Workplace Wellness Campaign Ideas

wellness campaign idea

Workplace Wellness 

workplace wellness campaign ideas

Many people believe wellness is a luxury that only the top brass at your company deserves. But wellness is more than just a wellness program for your employees. In order to have an effective employee wellness program. You need to have wellness champions in every department of the company who are encouraging wellness initiatives and promoting wellness across the company. Below are the best wellness campaign ideas.

Best Wellness Campaign Ideas

workplace wellness campaign ideas

Here are some ideas on how to create workplace wellness campaign ideas and other ways you can promote wellness in your organization:

Power Down Phones 30 Minutes Early, One Hour Before Closing

Provide employees with the opportunity to power down their smartphones and other electronic devices at least an hour before closing. This is a great way to help encourage healthier sleep habits for everyone. When employees have a regular sleep routine, they will feel more energized and less stressed during the workday.

Keep Your Feet On The Floor

This wellness campaign idea is great for encouraging employees to keep their feet flat on the floor at all times while seated. This wellness initiative can help prevent varicose veins from developing over time, which can be extremely painful.

Get Moving With Active Meetings

Active meetings are wellness initiatives that encourage employees to participate in wellness activities during team meetings. The wellness campaign ideas are beneficial because it encourages physical activity throughout the workday and it prevents employees from dozing off during team meetings due to boredom.

Free Snacks For The Snackers

free snacks at work

Offer wellness incentives in the form of free snacks to employees who eat healthy during wellness events. This is one of the best wellness campaign ideas. Because studies show that when people are offered food-based wellness incentives, they are much more likely to participate in wellness initiatives.

Grab A Bite With Friends

This wellness campaign idea is great for encouraging employees to eat with friends during wellness events. This wellness initiative can help minimize the chances of people eating alone at their desks, which can promote negative thinking and poor nutrition.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Offer wellness incentives in the form of free desserts to employees who choose a fruit option at wellness events. This is among the best wellness campaign ideas because studies show that when people are given food as wellness incentives. They are much more likely to participate in wellness initiatives.

Taste Buds Unite

This wellness campaign idea is great for encouraging employees to try new foods at wellness events. This wellness initiative can help broaden people’s horizons and encourage them to try healthier options when dining out.

Easy Digestion, Easy Decision

Offer wellness incentives in the form of free digestive wellness aids to employees who maintain healthy digestion during wellness events. This wellness campaign idea is beneficial because when people are less stressed and anxious. They are more likely to eat better and make healthier life choices.

Two-Minute Breaks

2 minute break

Encourage employees to take two-minute breaks every half hour to prevent burnout. Studies show that when people take wellness breaks, they feel more motivated and empowered to make healthier decisions.

Just Breathe

Encourage employees to take wellness-themed breathing breaks every half hour to prevent burnout. Studies show that wellness breaks can help reduce stress and reduce anxiety and boost productivity throughout the workday.

Workplace Wellness Campaign Ideas Implementation

Create wellness campaigns for your company to get your employees more involved in wellness initiatives. Here are some wellness campaign ideas that will help get the ball rolling with wellness initiatives in no time:

Awareness And Education

awareness and educationIt is important to have wellness awareness and wellness education. This means wellness should be a priority that employees are aware of and have been educated about. There are many wellness awareness programs that can help promote wellness awareness, such as posters, postcards, plant a tree for wellness campaigns, wellness pledges etcetera. There are also wellness education programs which could include creating lessons on wellness activities, wellness trivia questions using materials from the health fairs or potlucks, or seminars on how to create a healthier lifestyle. Promote wellness by placing signs all over the office with wellness slogans, wellness facts, wellness quotes etcetera.


Motivation involves the willingness of an individual to work towards a goal when they are disinterested in the reward, or when the reward is not important enough.

It can also be defined as how compelling someone finds an incentive or reward. Motivation stems from what we believe will happen if we do not reach a goal and because of this, motivation is often categorized as either extrinsic or intrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation is defined as where the individual is motivated by their own interest, enjoyment, and satisfaction once they have achieved a goal. Extrinsic motivation then starts at the point where there is already some level of intrinsic motivation but then becomes more aroused once an outside condition such as time or reward becomes involved.

An example of intrinsic motivation could be a person who exercises to keep fit and enjoys exercising for the sake of keeping fit. An example of extrinsic motivation would be a person who exercises because they have committed themselves to a charitable event where they will raise money for every mile that they run.

