Wellness At Workplace | 21 Cost-Effective Wellness Ideas

Wellness At Workplace | 21 Cost-Effective Wellness Ideas

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about wellness at the workplace. In 2021, wellness will be a critical priority for employers. As wellness becomes more important in our society, employees are demanding their employers make wellness a priority as well. It’s not just about offering free fruit and water anymore; it’s about making sure your employees have everything they need to stay healthy and productive throughout the workday.

To help you get started with your wellness journey at work, here are 21 cost-effective wellness ideas that will give you an easy way to start investing in your workforce!

Importance of Wellness Program At Workplace

Importance of Wellness Program At Workplace

Employers are concerned about their employees’ health. They are working too hard and that is not good for them. It exhausts them and it changes the way they sleep. The cost of health care has risen significantly because of the rise in incidents and illnesses.

Many organizations have begun adopting workplace wellbeing programs that benefit employees and enhance corporate culture in order to prevent such difficulties in the future.

Employer health initiatives to promote employees’ health behaviors and keep them healthy. The majority of these tactics are quite cost-effective and practical for businesses of all sizes.

Let’s take a look at what contributes to businesses’ success before we go into some of these cost-effective workplace wellness techniques.

How Workplace Wellness Programs Help You?

Employee wellness or a corporate wellness program may be an effective method to promote health and well-being at work. Such initiatives assist firms in combating the increasing number of employee health issues while also ensuring the general good health of their employees.

It also encourages workers to lead healthy lives in order to achieve improved health outcomes. A successful workplace wellness program may assist you to reduce employee absence rates owing to health concerns. As a result, your company may benefit from greater productivity and fewer costs by implementing an effective healthcare plan.

Ways to Promote Wellness at Workplace

Here are the 21 ways to promote wellness at the workplace-

Try Monday Meditation

Monday Meditation-wellness-at-workplaceMondays are universally disliked, and your workers are no exception. Mondays are the most loathed day of the week, according to employees. And forcing your staff to begin their week in despair may have a negative influence on their productivity.

If you don’t want to miss out on anything, set aside specific times during the week for meditation. Mondays are a good day to plan and organize small meditation sessions. These meditation sessions will aid your employees in coping with their common work slumps. As a result, assisting them in maintaining focus throughout the day and positively influencing their mental health. You may also emphasize various methods for integrating wellness at work throughout the rest of the week.

Promote Health Articles and Newsletters

Health Articles and Newsletters-wellness-at-workplaceThe single most powerful instrument for change is awareness. Everything you want to accomplish begins with raising public consciousness. In the beginning, implementing health initiatives in the business may be difficult. The first issue is motivating staff to look at their health more closely. You may achieve this by delivering health articles and newsletters to their inboxes on a regular basis as part of your workplace health promotion efforts.

Organize Healthy Potlucks

“We are what we eat,” according to the saying. Organizing healthy potlucks once a month may be an excellent addition to your employee wellness program. You can encourage staff to bring nutritious food rather than fatty and unhealthy meals instead of bringing them.” Hosting such events on a frequent basis will help your employees develop healthy eating habits. Furthermore, a potluck is an excellent method to strengthen workplace connections by bringing people together. In addition, you may add different health themes to your potlucks every month.

  • Going Green
  • Meal Replacement Smoothies with Protein
  • Dots, stripes, and polka dots are just a few of the many fruity designs available.
  • Fight the carbs with your brain.
  • You can use a site like WhatTheHealth to see what the effects of various foods will be on your body.

Embrace Health For A Cause

Embrace Health For A CauseBy tying a healthy lifestyle to a social issue, you may encourage employees to adopt one. Merging health education efforts with social causes allows participants to give back to society while also strengthening the business’s commitment to corporate social responsibility goals.

You may support social causes by conducting workplace health events, such as the World’s Toughest Triathlon.

  • Walkathons for businesses
  • Marathons
  • Atoms are accelerated by a cyclotron, which is a type of accelerator.
  • You can help to promote PushUps for positive change, etc.

Furthermore, you may offer your staff free passes to attend community health activities.

