20 Fun Social Wellness Activities in the Workplace

20 Fun Activities for Social Wellness in the Workplace

What Is Social Wellness?

What is Social Wellness?

Social well-being is the degree to which one’s interpersonal interactions and ties with others are healthy. The connections your employees have with their coworkers and executives are examples of social wellness activities at the workplace. Also, it also refers to the general feeling of belonging that workers experience while in the company. Social wellness activities are one of the components that have an impact on job satisfaction. With social wellness, employees will feel supported and appreciated at work which leads to higher morale and productivity.

Employers and HR managers value your employees’ social well-being. Low social well-being will have a negative impact on employee engagement and productivity, which will ultimately impede company growth.

In today’s workforce, corporate wellness programs are becoming more essential for retaining top employees and boosting employee performance. There are lots of options for what to do for your health at work, from providing nutritious meals and fitness sessions to adding scooters and mini-trampolines. It’s crucial to remember that your program does not need to be exclusively focused on exercise. Furthermore, employee wellness can also benefit from giving employees more flexibility in terms of scheduling and telecommuting.

Helping your employees be happy and healthy will improve their productivity, engagement, and performance. Simultaneously, it lowers absenteeism and improves overall performance. It’ll also benefit your bottom line. Businesses may anticipate an average ROI of $5.81 for each $1 invested in employee healthcare.

Whatever you decide, you’ll get a lot of benefits from launching your health and fitness initiative at work.

20 Social Wellness Activities for Your Workplace

We all know that social wellness activities are important for our mental, emotional, social, and physical health. The question is what types of social wellness activities can we do in the workplace? Below are the 20 social well-being activities that you can try in your office or with your team. Try these fun ideas to bring positivity to your work environment.

The advantages of incorporating social well-being activities into the workplace are numerous. These activities reduce employee stress and boost health. Furthermore, these programs enhance office communication and foster a sense of loyalty and trust in the company. All of these elements contribute to employee retention.

When it comes to selecting a social well-being activity for your staff, there is no need to worry. Here are the top 20 that we recommend:

Practicing Mindfulness and Guided Meditation

Practicing Mindfulness and Guided Meditation

Employees are frequently confronted with a variety of challenges. In the absence of appropriate tools to address these difficulties, their job-life quality suffers.

Employees can practice mindfulness and guided meditation at work to learn about the best tools.  is the art of being aware and accepting of one’s surroundings, feelings, and emotions. You should encourage your staff to practice mindfulness in the workplace as an employer. There are several office meditation techniques that employees may use to practice together. This will assist them in maintaining an internal sense of calm and developing their relationships with their coworkers and bosses.

Forming a Weekly Sharing Circle

weekly sharing cycleStress has a detrimental influence on the mind and body. When individuals have no one to discuss these problems with, they become even more severe. Sharing circles may assist with this.

Sharing circles are a safe and judgment-free environment. These circles allow people to come together and discuss their challenges and stressors with one another. Employees who have someone to talk to about their issues and concerns feel heard. They have access to alternative viewpoints as well as possible solutions for their difficulties. As a result, encouraging staff to meet every week for a sharing session at work. It will promote empathy and friendliness among them. These circles serve as social wellness support systems for employees.

Practicing Onsite and Virtual Yoga

Practicing Onsite and Virtual Yoga

Yoga has several advantages when it comes to incorporating it into the work environment. One significant advantage is a boost in employee social well-being.

Workers’ bodies and brains are relaxed as a result of workplace yoga, making them less irritable and aggressive. It fosters a sense of harmony among workers. As a result, their social connections grow as well. Yoga improves physical and mental health simultaneously, resulting in increased employee productivity. You can also conduct virtual yoga sessions for a remote workforce. The advantages are still the same.

Participating in 5K Runs

Participating in 5K Runs

Encourage your staff to participate in 5K races. These races may be linked to a cause or a topic, and they’re frequently fun and educational. Such occasions are a good method to foster and strengthen friendships with coworkers.

