Divorce: Shattering Paradigm of Joy And Happiness

Divorce: Shattering Paradigm of Joy And Happiness

What Is Divorce?

What Is DivorceDivorce is when two people break up their marriage. It happens when one spouse wants to end the relationship, but they can’t just walk away. This is because that would be too mean to the other person involved. Sometimes instead of being honest and leaving their partner alone, they stay in a toxic situation for years. They pretend everything’s okay until finally after enough time has gone by they feel comfortable enough to end the relationship.

It doesn’t have to be that way marriage is supposed to be for life, no matter what happens it should only end when one spouse dies. If you can’t handle being with someone anymore then leave them alone. Let them go on living their lives without having your influence poisoning everything about them. But if the divorce was a good thing back in biblical times, there would be no problem. Today there’s no reason for anyone under any circumstances to stay married once they realize it just isn’t working out. It is even after trying really hard at making things better it still doesn’t work out so just get a divorce and move on with your life.

Possible Causes of Divorce

Divorce is very difficult for everyone. There can be many reasons for possibly taking such a step. Some of these are:

Commitment Issues

Commitment IssuesCommitment can be a huge problem in any relationship. Sometimes people just don’t want to put the work into their marriage that it takes to make it successful. That is why they end up wanting out as soon as possible This is because they do not realize all the good things about marriage. It is until it’s too late and now they’re stuck with someone who doesn’t share their vision for what life should be like together.

Lack of Communication

Lack of CommunicationOne major cause of divorce is lack of communication. It can be either ignorance or unwillingness on either side. This causes problems between them where before there wasn’t anything but love now suddenly everything has become an issue. It is even though nothing changed except one person decided they wanted something different than what was previously agreed upon. For eg. monogamy, no kids etc.


SelfishnessSome people just aren’t willing to put the time and effort into their marriage. They have a good thing going for them but they’re not really happy with it so they end up pushing all of their partner’s buttons. This is until their spouse gets fed up enough that one way or another they get out. This is either by having an affair or finding someone else who will make them happier. They leave behind a trail of hurt feelings in their wake thinking only about how great life is going to be from now on without anyone trying to stop them from doing what makes them happiest even if it means neglecting everybody around themselves while ending something means getting rid of any responsibility for taking care of anybody other than themselves.

Emotional Unavailability

Emotional UnavailabilityThere are many reasons that someone might not want to be with their spouse anymore. One is that they’re just emotionally unavailable, unable or unwilling to open up and talk about what’s bothering them. This can be because of past experiences where it didn’t turn out well for them before. So now all of a sudden they don’t trust anyone enough to let down their guard leaving behind an unhappy home life together while keeping everything bottled up inside. It is until finally one day the frustration becomes too much and they leave without even telling anybody why.


InfedelityWhen people are unhappy in their marriage they sometimes look for ways to get out of it. It is even if the only way is by cheating on their spouse. They might not realize that there’s already a problem. This is until one day after enough time has gone by and they’ve gotten away with lying about what’s been going on behind closed doors, but eventually, everything comes crashing down around them when something finally happens or gets exposed and then suddenly life becomes too difficult to keep living pretending like nothing ever happened so instead of breaking up right away (i.e., divorce).

This is because infidelity can be grounds for annulment. This means writing off the entire marriage as though it never even took place. It is except now you have no idea where your partner went who knows how long this could go on. This is until you get tired of it and finally decide to end things.

Economic Reasons

Financial issues can be a reason for divorce because some people want kids but their partner won’t agree to it. They might not feel like they can afford to have children. This is when they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck and struggling for every drop of water that goes into the house, while their other half is still stuck in college or has no desire to take responsibility. It is because this person doesn’t see future plans with them where everyone’s dreams come true together by becoming a family through marriage.

Intimacy Issues

Intimacy IssuesPhysical intimacy issues are one of the most common reasons why someone would seek out an extramarital affair. Maybe there’s no real reason (i.e., they’re just not getting enough) or maybe it’s being too impersonal. But whatever the case might be that person starts to feel unhappy about their current relationship. That is why they start spending more time with other people who do what makes them happy causing all kinds of problems. This is especially if those people don’t have their own boundaries. This leads to feelings of resentment and betrayal further down the road. It is even though now nobody can figure out where things went wrong. This is because everything looks fine on paper except for this nagging feeling in somebody else’s gut telling them “you can always tell when something doesn’t feel right.”

Abuse And/Or Mental Illness

Abuse And/Or Mental IllnessThere are many reasons why someone might become physically and emotionally abusive towards their spouse. These include mental illness, substance abuse (i.e., alcoholism), immaturity, anger issues. Anger can lead to more serious problems such as physical violence or even murder. So instead of waiting for things to get worse, somebody else makes the decision that it’s time they leave this relationship behind. It is because nobody deserves that kind of treatment. This is especially from a partner who promised them forever when all along they’d been planning on leaving without ever looking back again.