Make Health Ambassador In Office

You’ll always find someone at your workplace who is both health-conscious and successful at the same time. These workers’ may serve as positive examples for others and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, you can call them “Health Ambassadors” and make them the face of good health in the company. Additionally, you may host health competitions for your staff to participate in.

Try To Cycle To Work

Cycle to Work-wellness-at-workplaceYou may persuade your workers to bicycle to work instead of using their cars if you are an employer. This is feasible based on how far someone has to travel each day to get to the workplace. If most of your workers live near the company, implementing this will be beneficial.

This will also help them reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.

Similarly, you may combine short cycling excursions and cyclotrons among your workers with meaningful incentives for the best performers. Employees will be even more inclined to improve their health through cycling as a result of this.

Promote Standing Meetings

Standing in meetings would benefit them in several ways. They may have better blood flow while standing, which can help to maintain optimal body posture. On the other hand, sitting for lengthy periods of time immediately without much physical activity might cause numerous health problems.

To address this, you might put up a few standing workstations at your workplace, as has been shown in studies. Furthermore, the danger of tiredness caused by prolonged periods of sitting with little body movement is reduced.

Promote Smoke Cessation Campaigns

Promote Smoke Cessation CampaignsSmoking is now a common practice among professionals. And, as many people claim, it’s because of the rising workload. It’s well-known that smoking doesn’t cure anything; instead, it fuels the heart and lung illness. A smoke cessation campaign at the workplace, though, can assist your staff in quitting their smoking habit.

Here are some suggestions for properly implementing initiatives like these.

  • Stop smoking because it is bad.
  • Show people pictures of how they might quit smoking.
  • Allow smoking only in certain areas around the campus.
  • Try to see a life coach to help you quit.
  • Promote incentives to an employee to stop smoking

Encourage your employees to give up the habit of smoking. This will help them with better stamina, improved lung function, and mitigated chronic diseases.

Use Corporate Health App

Use a Corporate Health AppWe are not healthy enough. We need to be healthier. Everyone can get better at this! It is a good idea to use a worksite wellness app on your phone to help you stay healthy.

The Application combines health and safety in a single solution, providing precise data that allows the user to participate in any physical activity without risking injury. It also has several built-in health features that can assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The software also allows businesses to set up fitness competitions and create challenges such as walks, marathons, and more for their staff on the move. As a result, employers may encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle at work.

Allow Flexible Work Hours

Allow Flexible Work HoursWorkplace wellness issues can be caused by an excessive workload. They also happen when there is no time to rest.

As an employer, allowing your staff to work from home on occasion can be a significant step toward establishing good health and safety procedures. Employees who have flexible work hours may use their time however they wish, such as sleep or exercise. This makes the employee feel good about their job and aids them in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

As a business owner, allowing your staff to work from home or alter their schedules as needed may be a significant step toward improving employee health and wellness. Flexible working hours give an employee the freedom to spend their time on anything they want, such as resting or exercising. This makes the worker feel good about their job and helps them achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Provide Financial Assistance

Essentials of BudgetingEmployees’ lifestyle habits are also connected to their workplace wellness. These behaviors also include ones’ financial habits, such as

  • Spending money
  • Saving money
  • Investing money
  • Paying debts

Sometimes, work and family can be hard to balance. Not having enough money is very bad. Sometimes it causes stress, anxiety, and even heart problems. To keep this from happening, give your employees sessions on budgeting. This is so they can maintain good financial health.

Promote Healthy Workplace Environment 

You should try to make your workplace a beautiful place for people to work in. If you do, people will want to come there and be happy. People will also want to take care of their health if they are happy at work. You can make them feel happier by throwing a challenge at them which is about taking up a healthy lifestyle. Arranging walks or runs with the seniors at the workplace is a good way to do so. It’s a subtle way.

This will give the employees two things.

  • A chance to meet other people and be their friends. They can also compete with each other in a good way.
  • You can improve jobs by being nice. It is good to have jobs, but if the bosses are mean it will be hard.

If seniors lead a healthy lifestyle, the people they work with will also do the same.

Promote Walk and Talk

Walk and TalkWalking is a good exercise that will make your mind and body healthy. You can do it anytime, anywhere, and without anything. You can make a part of the health and wellness program called “Walk and Talk.”

