Boredom: What To Do When You’re bored With Life

Boredom: What To Do When You're bored With Life

What Is Boredom?

What is Boredom?Boredom is the state of feeling bored, dull, and empty. Many people report feelings of boredom as a result of having too much free time or unfulfilling work. This leads to apathy and lack of motivation. It is a feeling of being uninterested or disengaged.

Boredom is often seen as a negative element of life. Some people find it to be an essential part of their day-to-day lives. They actually seek out boredom rather than avoid it. For example, many famous artists have described certain periods in which they intentionally tried to create work that was boring. This is because the lack of excitement gave them time for reflection on more complex matters. Boredom can make anyone feel restless, irritable, anxious about their inability to concentrate on anything specific. You may start seeking entertainment by any means necessary just so something changes within our environment—anything at all.

Different Types of Boredom

Different Types of Boredom

There are four types:

Simple Boredom

Where there are no specific triggers for the feeling, and one feels boredom with an inability to focus on anything in particular.

Transferred Boredom

Where a person finds something uninteresting but struggles to find anything more interesting or stimulating.

Reactive Boredom

When people become bored because of external factors. These are such as having nothing engaging planned at that time. This type is often considered less serious than other types. This is because it can be resolved by doing any activity. These might improve upon the existing situation (e.g., planning out what you will do later).

Introverted/Anhedonic Loneliness

This form is characterized by feelings of apathy rather than dissatisfaction. Physical needs may go ignored until someone else points them out. Long-term issues with mental health, such as depression.

Symptoms of Boredom

Symptoms of Boredom

These are some of the symptoms of boredom :


Boredom can lead to fatigue and exhaustion.


When you feel bored, your minds often wander into unpleasant territory. This makes you irritable and short-tempered with the people around you. This is especially true when others interrupt while you are daydreaming or looking through old photo albums. It’s hard not to take out any frustration on such a person even if they were only trying to be helpful.

Low Energy Levels

The lack of energy boredom brings about leads many individuals who suffer from this condition to become lethargic in their habits. They also find themselves unable or unwilling to do much at all other than sit back and watch whatever happens. This is without participating in anything. For a student, this could include getting out of bed even later than usual and then spending the day in front of a computer screen. It is with little desire to go outside or meet up with others.


When you feel bored your minds tend to wander towards unpleasant things. This makes it easy for you to become wrapped up within yourselves and isolate yourself from those around you. This is exacerbated when you begin thinking about all the other people who aren’t stuck in such an unfulfilling state and so living life doesn’t seem worthwhile anymore. This is because there must be something better somewhere else.

Causes of Boredom

Causes of Boredom

These are some of the causes of boredom :

  • Lack of Sleep: A person can feel bored if they are not getting enough sleep.
  • Lack of Stimulus: People who live in highly stimulating environments may find that their minds begin to crave stimulation when boredom arises. This leads them to seek out even harmful stimuli. This is the basis for many crimes committed by thrill-seekers or otherwise impulsive individuals; once stimulated, these people cannot return to a normal state on their own and do not have the social skills required for planning more serious criminal activities (e.g., fraud).
  • Procrastination: When an individual puts off tasks until later because doing them seems too difficult at present or uninteresting at all, this often leads to feelings of boredom as time passes without any activity being completed which could potentially alleviate those feelings.
  • Lack of Interest: People who are uninterested in their surroundings or the activities available to them may find themselves feeling bored despite having plenty of stimuli because they cannot get excited about anything at all; this form is often associated with depression and other mental illnesses that affect motivation (e.g., schizophrenia).

How To Handle Boredom?

How To Handle Boredom?

There are ways to handle boredom :

Break Up The Day

Instead of spending a whole day doing nothing, split it into smaller periods and do something in between. For example, you could spend an hour first thing getting work done or studying for that test later on and then reward yourself with some time off before beginning again after lunchtime has passed.

