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What Are Workplace Wellness Challenges?

Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness challenges are initiatives that provide employers and employees with the opportunity to promote health and wellbeing. There are many different types of workplace wellness statistics. These are such as fitness, mindfulness, and financial wellness. There are many employee wellness program benefits. These are such as

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism rates
  • Improved mental and physical well-being.

These programs help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is providing them with access to support networks, education, and resources. Employers who offer employee wellness programs experience lower health care costs. This is because they have less need for things like disability insurance or workers’ compensation. There are some Workplace Wellness Statistics that you should know

Workplace Wellness Statistics

An increasing number of companies are choosing to offer their employees workplace wellness programs. Consequently, it is important that employers have a strong understanding of what they are offering. They should also know how to implement them. Hence, with that being said, there are some workplace wellness statistics you should know. Hence, it is important to study workplace wellness statistics.

These are some of the Workplaces Wellness Statistics:



Workplace wellness programs can cost employers money in the short term. But they are typically paid for by lower health insurance premiums. It is within three to five years. Employees who have workplace wellness programs are 2x more likely to be productive. In this workplace, workplace wellness can improve workplace productivity.



Employees with workplace wellness programs are 60% less likely to be absent from work. The comparison is with employees without workplace wellness initiatives. This workplace wellness initiative is clearly important in maintaining workforce productivity. Employee absence due to workplace injuries decreases by 34%. Workplace absenteeism reduces by 25% with workplace wellness program participation. Moreover, a workplace wellness program can also save employers money. It is by reducing absenteeism and increasing workplace morale and productivity.

Employee Satisfaction

Foremost, employees who participate in workplace wellness programs are 5x more likely to be satisfied at work. It is more than employees who do not have workplace health opportunities. Workplace stress, another workplace wellness statistic, is 20% lower when employees have access to workplace support networks. This is a very important workplace wellness statistic because workplace stress has been directly linked to workplace injuries.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Costs

When employers offer their employees workplace wellness services, they typically experience a decrease in workplace healthcare costs. Employers who offer workplace wellness programs cut their annual health care expenditures per employee. Hence, the reduced costs are may be the result of workplace wellness program efforts. These are typically offset by healthcare cost savings.

Employee participation in workplace wellness programs is associated with a 19% reduction in workplace injuries. When employees feel supported by their workplace, they are less likely to be injured. These injuries can be during the course of their daily job tasks. It should be noted that workplace injuries can cost lost work time and healthcare costs. This is one of many workplace wellness statistics. It shows how important it is for employers to provide workplace support networks. Hence, these are like workplace wellness programs.

Employer Promotion

Employers who offer workplace wellness programs are 5x more likely to promote a healthy lifestyle in their company. This workplace wellness statistic is important. It is because many employers still think of workplace wellness as a way to avoid financial penalties. It is for non-participation rather than an opportunity to support employee health goals. The majority of employees at the workplace understand workplace wellness statistics. Furthermore, it shows that participating in the company’s workplace wellness program helps them maintain a high level of physical activity. It will benefit them both at work and beyond.

How To Implement Workplace Wellness Statistics?

Implementation of Workplace Wellness

The first step in implementing a workplace wellness program is identifying what you want from your program. Do you want it to promote exercise or work stress management?

There are some of the questions, you would ask yourself then. They are:

  • What type of wellness program do you want to offer?
  • Do you want a single program or multiple programs?
  • How often will the program run within the workplace, and how long will it be?
  • Who is responsible for running these programs
  • Will there be an outside provider?
  • Will employees need to enroll in the program?
  • Can employees sign up on their own (for self-directed wellness programs)?
  • Will there be any penalties if your employees don’t follow the program guidelines (fitness programs only)?
  • If so, what would those penalties be?
  • Ways to measure the program’s success?
  • How much money are you willing to invest in this program?
  • How often do you want to review the effectiveness of the program?

A Word From MantraCare

A workplace wellness program can be an important investment for employers. The workplace wellness statistics in this article demonstrate the benefits of workplace health programs. It shows how they help improve workplace morale. Some others are productivity, absenteeism rates, healthcare costs. It even helps in employer promotion. A healthy workforce is a productive one. It’s never too late to start implementing workplace wellness initiatives at your company today. You can get some helpful tips from our experts. You call us now if you want more information on creating a successful workplace wellness plan. It can drive top-line revenue growth for your business.

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