Controlling Husband : What You Need to Know.

Controlling Husband : What You Need to Know.

This is a well-researched and in-depth guide to everything you need to know about controlling husband. This article discusses the psychological aspects of controlling husbands, how they interact with their wives. It also discusses what you can do to stop them from dominating your life.

What Is Controlling Husband?

A controlling husband is one who tries to control you and your life. They do this in a variety of ways. There can be a lot of reasons for controlling behavior. It is important to understand why they do this. At the same time, you need to realize that if he controls your life now he will continue doing so as things progress in your relationship.

Signs of Controlling Husband

These are some of the signs of a controlling husband. Pay attention to these signs. This is because they are the warning that you are in an abusive relationship.

Isolating You From Everyone

Isolation is one of the first signs to watch for. A controlling husband will try to isolate you from your family and friends. This is so that they can have more control over you, as well as the limit where you go with others. In the beginning, he might not be too obvious about this isolation – but it should still set off some warning bells in your mind. You may find yourself making up excuses why you cannot see certain people or visit them anymore because he does not like those people. If things progress further, then there could even be a complete ban on going out at all without him present – his constant excuse being that someone else might take advantage of you if left alone somewhere.

Changing To Please Him

A controlling husband will want you to change so that you are more acceptable in his eyes. When he decides what is proper for a wife, then you should do your best to follow it. In return, expect behavior from him that might not be considered normal by society’s standards because there would have been rules set down about how men and women should behave towards one another – with their roles being clearly defined as well. He may also try to make decisions for the two of you together without asking your opinion on things or even consulting with you first before making them final.

Not Having Any Opinions

A controlling husband wants someone who agrees with everything they say 100%. This does not happen very often in any relationship between people, and it should especially not be the case if you are in a controlling relationship. Do your best to hold on to what makes you an individual – even though that can be difficult with this type of partner because they will constantly try to bring you around their way of thinking, no matter how hard you resist at first.

Criticizing Everything You Do

A controlling husband will criticize you for everything that you do. One of the signs of a controlling partner is constant criticism and judgment, even when things go well or if there are no problems at all with what was done. There should be praise given before any judgment about how it could have been better – but this does not happen in an abusive relationship because one person wants to control another completely. In order to get away from this type of behavior, then leaving him would be your best option instead!

Not Allowing To Make Decisions

A sign that he might be trying to control your life is through making decisions on his own without consulting with you first or allowing you any input into them whatsoever either. He is the dominant person in this relationship because he has taken control of everything, and now you might not be allowed to make any decisions for yourself at all.

Keep Spying You

This is one of the serious signs of a controlling husband – and it shows how he takes control over you. If your partner always seems to be spying on where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with then this could indicate that they want to control every part of your life. He might not even trust himself around people who come around often because he knows his behavior towards them will show his true colors if too many other people find out about it!

Keep Disrespecting You

Another sign of a controlling husband is when he disrespects you in front of others. It can be subtle at first, but this type of behavior shows that they want to assert their dominance over another person and put them down so that they feel better about themselves. This also sets the stage for other people to see how badly things are going too – which might lead them to try and interfere with your life together if it goes on long enough!

Reasons For Controlling Husband

These are some of the reasons for controlling husbands. There are many reasons for controlling husbands. However, there is no reason to control people in this way.

Mental Health Problems

People who are controlling may have mental health problems. Personality disorders and depression are common causes of controlling behavior. Depression can lead to isolation and withdrawal from people and activities. These are the activities that you may enjoy earlier. Personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder may also contribute to a person becoming controlling in relationships.

Childhood Trauma

Some people because of abuse in their childhood may become controlling when they grow up.

Substance Abuse

People with addictions might be more likely to abuse others, including the person they are in a relationship with. Drugs and alcohol can contribute to an abuser’s behavior. It is not necessarily that control may be a result of substance abuse alone.

Aggressive Personality Traits

A person with aggressive personality traits may find that their emotions get out of control quickly and lead them to lash out at other people whom they love and care about the most – sometimes physically too! This type of behavior will often make things much worse for you if you do not leave him immediately before he does something bad to either himself or someone else because anger management courses could help him to get back on track!


Sometimes controlling behavior is genetic. For example, some people just have dominant genes that contribute to their personality traits and behavioral patterns which can be passed on if they get married or find someone else who has similar personality characteristics too.

Stressful Situations

Some people become controlling when they feel stressed. They might lash out at others because of this and try to take it out on the person closest to them by treating them badly or trying to control their behavior too. It can be a vicious cycle if one person in the relationship is having stress while another feels like they have no way of helping themselves.