Negative Impacts of Divorce

There are many impacts of divorce, some of which are more readily apparent than others. Like positive, there are some negative impacts as well. Some of these are:

Negative Impacts On Children

Negative Impacts On ChildrenChildren who grow up in this family have more chances of getting divorce themselves. There may be an increase in the risk of developing other mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. This can cause difficulties for them later down the road when it comes time to find a partner or start a family themselves. Additionally, boys from fatherless homes often don’t know how to interact with women which makes dating difficult for them. This is why so many young men seem unable to connect with their peers today – they simply do not have what it takes emotionally to enter into healthy relationships! In fact, those who are not with both parents can have more adverse effects on them. This is in comparison to the adults who are from intact families.

Negative Impacts On Men

Negative Impacts On MenAs mentioned above, children growing up without a father are often ill-prepared to be good partners and fathers themselves when that time comes. However, women find it very difficult as well! Men who have been through divorce rate their current relationship more negatively than those whose parents stayed married throughout childhood do. They also feel less certain of their future relationships with women overall. Why? Because they’ve witnessed the difficulties first hand caused by such things as infidelity or lack of communication so many times before – all because mommy and daddy couldn’t get along anymore! Consequently, they may end up avoiding commitment altogether for fear that history will repeat itself in another failed marriage down the road if not given enough space.

Negative Impacts On Family Unit

Negative Impacts On Family UnitDivorce can have a seriously negative impact on extended families as well! When parents get divorced their children are often given less time with grandparents and other relatives who may live nearby or even out of town. This is especially true if it’s just mommy or daddy doing all the visiting between visits to see both sets of in-laws. This happens more often than you might think! Due to this lack of contact, they may not be aware that grandma passed away recently until she had already gone for several months because no one took enough interest in keeping them informed about what was going on within her own immediate family at home. This sort of thing only exacerbates any feelings associated with the divorce as well, such as resentment and bitterness.

Negative Impacts On Female

Negative Impacts On FemaleWhen divorce occurs, girls are more likely to experience some form of sexual exploitation as well. This can result in teen pregnancy or even prostitution for these young women who then find themselves caught up in the legal system with little hope of turning their lives around anytime soon. With that said, it’s also important to point out that children growing up without fathers (or mothers) do not necessarily end up like this at all! Sometimes they go on to be very successful members of society and contribute greatly throughout their adult years – but often times there is a greater chance associated with becoming involved within the criminal justice system due to lack of parental guidance., so many parents today suffer from depression following a separation or divorce which only further damages relationships between them and their children.

Positive Impacts of Divorce

Positive Impacts of Divorce

Sometimes being in a marriage is more harmful than getting out of it. Divorce is the best option for this type of situation. Some other positive impacts of divorce.

Prevents Child Abuse

Many children suffer at the hands of abusive parents. Sometimes divorce is necessary so that a child can be protected from this type of treatment.

Allows For Better Role Models

Children need both genders present in their lives to fully understand how relationships work and what’s expected out of them as adults. Divorce offers an opportunity for two new role models with whom they can bond more closely than before.

Improves Health Issues

Many times there are health issues that are either the husband or wife. Sometimes divorce is necessary in order to improve one’s overall health and quality of life.

Gives Self-Confidence

People who divorce often experience a great deal of self-discovery and learn how to be more independent. This leads to them having higher levels of self-confidence about themselves, which can improve their relationship with others in many cases.

Becomes Self-Aware

Divorce often leads to people having more time on their own. This leads them to learn about themselves and how they would like the world around them to function – which can lead some of these individuals to become excellent leaders in society with high levels of self-awareness.

How To Cope-Up With Divorce?

How To Cope-Up With Divorce?

Getting a divorce does not mean the end of your life. It is just a new beginning for you. Here are some tips on how to cope up with divorce:

Analyze Your Situation

The first step in coping up with any problem or situation is by understanding your reality. You should also accept it as what it really is. Once you have accepted the fact that there’s no going back, take time out of each day. You can analyze why this happened and how you can improve things from here forward. Being able to look at yourself objectively like this will help make the process much easier to bear over time.

Remind Yourself That You’re Worthy

Remind yourself that you deserve better. This may be difficult especially when dealing with a divorce. However, this is an extremely important thing to remember in order to move past these feelings and begin seeking out new relationships that are actually healthy for you.,

Make Time For Yourself

Taking time by yourself each day doesn’t have to be related specifically to the process of dealing with your divorce or even being alone at all. It can simply mean taking some time away from friends and family members who tend to add more stress than necessary when life seems difficult enough already. Stress is often there, after any sort of separation has occurred between two people living together under one roof.

Stay Active And Positive

Sometimes staying active (or getting active if need be) helps take your mind off things. This is while still allowing you to get things done. This, in turn, will help make the process of coping with divorce feel less overwhelming as time goes on.,

Seek Out Strong Support System

Reach out to friends and family members who you know will be there for you if things ever got really bad – then let them do just that. Not only can having a strong support system around during any difficult times be helpful emotionally but it also is an excellent way to ensure your needs are being properly taken care of. This is until they’re no longer needed! ,

Be Open To New Relationships

It’s important not to close yourself off from better opportunities. This is because you were hurt before or think someone else might hurt you too. Being open allows you your own individual happiness.


Divorce is a major life event that affects both parties and their children. It can be difficult to navigate, but there are resources available for everyone who want to make the process as easy as possible. Divorce is a difficult time in someone’s life. You may be feeling overwhelmed, but you are not alone.

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