Above all, running has a variety of health advantages for employees. Social wellness activities like these should be encouraged. Furthermore, running for a charity that improves society will provide your staff with an additional feeling of accomplishment.

Forming a Sports Club

Forming a Sports ClubSports lessons and activities instill and encourage a sense of belongingness in children. Organize a sports club with coworkers who are interested. It’s more enjoyable to organize sports that employees can participate in as individuals, such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.

It would be beneficial if you encouraged your staff to participate in local sports clubs and leagues. Take it a step farther by offering to pay a portion or all of the membership fees for your workers. Participating in these sports will also keep your staff from succumbing to sedentary syndrome. As a consequence, you have an active and enthusiastic workforce.

Participating in Marathons and Walkathons

Marathons and WalkathonsOrganize marathons and walkathons for your staff. Marathons and walks have several health advantages for your employees, much like 5K races. Here are some of the advantages of walkathons you may learn about.

Employee volunteering and charitable donations will be encouraged by these initiatives. Employees’ spirits will be lifted when they work together to accomplish a difficult COVID objective. Employers may organize virtual marathons for employees during these trying COVID situations. Virtual marathons are both cost-effective and beneficial for maintaining social distance. Employees may participate at their own leisure. They keep track of their distances using fitness software on their phones.

Vantage Fit has organized a Global Virtual Walkathon every year since February. It was quite successful, with over 70 businesses from all corners of the globe participating.

Organizing Shared Laughter Sessions

Laughter sessions- social-wellness-activitiesThere is uncertainty in every area of people’s lives due to the continuing pandemic. Personal and professional lives have been severely disrupted. Naturally, with so many unpredictable adjustments, workplace stress is at an all-time high. As you may imagine, a stressed workforce isn’t a productive one.

Likewise to organize stress-relieving activities for your team to de-stress. Having shared laughter sessions is an enjoyable and creative approach to doing this. Laughter has been shown to enhance one’s health and immunity.

You may buy your staff members tickets to an internet stand-up comedy performance. Also, a musician can perform an online sketch just to improve the mood of workers. Moreover, you can also plan various games and activities to brighten up the moods of your employees.

Scheduling Walking Meetings

Scheduling Walking Meetings- social-wellness-activitiesInstead of the typical conference room setting, try something new. Make your usual meetings into walking meetings to enhance their effectiveness. There’s a lot of evidence linking exercise and a positive mood in individuals.

Walking meetings are less formal than office meetings. Employees may get the chance to relax and feel more at ease among their coworkers, bosses, and other leaders. Indoor or outdoor walking meetings may be organized.

Organizing Fitness Challenges

Organizing Fitness Challenges- social-wellness-activities

Another interesting social well-being sport for the workplace is corporate fitness competitions. Moreover, these tests might range from one week to a few months, depending on various factors. Here are some examples of company fitness competitions:

  • The WorktoClimb challenge
  • Nutrition Challenge
  • the water challenge
  • The New Day, New Workout Challenge
  • Take the Stairway Challenge
  • The 7-Minute Workout Challenge

You may quickly include these fitness objectives into your corporate wellness program. Employees can join teams or engage in healthy rivalry.

Having Impromptu Contests

Having Impromptu Contests- social-wellness-activities

You may also create impromptu competitions at the workplace aside from fitness challenges. On bad days, such impromptu competitions will assist to break the ice.

Uniquely, this is a sort of competition in which they are supposed to perform various activities. Individuals perform push-ups, squats, jogging, or jumping on stage and are graded based on how long they can endure. The possibilities are endless.

Celebrating Work Anniversaries

Celebrating Work Anniversaries social-wellness-activities

Your company’s most valuable assets are its employees. What better way to show this than by acknowledging employee birthdays?

