Couple Therapy: What You Need to Know

Couple Therapy

Relationships are one of the most important things in our lives. Sometimes, it’s hard to make them work and we need a little help from a trained professional. Couple therapy is available for those who want to improve their relationship with their partner or spouse, as well as those who want to reconcile after a separation. If you’re considering couple therapy for your relationship, then this article will tell you all that you need to know about what it is and how it can help your marriage thrive!

What is Couple Therapy?

couple therapy

If we talk about the literal meaning of couple therapy, it is the therapy for two people who are in a committed relationship or marriage.

Today, couple therapy has become the most popular form of psychological therapy and it’s one that is worth exploring if you feel like your partner might be right for this type of treatment.

This article will focus on what to expect from couple’s therapy as well as some things you should know about this treatment.

What to Expect from Couple Therapy?

A trained therapist will help you and your partner explore the issues that are causing problems in your relationship while also working towards resolving them together.  This is not like individual therapy where one person talks for an hour while the other listens, instead what happens in couple’s therapy is that both partners share their thoughts and feelings about the issues at hand.

Things to Consider Before Starting Couples Therapy

If you want your relationship with your partner to work then couple’s therapy might be a good option for you, but it isn’t right for everyone as this type of treatment can often show people things they don’t want to see.

Before starting couple therapy it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of this type of treatment along with what you would like to get out of these sessions, because if one person is open to exploring their relationship while the other isn’t then there might not be much progress.

One of the most important things to know about couple’s therapy is that it isn’t a magic solution, but instead, this type of treatment can help you and your partner work through some issues as well as communicate better with each other.

If there are certain problems in your relationship then couple therapy might be able to resolve these or at least give you an insight into what is causing these problems.

Another thing to consider about couple’s therapy is that you will need to attend a certain number of sessions if your therapist recommends them, but they can also stop treatment at any time without having to give their reasons why.

Benefits of Couple Therapy

Couple therapy can help you and your partner gain a deeper understanding of yourselves, each other, and how to communicate better. It is also known as a relationship counseling or marriage counseling.

The perks of couple therapy can include:

benefits of couples therapy

  1. A third-party mediator can help you talk about things in a positive way.
  2. Find new ways to talk with your partner.
  3. Decrease the amount of stress in your relationship.
  4. Try to use your time and words wisely.
  5. Set a time to be with your partner.
  6. Therapists create a safe place for people to talk about their problems. The therapist tries to make the person feel calm like they are doing something good.
  7. Practice techniques to make your emotional and physical intimacy better.
  8. Making your relationship a priority.
  9. You should always try to identify patterns that might be harmful or damaging and work around them.
  10. When people have to work together, they sometimes start to not trust each other. But how can you build trust again?
  11. Setting boundaries in your relationship is good. This will make it easier to live together without hurting each other.
  12. Having a therapist is good because they can find emotions and issues in you that you might not know.
  13. Discovering and developing skills to manage conflict.
  14. It’s important to find things that you have in common with people. Learn to be kind and loving.
  15. Feeling supported and listened to in your relationship means that you feel like the other person listens to you, understands what you are saying, and supports your decisions.
  16. Building skills to identify what you want in a relationship – this is what you want.

People go into therapy with different expectations. Some think that it’s a fix-it session, but some see it as an opportunity to explore themselves and their relationship.

Couple Therapy Techniques

Couple Therapy Techniques

1. Reflective Listening

Active listening is when one person listens to what the other person has to say. It’s good for couples because someone can listen instead of interrupting. And then they can respond with “I feel hurt when you do _____” instead of just saying “You’re wrong.”

2. Emotionally Focused Therapy

Many therapists use a method called emotionally focused therapy. It is for couples to identify patterns in the relationship that are stopping them from making strong attachments. People use healing techniques in relationships.

3. Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is when people talk about their problems in order to help them. They can see that there are many stories that they can tell.

Narrative therapy might be good for couples if their relationship has problems. They can talk to each other, and then they can work on the problem together.

Some couples think that they are a bad person because they have been a failure from the start, and it is what they deserve.

4. Gottman Method

A popular method in couples therapy is the Gottman Method. It is designed to help couples understand each other better when they are in a fight.

The Gottman Institute has more than 40 years of research. It helps married couples by providing live workshops and take-home training materials. Many therapists have also trained using the methods of the Gottman Institute.

5. Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago therapy is a type of therapy that helps adults with their relationships. It is important to remember good memories from when you were a child.

The therapy to understand childhood trauma will help couples understand each other better and be more empathetic.

6. Solution-focused Therapy

If you want to change in some way or reach a goal you have in mind, then talk to a therapist. They will help you fix the problem so that it is not an issue anymore.

7. Get crafty

A vision board is a good way to remember wants and goals for you and your partner. Get crafty by writing down what you want in the future, using pictures that embody your relationship desires.

Marriage is a work in progress. It takes both people to put in the time and effort to create a strong, healthy, and lasting marriage.

