy levels. The happier your workforce feels about their physical state, the better equipped they will be.

Steps to Establish a Wellness Program

start with a ‘wellness committee’ including representatives from different areas in your organization, for example, employees, HR department, etc.

  • Ask them to work together and come up with ideas on how to promote wellness in the workplace.
  • Make sure that you keep track of their progress regularly. 
  • Communicate with them from time to time, while making sure they are not micromanaged.
  • Once there’s an outline in place, set a deadline for the committee. Make an action plan of what you should do. Start working on it yourself.
  • Add your own ideas about how to increase wellness in the workplace.
  • Talk to employees about what they think, how it can be improved, and get their feedback on your ideas.

How to Achieve Workplace Wellness?

How to Achieve Workplace Wellness

A successful workplace wellness program isn’t just about providing your employees with access to the latest fitness trends. A successful workplace wellness program is one that helps improve employee health and productivity, decreases absenteeism, increases morale, and lowers healthcare costs for employers of all sizes & industries. Tips on how to achieve these results are included in this article.

  • This is a great way for employees to feel appreciated and relaxed.
  • Think about starting up a yoga or meditation group. Offer healthy foods at meetings, Encourage exercise breaks during the day. These are all ways your company can show its appreciation of good health.
  • Research shows that employers who offer wellness benefits see lower medical costs overall due to lowered absenteeism rates from illness & injury. In other words: it pays off in the long run!

How to Improve Workplace Wellness?

How to Improve Workplace Wellness?

When employees are healthy and happy, it can benefit the company in a multitude of ways. Here’s how to improve workplace wellness:

Set up health education workshops for your staff that helps them understand the importance of immediate action. The best way to start with workplace wellness is by taking immediate, small steps that build momentum for change. You can walk around the office and talk to employees about what they are doing now in terms of health and wellness. Then discuss how these habits could be improved upon or modified without changing their daily routine.

The most important thing to understand is that wellness is not just about fitness. It’s also crucial for employees’ mental health and happiness, too. You can’t expect staff members to be healthy if you don’t make them feel comfortable in the work environment they’re in now. If there are problems with lighting or acoustics at your office, see what changes could improve these aspects. You can boost their morale during working hours. These small optimizations will lead employees down a path of greater overall personal satisfaction. It contributes to workplace productivity and success across the board!

Be aware of how an employee feels on any given day by looking out for signs like lethargy, irritability, or anxiety among others.

Impacts of Health and Wellness at Workplace

The workplace is a very important element in the life of an employee. It can be a source of self-esteem and economic gain or it can have the opposite effect. It may lead to frustration and loss of morale. This happens when employees are not physically fit enough for workplace activities because they do not enjoy good health. In this case, wellness becomes extremely critical. People who take care of their well-being tend to perform better at the workplace compared to those who don’t pay much attention to their own personal well-being.

Companies that offer a comprehensive suite of employee benefits experience 30 percent lower absenteeism rates than those without such offerings. Employees who get access to the right workplace wellness programs are more likely to be engaged, productive, and satisfied with their jobs. They take fewer sick days and feel better about themselves and their work. Companies that offer a comprehensive suite of employee benefits experience 30 percent lower absenteeism rates than those without such offerings.

Health wellness program in the office helps to keep employees safe and healthy.

  • It keeps your company away from lawsuits that may arise as a result of accidents or injuries in the workplace.
  • Wellness programs also contribute towards reducing healthcare costs by helping employees manage their health conditions better. This way, they can avoid becoming sicker and more expensive to treat over time. This eventually leads them to have shorter sick leaves. ​
  • Workplace wellness is not just about providing resources for people who already have certain diseases but it’s also about preventing those illnesses from occurring at all! 

A Word From Mantra Care

A healthy and engaged workforce is more productive, less absent, and has higher morale. Employers that offer wellness programs for their employees can see a decrease in absenteeism rates. It is great news for the bottom line! Many employers recognize this benefit of workplace health initiatives and are adopting them into their culture. There are still some who haven’t caught on yet. Allow your company to thrive by taking care of its workers with well-being initiatives. These initiatives include activities like exercise classes or yoga sessions during lunch hours or even just providing fresh fruits in the break room. We encourage you to start today.

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