Workplace Wellness Programs : 10 Examples

Workplace Wellness Programs : 10 Examples

If you’re looking to increase morale among your employees, then workplace wellness programs may be the answer. These programs focus on helping people improve their well-being by teaching them how to live healthier lives.

The first step is determining what kind of workplace wellness program will work best for you and your organization.

There are several different types of personal trainers to suit the demands of organizations in every sector.

What are Workspace Wellness Programs?

what are workplace wellness programs

Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. It includes people’s ability to adapt to stress and demands on the job. It also includes the ability to resist illness. The goal of workplace wellness programs is not only health but also safety, productivity, and quality of life at work.

It also minimizes your risk for injury or illness by managing stress at work. Here are examples of workplace wellness services that promote health in the office.

Wellness programs are essential in today’s time as employees are concerned about not only physical health but mental health too.

Why is Workplace Wellness Programs Crucial? 

Today, people who work in offices are not the only ones who can be healthy. Even businesses with a lot of workers should encourage their employees to be healthy.

Technology has changed the way we work. It is now possible to do your job from home or with your phone. But this does not mean that employees should neglect their health.

Wellness is much better for both workers AND employers in the long term. A happy employee means fewer sick days are taken. This results in cost savings for the company.

Furthermore, studies show that healthy employees make better business decisions. They also have more energy at work. They also take fewer breaks than their colleagues who do not prioritize wellness programs.

The list below contains ten examples of workplace wellness services you can implement within your organization:

On-site Fitness Centers 

on site fitness centres

Access to fitness centers, exercise equipment, and classes are available free of charge for employees. The benefits include increased productivity at work by reducing stress through exercising regularly.

For recruiting and retaining healthy team members, Chesapeake Energy considers it an entirely reasonable expenditure. The fitness center offers a 300-meter Olympic-sized swimming pool, a rock-climbing wall, and personal trainers for team members.

The fitness center is just one part of the company’s ‘Living Well’ program, which offers cash incentives for team members who participate and meet their goals in various areas of the program.

Smoking Cessation Programs in the Workplace

Smoking Cessation Programs in the Workplace

Employee wellness programs like smoking cessation programs in the workplace can help employees to quit smoking. The company may have a wellness program that provides incentives for people who want to quit smoking. This helps the person stay healthy. Several organizations have recognized that it is in their employees’ best interest to provide smoking cessation programs. 

To help individuals quit smoking, Union Pacific has a smoking cessation program. Lifestyle counseling and medicine are part of the solution. In 2007, their proportion of smokers decreased from 40% to 17% that in the 1990s.

Massages in Workplace Wellness Programs

Massages in Workplace Wellness Programs

One way that workspaces are balancing out the need for relaxation is through offering massages.

This is good because they can give people massage therapy during their busy days when they need it most.

A few minutes of de-stressing can make workers more productive and efficient when they return to their desks.

Employees at SpaceX get to enjoy the benefits of an in-house masseuse. That’s right, a masseuse for all the SpaceX employees out there. Given the amount of pressure, they are under and lengthy working hours. 

TransferWise, like SpaceX’s masseuse, includes a built-in workplace sauna for its staff. This way they can relax during their busy working schedules and work more efficiently.

Transit Options for Employees 

The first example of a workplace wellness service is having transit options for employees. This can be done by offering public transportation or subsidized rideshare programs to and from work.

The campus of Facebook in Palo Alto has a bike-sharing service so that team members may pedal to different areas on campus rather than driving.

Employers who offer these sorts of workplace wellness programs appeal to both current and potential workers looking for a way to demonstrate their environmental concern.

Providing Work from Home to Employees

Providing Work from Home to Employees

Allowing employees to work from home is a great way for employers to boost workplace wellness. It lets staff take care of their health without being limited by commuting time and they can avoid the stress that often comes with daily commutes.

The staff working from home can work at any time of the hour. It also reduces the workload of the individual.

In the end, Hotjar pays its employees 4000 euros to build their own home office contributing not only to their mental health and physical health.

Naps in the Workplace Wellness Programs

Taking naps in the workspace will increase productivity. It also, help people to keep their energy levels high.

That is why cutting-edge firms like Zappos, Facebook, and Asana provide specialized nap rooms for employees. Employees may take a quick nap and return to their tasks with new energy due to the adaptable work hours.

Yoga Classes for Office Employees

Yoga Classes for Office Employees

Meditation and Yoga are excellent stress reliever. It is a wonderful approach to incorporate self-care into the workplace. This allows team members to avoid feeling guilty about not attending to their responsibilities.

Team members at Mobify get yoga sessions twice a week, which are relocated to their roof with breath-taking views of Vancouver’s ocean and mountains when the weather is nice. The most essential requirement for practicing yoga is having adequate room to do so, and many businesses are utilizing their conference or break rooms to provide yoga classes for employees throughout the day.

Lunch and Healthy Snacks in the Office

Provide nutritious meals and snacks for employees at work in the office. This helps to boost productivity as well as reduce absenteeism due to illness or other reasons.

As a result of the company’s remote work policy, it provides each team member with a free 90-minute Fitness Lunch on Mondays through Thursdays. It’s enough time to play a sport, go to the gym, or return home for a healthy homemade supper. Google has raised the bar in terms of cafeterias, providing catered lunches.

Workplace Wellness Adventures Offices

Workplace Wellness Adventures Offices

We’ve all been there in a corporate environment: You have no idea why the company is hosting a wellness day with color runs and basketball games. But it turns out that these days were well-planned to increase productivity, morale, and engagement at work. Wellness programs can be very effective when implemented correctly.

As part of their health initiatives, Zappos holds optional wellness excursions for their staff every month to get today away from their workstation for a while. The wellness excursions are for enjoyment.

Sick Days and Vacation for Employees 

Workplace wellness programs can include sick days and vacations for employees. Netflix offers its employees unlimited time off for vacation and sick days. It also offers its new moms and dads up to one year of paid time off. (a rare thing in the US). 

A Word from Mantra Care

We hope you’ve found this list of wellness programs helpful in your quest to start living a healthier lifestyle. One of the best ways that we can help people like you who are looking for more information about how they might be able to get started on their journey. This article has 10 examples of well-known wellness programs. This way, anyone reading it will have some solid ideas about where to begin and what types of companies or organizations may offer their services.

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