8. Find Deeper To Engage With

You should ask your partner questions other than what is for dinner. Sometimes we get busy and only talk about what to eat.

9. Express Appreciation

Expressing gratitude and telling your partner what you appreciate about them can help strengthen your relationship. Tell them in person, through texts, or with a sticky note that you found where they will see it!

10. Identify Your Partner’s Love Language

It’s different even when you are in a relationship. You can tell when someone feels loved by what they do. Show up for each other so the person knows they are important.

There are five love languages. Each person prefers one way of receiving love. They are:

  1. receiving gifts
  2. acts of service
  3. words of affirmation
  4. quality time
  5. physical touch

11. Schedule Important Conversations

The experts say that difficult discussions are best when you have a plan. It can help when you know what to do and it is the right time for it.

Tough conversations are planned ahead of time. This way, no one is surprised.

12. Pencil In One-on-one Time

Don’t let outside pressures stop you from spending time with your partner. It’s a good idea to spend one hour a week on things that make the relationship better, like touching and talking about things.

13. Fill Your Intimacy Bucket

As a couple, you will both need intimacy. As individuals, you will also need it.

The following are the different types of intimacy:

  1. intellectual
  2. experiential
  3. social
  4. emotional
  5. sexual

Find exercises that are in the same category. For example, you could explore a new hobby together or play games with friends.

14. Practice Partner Yoga

Think about doing yoga with your partner. Partner yoga is when you do moves with your partner. You will be able to balance together and learn more about each other, which also makes it easier for couples to trust each other more. A study found that mindfulness can make people happier in relationships, especially if they do it with their partners.

15. The 6-second Kiss

Don’t knock this technique before you try it. It’s a way for couples to add a dash of romance seamlessly throughout the day.

The kiss is just long enough to be passionate while also acting as a distraction from the busyness of the day.

16. Show Interest in Each Other’s Day

When is the last time you spoke to your partner about their day? You should do this because it will help them feel that you care about them. If your partner is curious about something, it can make them feel closer to you.

17. Share a List of Things You Want From Your Partner

Write down three things that your partner could do to make you happy. Share your list with them while looking into their eyes. The list can be something they could do one day a week, not every day, but it would remind them of things they can manage to do. It is important for us all to feel heard and understood by our partners.

18. Have an Icebreaker

Some people might remember icebreakers from summer camp or work seminars. But this game is a great way to start a conversation and learn something new about your partner. Talk with your partner more. Tell them something about yourself that they don’t know.

19. Connect Through Music

Make a mixtape for your school crush. You can also share music tastes, which will help you bond.

You should make a playlist of songs that remind you of your partner and the moments you have shared. This will be fun to do. You can swap playlists and get a peek at what your partner likes.

20. Start a Book Club For Two

Reading can be an experience you share together. Choose a book and alternate who picks it. Pick one to read at dinner on the date you set.

21. Eye Gazing

When you look into your partner’s eyes for a long time, it can help you feel like there is more of an emotional connection with them. This means that they will be able to tell when something is wrong with you, and this will make them trust you more. It also means that they will want to be around you even more than

A study found that eye gazing makes people feel like they are closer to someone. It helps them to feel more unity.

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Give it a try.

22. Practice Gratitude

Being grateful has benefits that include increased happiness and a stronger relationship.

A study found that if you share gratitude with your partner, it will help you feel less stressed. The study found that people who shared gratitude had an “increased experience of love” in the 129 participants.

When you get home from work each day, tell your partner three things that you are happy about.

23. Increase Your Cuddle Time

Cuddling with your partner can make you feel good. Cuddling makes your body make oxytocin and less cortisol.

If you feel warm and fuzzy, your body is doing its job. It will lower your blood pressure and help you sleep better!

24. Invest in a Therapy Workbook

Find a book about couples therapy in a book store or online. Take time every week to go through the activities with your partner.

25. Unplug From Your Devices

According to a report from 2014, 25% of people in a serious relationship say that their partner’s cellphone distracts them when they are together.

If you are distracted by things and feel like you are not getting the time with your partner that you need, try to set aside time for just the two of you. You can talk or do other things together.


The couples therapy process can be a great way to take both partners on an emotional journey that helps them understand themselves and each other better. It is important for all types of relationships, but especially those in which one partner struggles with addiction or mental illness. If you are struggling with your marriage due to addiction or mental health issues, don’t wait any longer – contact us today! We’re here to help create the foundation for healthy marriages and families by providing compassionate care through counseling services available tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Going to couples therapy can be a great way for you and your partner to work together on the challenges that are becoming too much. If you’re considering couples therapy, but don’t know where to start, read our list of 5 questions every couple should ask before going into this type of treatment. You may find some answers there that will help make sense out of what is happening in your relationship and if it’s time for a change!

For more information, please contact MantraCare. Relationships are an essential part of human life. It is the connection between people, and it helps us to form social bonds, understand and empathize with others. If you have any queries regarding Online Relationship Counseling experienced therapists at MantraCare can help: Book a trial therapy session

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