If you have a meeting, do it while walking. It is good for your health and helps you to lose weight.

Promote Use of Stairs

When you climb up and down the stairs, it can help burn some extra calories. It is good for your heart, lungs, arms, and legs. This can be very good for employees’ health. It is the cheapest way to stay healthy. You can also do “Stairs to Health,” where you track steps and give prizes to people who take the most steps.

Encourage Work Breaks

Encourage Work BreaksIf an employee sits at their desk for a long time without moving, they might get sick. This may include:

  • You might have a digital eye strain if you have a lot of headaches, tired eyes, or neck pain.
  • Backaches are a common problem.
  • Having headaches is not good. You feel bad when you have them.
  • Muscle cramps are when your muscles get tight and hurt. You can use heating pads, hot water bottles, or massage to make them feel better.
  • When people are tired, etc.

Having short breaks between work helps people. They can be refreshed and it helps them do their jobs better.

Provide Subsidised Gym Memberships

Subsidised Gym MembershipsThough I have already said that workplace wellness is more than gym memberships and healthy snacks, they count on the list too. Building a health center in your house can be expensive and time-consuming. You will need to hire a professional to take sessions and keep the cost down. However, you might partner with a local gym to provide your staff discounted memberships. This, too, maybe an excellent method to entice top personnel to join the firm.

Promote Plantation At Workplace

The work environment has a lot to do with one’s overall health and well-being. It is also true that a clean and green environment improves one’s health and wellbeing. To maintain the same, you may set up plants in the office to improve employee health and alleviate the workload environment.

Furthermore, plants aid in the removal of noxious gases from the environment. As a result, providing some fresh air to employees on a regular basis.

Organize In-house Library

In-house LibraryAnother fantastic technique to rejuvenate the mind and feel good is reading. Giving your workers access to an in-house library will provide them with some much-needed leisure time. Encouraging your workers to read will also benefit them in the following ways:

  • Stress is reduced.
  • Having a broader lexicon is beneficial.
  • Analytical ability is required.
  • Improve your memory and more.

Organize Health-Related Occasions

These are days set aside to raise public awareness about health issues and important bodily systems. These are examples of days designated to increase public knowledge about health problems and essential body components.

  • AIDS Awareness Day (On December 1st)
  • October 10 is World Mental Health Day (On this day in 1990, the World Federation for Mental Health was founded).
  • World Heart Day (September 29th)
  • World Cancer Day is on February 4th.

Encouraging staff to attend these events at the workplace raises employee awareness of the significance of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it contributes to the company’s vibrant work culture.

Organize Sports Activities

Sports and Wellness ActivitiesAnother excellent approach to promote wellness at the workplace is to have some sports and fitness activities, such as chess boards, checkers, carrom boards, table tennis, and so on. This will assist your workers in regaining their energy between jobs. Engaging them in such hobbies will keep them occupied during their free time or during smoke breaks. Having indoor games will make the people at work happier.

Promote Yoga Fridays

Yoga FridaysLet’s finish off the week. If you want your staff to be mentally and physically healthy, bring yoga classes to your workplace.

Organizing yoga sessions in the workplace is a good way to make sure people will be healthy. As an employer, you can let people do yoga every Friday. This is during breaks.

You may have a yoga instructor from the staff to run the sessions. You can also hire a professional to give yoga sessions to your employees. Yoga promotes mindfulness, which is an excellent approach to end a busy week.

A Word From Mantra Care

It’s time to think of wellness as a whole package. It should include things such as stress management, sleep improvement, and social activities. These services can help employees relax and focus at the workplace by alleviating work-related pressures. They should also be accessible to those who don’t have health insurance or access to healthcare providers on site.

When employees’ active engagement in programs to improve their well-being is encouraged, a healthy work environment can be realized. A proper workplace wellness program is essential for establishing a healthy working environment. Furthermore, only employees who are satisfied and healthy will perform better, allowing them to reach their full potential. As a result, creating an effective employee wellness program has now become critical.

Do you want to keep your employees happy, healthy, and productive? Join our employee assistance program and get a healthier workplace.

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