Change Up Your Routine

If you take up your daily routines without any variation at all, even if they involve interesting activities such as playing music or reading books which provide enjoyment, those things can become boring too over time. This can be due to their familiarity. Changing up your routine every so often keeps life from feeling stagnant.

Do Something Unexpected

This is similar to the idea of changing up your routine, but instead of just adding something new into the mix, randomly pick an activity you haven’t done before and give it a try. This could be anything from learning how to dance or trying out that video game everyone has been talking about for months. This approach can really help you to get outside your comfort zones. This is often necessary if someone wants to develop their sense of adventure.

Make List Of Things That Interest You

Spend some time brainstorming ideas for things you may want to do later on when feeling bored. This is so that no matter what happens in the meantime there will always be one thing at least available as an alternative option. Even if it doesn’t end up happening, having thought through the possibilities is likely to make you feel more prepared for whatever comes your way.

Do Something Social

If you find yourself alone and bored, try talking to a friend or family member on the phone if possible; meeting up in person is even better. Even just sending them an email can be something for your mind to focus on instead of becoming restless so that when they respond later it will feel more like having company than simply checking messages.

Set Timer For Yourself

Instead of trying not to think about how bored you are, give into those feelings but place a limit on how long you’re going to allow yourself to wallow before doing anything else. This helps you to stop feeling guilty about allowing negative thoughts and emotions. This is because you have promised yourselves that at least some time has been set aside exclusively for dealing with our boredom rather than ignoring it.

Learn New Skill Or Hobby

If you’ve already exhausted all your options for activities that interest you, learning something new can be a great way to get out of feeling bored. It is because this process requires long periods of time. This is in which the individual focuses on nothing other than what they are doing. For example, people who have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument or paint but never had any opportunity available. They could give either one a go while stuck at home sick from work.

Benefits of Boredom

Benefits of Boredom

These are some of the benefits of boredom :

  • It can help a person to develop their imagination.
  • This helps in the development of creativity.
  • It can also help a person to be patient and thus know when enough is enough.
  • Boredom helps one in the process of self-discovery that leads towards learning about oneself.
  • It can motivate you to learn something new or do something you’ve always wanted to do but never taken the initiative for. This approach means boredom doesn’t have to feel negative all the time, you can see this as an opportunity too.
  • This helps you to appreciate the good things that come your way.
  • It can help in thinking about important decisions and choices you need to make for yourselves instead of always putting them off until later when it may be too late
  • This process helps people become more self-aware which is an invaluable trait because one will never know what they truly desire if they don’t understand themselves first.

Negative Impacts of Boredom

Negative Impacts of Boredom

These are some of the negative impacts of boredom:

  • Boredom often leads to depression which then results in other problems like addiction and more serious self-destructive behaviors. Excessive laziness, lack of motivation, changes in sleep patterns are some signs of this issue.
  • Boredom can lead to obesity as well due to the fact that it causes lethargy which makes people want to spend most of their time at home on the couch instead of being active outdoors where they could be burning calories too.
  • Boredom also increases cravings for snacks or junk food. So you should keep these urges under control if you want a healthy body weight. This problem usually starts with staying indoors all day. This ends up leading towards an unhealthy lifestyle overall.
  • Boredom can also lead to addiction. Addiction is a mental health issue that results from the need to feel good all the time due to stress, anxiety, or even depression. This problem could be anything like gambling, drinking alcohol excessively, using drugs, etc.
  • It can make people self-absorbed which means they are not paying attention to their surroundings and what’s happening around them because they only care about how one feels inside instead of making an effort towards actually changing something in their lives for the better.


A mind that is bored and unchallenged will inevitably wander. This can be a great thing if you want to get more done at work or school. But it’s not so good when you’re talking about your relationships with others. The best way to prevent boredom in your life is by challenging yourself regularly. You should also have new experiences outside of the norm.

The best way to avoid boredom is by having a variety of activities. These are according to different moods. That’s why it’s important for you to have many types of work in your life. These are including hobbies, sports and even volunteering opportunities. When you feel bored at work or with the tasks before you, find ways to change up.

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