This is a great moment to communicate how much you appreciate your staff. Please send an email to the team to remind them of their coworkers’ birthdays. As a leader, you may also send them a handwritten note or letter expressing your gratitude for their help. Employees will be more satisfied with their jobs and more likely to trust the firm, as a result of this.

Organizing Themed Dress Up Days

Organizing Themed Dress Up Days-social-wellness-activities

Fun days may occur on occasion.

Organize a dress-up day with your staff. Dressing up in costumes is considerably more enjoyable when there is a theme involved. For example, have them dress up as if they were characters from a book or a movie! There are no restrictions!

Having a Games Room

Having a Games Room-social-wellness-activities

Have a gaming area at the workplace. Employees will appreciate having a space to de-stress and take work breaks in between while playing games. Your workers may discuss and bond with each other in such a room.

Organizing Company Retreats

Organizing Company Retreats-social-wellness-activities

Once the epidemic has passed, plan and finance a company retreat. Going on a trip together is a wonderful method to strengthen your relationship with coworkers. Outside of your job roles, you and your staff will get to know one another better. As a result, there’s more of a chance for mutual understanding and improvement in your social media relationships.

Acknowledging Peers

Acknowledging Peers-social-wellness-activitiesIn addition to encouraging your staff to applaud and acknowledge each other’s efforts. This fosters a positive workplace atmosphere. Also, it improves the company culture.

Employees may recognize each other’s efforts on a public feed with Vantage Circle. They can also give one another spot rewards for their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. Such affirmation boosts staff morale, makes them feel valued, and enhances their social well-being.

Organizing Office Quizzes

Organizing Office Quizzes-social-wellness-activities

Moreover, Online Simulations provide a great way to improve your employees’ knowledge and have fun at the same time. Divvy up your staff into several teams for a quiz on company-specific information.

Every year, employees are rewarded for the most frequently asked questions. Plus, everyone has a chance to learn more about their company.

Forming a Book Club

Forming a Book Club-social-wellness-activities

Book clubs are a unique approach to fostering good employee relationships at work. Encourage staff to start reading groups where they can recommend books and provide comments. Such organizations will result from shared passions, which will foster healthy connections.

Organizing Team Lunches

Organizing Team Lunches-social-wellness-activities

There’s hardly any bonding like that of sharing meals and being together over food. Team lunches and potlucks are a fantastic method to unwind and rejoice in team accomplishments as a group.

Moreover, you may also have your workers schedule lunchtime gatherings. Encourage open discussion on any fascinating subject or collaborate with coworkers to come up with new ideas. Make sure everyone is comfortable enough to be a part of these social wellness activities. Moreover, to present their viewpoints and opinions.

Incentivizing Healthy Activities

Incentivizing Healthy Activities-social-wellness-activities

Not to mention, It’s critical to encourage and reward staff for participating in any of these social wellness activities.

It will provide your employees with much-needed external motivation.

Organizing Team-Building Activities

Organizing Team-Building Activities

As a matter of fact, team-building activities are social wellness activities, too. Additionally, they’re one of the best methods to encourage teamwork in the workplace. Employees will be more comfortable communicating with each other if they work in sync. They develop a greater level of trust and confidence in each other, resulting in enhanced social wellness.

Here are some team-building exercises that you may use at the workplace:

  • Blind Stick
  • Frostbite
  • Tied Together and Sewn -> Tied and Sewn
  • What’s My Name?
  • Line-Up on Your Birthday
  • Dinner in a spa is like coming home to a mystery.
  • Three People, One Lie
  • What is My Name?

A Word from Mantra Care

As a matter of fact, at home, coworkers are rarely the best of pals. Fostering a sense of trust, respect, and good communication among workers is essential for social wellness in the workplace.

Indeed we hope that the ideas discussed above assist you in finding a starting point. Have any more suggestions? We’d like to hear from you in the comments. We are looking forward to seeing you begin your corporate wellness journey. Every step is important.

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