Trust Issues: What Causes Them?| Tips To Overcome Trust Issues

Trust Issues: What Causes Them?| Tips To Overcome Trust Issues

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. When people don’t trust you, they can’t fully appreciate your value or capabilities. And when people don’t think that you’re trustworthy, they also won’t want to buy from you or work with you. The bottom line? Trust issues are something that everyone deals with.

What Are Trust Issues?

What Are Trust Issues?Trust issues are something that can affect almost anyone. While some people may just have a few of these, others might be dealing with more than they know what to do with. When there is trouble in the trust department, it could impact your life on multiple levels. It can cause problems for you personally as well as professionally. Trust issues come about because you let them develop over time through your actions or lack thereof.

Common Signs of Trust Issues

There are some signs to know if you are having trust issues:

  • You struggle with allowing people to open up and share their feelings.
  • Your first reaction when you hear something negative is to automatically assume the worst. It is rather than waiting for more information so you can make an educated decision. This is instead of one based on assumptions.
  • You find yourself getting irrationally jealous over things that don’t matter or shouldn’t be such a big deal in reality. For example, your partner spends too much time at work or another family member having fun without inviting everyone else along. This simply means there’s some trust-related insecurity going on. This is where you feel threatened by others enjoying themselves. This is without needing to include you every single time. You’re projecting what would happen if this was real life. It is instead of just ignoring the fact it’s not.
  • You feel the need to monitor everything someone else is doing. This is because you simply don’t trust them alone without supervision.

Reasons For Trust Issues

These are the most common reasons for trust issues:

Poor Communication

Poor Communication can definitely be a reason for trust issues. If there are things that need to be communicated but aren’t, it can cause problems for everyone.

History Of Being Deceived

If a person has been deceived in the past, they might not be willing to take a chance on trusting someone else. Even if this isn’t about anything that happened recently, it can still have an effect today. It can cause problems for you going forward. This is why being open and honest with your partner from day one is so important. This is when trying to build trust over time. Just like building any relationship, communication plays a major role here too.

Money or Financial Problems

People who find themselves dealing with money issues may also feel as though they cannot trust others fully. This is because of what’s happening in their lives financially right now. They might even develop feelings toward others in general that are more negative than positive in nature. This is because they’re dealing with such difficult issues.

Previous Relationships

If there were problems in the past, they might carry over into today. It can cause people to be more guarded than ever before when it comes to opening up, sharing their feelings, or letting someone else get close enough for a real connection. This is most common among those who have gone through marriage and divorce. It is because one person broke trust along the way and hurt them so deeply that they aren’t willing to let anyone back in again anytime soon.

Breaking Promises

It is very common for someone to break a promise and it will impact your ability to trust them. If this happens more than once, you might find yourself struggling even more with giving people the benefit of the doubt.

Being Stood Up on Dates

If you’ve ever been stood up by someone who promised they would go out with you but didn’t show up at all or had some other form of poor follow-through, then that could cause problems as well when it comes to trusting others, in general, moving forward. You may be hesitant about accepting dates from others because there’s already an issue where trust has failed before so why take another chance? It can also affect friendships if one person stands another individual up repeatedly without apologizing or having a reason for not following through.

Mental Health Issues

Lastly, someone might be dealing with mental health issues that are keeping them from being able to trust others. This could be anxiety or depression and it can impact your life in a variety of different ways depending on the severity of the problem. It’s important for you to recognize if this is happening so you know how best to deal with it moving forward instead of trying to ignore some serious problems until they get worse down the road.

Breaking Boundaries

If someone breaks your boundaries, that can also cause trust issues. This is because you feel disrespected and there’s a lack of understanding when it comes to what was said or done in the past to make you feel this way. If any relationship has ever pushed too far into your personal space or made you uncomfortable in some other manner, then this could be an underlying reason why they don’t have full access anymore moving forward even if nothing else seems wrong on the surface. Being open about how certain things impact us emotionally is key here so we know where others are coming from as well without having them walk all over our feelings just because nobody wants to talk about difficult situations until something blows up for everyone involved!

Tips To Overcome Trust Issues

If you find yourself struggling when it comes to trusting people around you at work or home, these tips will help:

Listening Skills

Being better listeners can really go a long way toward building stronger relationships over time which leads directly to more trust developing naturally as well! If there’s something bothering us, we need to be able to trust that the other person will listen and not respond in a negative way.

Being Honest 

With yourself, with others, you care about, and also by being honest when it comes to what’s going on within your own life as well. If you’re struggling financially or mentally, for example, let people know so they can help if possible. It is instead of hiding this problem away. You hide them because you want them to see only positive things happening all around at all times. You have nothing to lose by sharing something important like this with them since there are no guarantees anyway! We never truly know how someone else might react until we tell them face-to-face so why not take advantage of an? The worst thing someone could say is either no or they won’t help you, but those are pretty low risks compared to keeping silent and hoping for the best all on your own.

See Counselor

Finally, if you’re struggling with trust issues and need to see a counselor. You can also find another form of professional help, then do it. This can be expensive at times but there are many places that offer free counseling for those who don’t have the money to pay out-of-pocket as well. So look around before deciding on where to go specifically.


When you don’t trust others, it’s important to take a step back and get some perspective on the situation. If there are issues in one area of your life but not another, then maybe this is how someone needs to be treated at least for now. This is until things change moving forward. It can also make other people appear as though they aren’t trustworthy. It is when their actions might be different than what you expect from them based on past experiences. That means we need to pay attention and see if something changes down the road or if it continues over time before making any rash decisions with those who may deserve better treatment. It is instead of jumping ship altogether too soon without taking into consideration everything that has happened up until today along with where someone could potentially end up down the road.

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