Skills And Tools

Below are some skills and tools that will help create wellness campaigns for your company. It is important to keep the office clean. This can be accomplished by making sure everything has its place. If you don’t want to create a ceremony for this, then it could be as simple as everyone putting their things away on their desk when they finish using it. It is also important to make sure that the office is safe; both the physical environment and the emotional environment should be considered while assessing wellness safety in the office.

Team Building Exercises

team building exercisesThese exercises could include taking an inventory of all the wellness initiatives in the company, brainstorming wellness ideas for each department, or even creating a “wellness box.” This wellness box could include a wellness book that contains articles on different wellness topics. Wellness worksheets for people to do at their desks, wellness trivia questions etcetera.

Employ wellness coordinators for each department to follow up with wellness initiatives and ensure that employees are participating in wellness programs. This is beneficial because wellness coordinators only take on one role within the company, while wellness champions take on many roles within the company.


Incentivizing wellness with rewards is a great way to motivate employees. Employees should be rewarded all the time as wellness is a big priority and wellness should not be forgotten when it comes to rewards. Incentivize wellness by giving out wellness medals for various wellness milestones such as exercising a certain amount of times per week or eating healthily a certain number of days per week. Everyone loves to win awards and this will encourage healthy behavior.

You also need to incentivize wellness just as much as you incentivize performance. wellness is more than just a wellness program for your employees. In order to have an effective wellness program, you need wellness champions in every department of the company. That is encouraging wellness initiatives and promoting wellness across the company. You also need to incentivize wellness just as much as you incentivize performance. Employers can give incentives through different wellness campaigns such as giving out medals for various milestones. And for exercising a certain number of times per week or eating healthily a certain number of days per week.

Wellness Pledges

wellness pledgeswellness pledges or wellness intentions, as we like to call them, keep wellness in perspective. It allows the employees of your company to commit themselves to wellness. And make sure points are thought about each day in terms of wellness. Like what wellness actions the person is going to make sure are taking place. These pledges are usually written on wellness cards which are given out at wellness fairs, wellness programs, or corporate wellbeing workshops.

Wellness Readings

These readings can include articles from both internal and external sources, with most wellness readings coming from health magazines, books etcetera. Wellness readings should be posted on wellness boards. The wellness board can be an informal wellness board or a formal wellness board that is used for wellness pledges and wellness readings only.

Wellness Activities

Every company should have an activity that promotes wellness in some way. Whether it be standing meetings, walking meetings, or even creating wellness initiatives specific to each department, wellness activities should be encouraged to make wellness fun.


wellness ceremonies

Ceremonies (or wellness ceremonies) are another way to promote wellness in the workplace. They usually involve wellness pledges or wellness readings, but can also include awards for wellness activities. This is a great way to celebrate wellness milestones achieved by those around you and those who have helped wellness initiatives in the company.

Use these wellness ideas and skills to make wellness fun for your employees. Keep them interested and motivated all year long with wellness activities that will further engage employees who want to achieve wellness goals together as a team or department.

Policy, Environment, And Social Support

If you want to make wellness successful in your company. There are many aspects that you will need to work on. The first aspect is the policy and environment. This will help promote wellness in a workplace by making it a nice place to be where wellness is the priority. Social support from coworkers and managers is also important as this can lead to wellness. Wellness can also be helped by providing wellness tools for employees as well as rewarding them with incentives for wellness activities in which they take part.

How To Maintain Wellness At Workforce

maintain workplace wellness

Build wellness campaigns in the workplace to promote wellness for all employees. Healthy employees have fewer sick days, are more productive, and it’s more enjoyable to work with people who are enthusiastic about their jobs. Here are some wellness campaign ideas that will get your company up and running with wellness initiatives in no time.

Buy a wellness pack for all of your employees. This pack should include a reusable water bottle, a headlamp, a sleep mask, and earplugs. The sleep mask and earplugs ensure that your employees get the full amount of rest they need each day. The headlamp provides visibility in dark spaces when needed. A reusable water bottle ensures that your employees stay hydrated when on the go or in meetings.

Offer wellness incentives such as gift cards, prizes, free lunches, free massages, etcetera. So that wellness is one of the highest things for employees. This not only shows employees that wellness matters but will also encourage them to maintain wellness behaviors.

Create wellness campaigns for the various departments within the company. So all employees try to involve in wellness initiatives regardless of their role. For example, have a “wellness champion” per department. This wellness champion will be in charge of soliciting wellness ideas from their team, organizing wellness activities for their teams, and meeting with the wellness coordinator to discuss wellness initiatives on a regular basis.

Organize wellness events within the company so everyone feels connected to wellness initiatives. Wellness events include things like health fairs, potlucks, food sampling, wellness support groups, etcetera.

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