Ego Problems

People with fragile egos may act controlling because they are afraid of abandonment or rejection. They do not want to face the fact that they might be dumped by their partner so they try and control them instead, often through manipulation or shouting at them until he gets his own way! This can become a vicious cycle though if you let it go on for too long – especially if your partner is also aggressive towards you as well!

How To Deal With Controlling Husband

These are some ways how to deal with a controlling husband. So many women have had problems in one romantic relationship after another where their partners were either trying to control every part of their lives or simply did not care about anything other than themselves whatsoever. But what should you do?

Break Free

The first thing to do is break free of his controlling behavior by coming up with a plan together that you both agree on. This way, he will feel like there are no more secrets between the two of you and it might stop him trying to control your life in this way too. A good idea would be for each of you to come up with three things that make YOU happy every day – perhaps goals or dreams which have not yet been fulfilled so far – and stick them somewhere where they can easily be seen so that nothing gets forgotten about again.

Once he has stuck his goals next to yours, set some time aside once or twice a week when you sit down together without distractions (TV included)and talk through what either of you has done to fulfill your dreams. This will give him a sense of purpose again and he might even learn how to help himself rather than relying on you so much!

Re-Establish Trust

If there are children involved, it is important that you re-establish trust because they need their father in their lives too – even if his behavior has not been great up until now. So try to work together as parents by spending quality time with the kids doing fun things or teaching them new skills for life – just make sure that YOU get some one-on-one time with them every day too without feeling like someone else is watching over your shoulder all the time! If he seems jealous about this type of thing then perhaps you could also agree upon some time together as a couple once or twice per week too so that you can keep the relationship alive and well!

Get Help

Make sure that he gets some help for his anger management issues because if not, things will just get worse over time. If these problems are genetic then perhaps marriage counseling would also be beneficial to talk through how this type of behavior is affecting your entire family life – especially since it might spill into other areas where children are concerned – but make sure you do NOT let him bring up past grievances again because chances are they were never fully resolved in the first place! Once all of these trust-building exercises have been undertaken properly, there should no longer be any need to control each other’s lives anymore. Just remember though that communication is the key to any successful relationship so if there are still problems in this department then you may need some additional support yourselves.

Set Boundaries

You need to set boundaries for yourself too because if you let him walk all over you, then he will continue to do so! Explain that his behavior is not acceptable and say something like “If you shout at me or treat me badly again, I am leaving” – make sure though that this statement remains an empty threat until the time comes when it needs to be carried out. Make sure there are no more secrets between either of your lives anymore – unless they are good ones that benefit both of you after some discussion first!

Try To Communicate

Try to communicate, even if you hate talking about your feelings to others because it can help a great deal. Just make sure that he knows how important this is to YOU too or else there will never be any progress made whatsoever!

Spend Time With Family

You can start spending some time with your family again too – without feeling the need to control every little aspect of their lives either! If you tried this before and it did not work out properly, make sure that YOU have a contingency plan in place because there is no point going back into a situation where he will continue trying to control you.

Have Courage To End Relationship

You should have the courage to end the relationship if he continues to try and control your life because this is not a healthy way of living for either one of you. If it gets too much then just go ahead and leave – but make sure that YOU have somewhere safe, secure, and private to stay at first before doing so!

Be Stronger Than Him

You must be stronger than him now by taking action yourself instead of waiting around hoping everything will get better on its own – which may take forever! It can also help if you tell everyone else what has been going wrong behind closed doors as well especially those who know both parties involved personally or professionally. Just do NOT let anyone persuade you into staying in such an environment unless they fully understand all the facts about why you feel this way.

Protect Yourself

The most important thing to remember is that you have a right to be happy too. It might even help your controlling husband in the long run if he can see how much happier you are when you break free from his clutches. If this does not work then try taking up some form of self-defense classes or learning about gun safety in case things take a turn for the worse – after all, it will never hurt to know what steps need to be taken next in order to protect yourself no matter which way life decides to go! Controlling husbands may seem like they always get their own way but one modern woman knows better than anyone else that there is nothing more satisfying than standing on her own two feet with pride without needing a man to make her feel complete.

Stay Calm

If you are the only one trying to “fix” your marriage then chances are that things will get worse before they get better. So it might be time for you to consider whether this relationship is really worth fighting for. It takes two people to make a relationship work and if he is not willing or ready to put in any effort then perhaps it would be best all around if you did what makes YOU happy instead? You deserve happiness too after all.


Controlling husband behaviors can be destructive both within relationships and society at large, especially when it crosses over into abuse. If no progress has been made after discussing things with your partner for a reasonable length of time or if he continues to put you down or threaten you in any way whatsoever, break the silence once again by calling someone who cares about what happens to YOU. There are plenty of people out there that will listen without judging you. Do not allow yourself to become isolated otherwise, these controlling men might end up winning. This is because they think they have successfully driven another good woman away from “their” lives.

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