Workplace Wellbeing Activities || Workplace Helpful Health And Well-Being Ideas

Workplace Wellbeing Activities || Workplace Helpful Health And Well-Being Ideas

What Are Workplace Health And Wellbeing Activities?

What Are Workplace Health And Wellbeing Activities

Workplace health and well-being ideas are simple actions to assist your workplace to manage work related stress and increase sleep quality. We all rely on our personal health habits for a chance at work as well as home life balance. There are some workplace wellbeing activities.

Altering some of the little things in the office could make a significant difference. It takes care of worker health and well-being. It also decreases irritability and enhances productivity. A few of these ideas might need management buy-in. Other ideas are simple enough that anybody can work with them.

Types of Workplace Helpful Health And Wellbeing Activities

Workplace health and well-being ideas to inspire your employees. These are some employee wellness ideas that can be helpful to your employees and work culture.

Open Office

Open Office

This is a well-documented trend and for good reason. People tend to feel more productive and focused in open work environments. It’s important to keep in mind the need for privacy. It will inevitably detract from productivity if the environment is too open. Openness and transparency are important to create a culture of well-being.  These are only possible in an open office.

Napping Pods

Napping Pods as Workplace Wellbeing Activities

Not everyone will take advantage of napping pods, it does provide a place for those who do appreciate the opportunity to disconnect from their workday. Google famously builds naps into its corporate culture/environment. They have ” sleep pods “. These are specially designed shielded areas where workers can go to take a power nap away from the noise. These can avoid distractions in the general office or work environment. This can be directly tied with their open office policy. These have been linked to increased productivity across the board.

Carpeted Walking Paths

This is one of the Workplace wellbeing activities. These walking paths provide a designated walking space for employees to walk during their break times. It can also be helpful because it will allow you to discuss safety precautions associated with walking at work. It is because there are likely many workers who go to other departments during their break time. This can be a helpful idea to encourage employee wellness. These can introduce additional safety measures.

Timed Breaks

Timed Breaks

When we think about working through our break periods, we often wonder how it will affect us and our productivity. A simple way to solve this is to set an alarm that will ring every hour and remind people to take a five-minute break. This is very easy for your employees if they just have to switch their computer screen off for a few minutes with this alarm. Additionally, autonomous breaks can be good because people who take them can decide when they want them so they do not feel like you are telling them what to do or singling them out.

Mindful Habits

Mini meditation sessions embedded into the workday can go a long way. It increases focus and attention span similar to taking a power nap. Meditation has proven to be more effective than simply resting or taking a break. This can be an extremely helpful idea for anyone that struggles with their focus.

Weighted Blankets

These are often used in the winter season as they help keep your body warm during cold months. It makes sense why these are great for employees who work in cold offices, but it actually goes further than that with warming up the muscles and increasing blood flow. This can make you more comfortable at work overall. This is also perfect if you have many people complaining about aches and pains throughout the day. This is because it will increase blood flow and relax stiff muscles throughout the day. This can potentially alleviate pain symptoms.

Swimming Pools

This can be a fantastic idea to increase wellness in general. It is also helpful because people will not think twice about using the pool for an activity if their work paid for it. It is important that your employees feel safe in this space. They should also understand the policies. They should learn there are any potential safety concerns when working out in/near water.

Work Out Rooms

Work Out Rooms as Workplace Wellbeing Activities

This is one of the Workplace wellbeing activities.  These can be useful to encourage fitness during lunch periods. They allow you to organize classes. It is so employees can easily find out what types of fitness options are available at your workplace. This allows people to find something that is right for them. It can hopefully encourage more wellness among workers.

Vending Machines With Healthy Options

There are many workplaces that have begun removing sugary drinks from vending machines. They replace them with healthier options. This can be a great idea because it helps to promote wellness among workers by providing the right types of food options in your workplace. It is also helpful if you want to increase motivation since it will help keep people focused throughout the day by providing healthy snacks.

Refrigerators With Healthy Snacks

This is one of the Workplace wellbeing activities.  This tip may be common sense for some, but ensuring that there are always healthy snacks available at work can go a long way towards encouraging employees to take better care of themselves. It might not seem like a big deal, but if someone has to leave their desk and walk across the office floor just to get a granola bar then they might throw in the towel and settle for something less healthy instead.


Incentives are a good way to boost employee morale. It gives people an opportunity to win or earn something they can work for. It’s like working hard on the weekend to earn some money for fun. It also serves as a great team-building activity too.

Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays

This is one of the Workplace wellbeing activities.  This is likely the least popular idea of them all because workers may use this day off “reproductively”. However, if you want your workforce happier (and more productive), then this should be considered as an option. We all need time off now and again; showing that you trust your staff by providing them with these moments can go a long way.

Recognition Programs

When employees are recognized, they feel valued and their work is validated. This is particularly true when it comes to small companies where people do not always get recognized for the things they do every day because there are fewer people in the company to make this possible. These programs typically involve awards and incentives and they can be either internal or external.

Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities as Workplace Wellbeing Activities

Providing growth opportunities allows your staff to develop their skills further. Healthy food will make your company better and more successful. Employees will be healthier and happier about their jobs, and that means they’ll do a good job. Make sure you provide healthy food in your cafeteria or have someone come in once a week to provide meals, snacks, or drinks that are healthy.

Wellness programs

Having a wellness program in place helps employees feel more comfortable discussing their health with their employer because they are not alone when it comes to being proactive about their well-being. Plus, benefits of employee wellness programs are becoming an increasingly popular way for employers to attract new talent into the fold so this is something that can be quite powerful if you have already established strong relationships with your employees.

Company Picnics

Company Picnics

It’s always helpful to get together outside of work time in order to build stronger relationships between colleagues. This is especially true during the summer months when everyone can bond over outdoor activities like barbecues or any other activities that you might have planned. Through this, employees will be able to learn more about what you, the boss, are like outside of work hours.

Medical Benefits

This is one of the workplace wellbeing activities. If your company is smaller and doesn’t have a lot of employees, then this might not be a problem for you because you can pay for medical costs yourself. But if your company has many employees and depends on its clients to make money, then it’s important to include this benefit in your benefits package. In addition to wider coverage options available through group plans, employers also often buy flexible spending accounts (FSAs) or health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). These allow employees to set aside pretax dollars from each paycheck for use toward their future medical expenses.

Flex-Time Scheduling

This allows employees more control over when they work and how much time they spend at work. This can be important to certain employees who have children at home or other personal commitments that they are responsible for during the workday. Through this option, they can be more in control of when they do their work rather than having set hours.

Life Insurance

This benefit is necessary if your company depends on key people. If you want to grow your business, you should buy life insurance for your employees. If they get sick and die, then their family will not have enough money. You should buy a lot of insurance to make sure that they are safe.

Flexible Hours

Flexible Hours

Flexible work hours are a good idea because they make it easier for people who have children or personal commitments to come to work each day. This means more time is spent with family which is important. To do this, you can give flexible schedules so employees can choose when they want to work and what they want to do.

Pet Insurance

Some companies include pet insurance in their benefits packages. They do this to show that they care about pets. This is good for employees who can’t bring their pets to work or who leave work to go home and take care of them. Pets are great for stress relief, so this is a good idea for companies looking for ways to make people happy.

A Word From MantraCare

These benefits can be helpful if an employer wants to attract talent into the fold. It’s always good to get new employees and current employees bonding over outside activities, and it’s also a necessity to have medical coverage for your staff. Having less stress and better health is important in all aspects of life, including the workplace. MantraCare is a company that provides wellness programs specifically targeted towards businesses of all sizes with strong relationships between employers and employees.

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