The Top 10 Treatments for OCD Skin Picking

The Top 10 Treatments for OCD Skin Picking

Do you have a problem with skin picking? If so, you are not alone. Skin picking, also known as dermatillomania, is a common disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. There are many treatments available for this condition, but which one is right for you? In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 OCD skin-picking treatment options. We will also discuss why people pick their skin so often.

Why Do People With OCD Pick Their Skin?

It’s often difficult to understand why people with OCD engage in skin-picking behavior, as there is no single cause for the disorder. Generally speaking, however, skin-picking behaviors can be a way of seeking release from unpleasant feelings or thoughts.

Compulsively and repetitively picking at one’s own skin releases endorphins which can give someone an immediate sense of relief. Other triggers for skin-picking include:

These behaviors can also become a habit over time, making it difficult to stop. In some cases, the skin-picking may be linked to psychological disorders such as:

OCD skin picking can be incredibly difficult to overcome, and it’s important that those who struggle with this issue seek professional help.

What Are Some OCD Skin Picking Treatment Options?

It is important to first understand the cause of your skin picking in order to effectively treat it. Here are some of the most common OCD skin-picking treatment options:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

One of the common OCD skin-picking treatments is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This type of therapy focuses on understanding the underlying triggers that lead to skin picking and then learning how to better manage them. The therapist will help you recognize when compulsive thoughts or behaviors are starting.

So that you can develop strategies for resisting the urge to pick your skin. The ultimate goal of CBT is to help you break the cycle of OCD skin-picking.

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)

The second type of OCD skin-picking treatment is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). ERP works by gradually exposing you to triggers that lead to your skin-picking urges. The therapist will then help you learn how to resist the urge to pick. Over time, ERP will help you become more comfortable with the triggers and eventually stop skin-picking altogether.

But this treatment is not easy, and it takes time to see results. You will need a strong commitment to work on the exposure exercises regularly in order for ERP to be effective.


In some cases, medication may be used in combination with therapy as a treatment for OCD skin-picking. The most common medications used for this condition are antidepressants such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These medications help to reduce the urges and compulsions associated with OCD.

It is important to note that medication should not be used as a substitute for therapy, but rather in conjunction with it. Seeing a qualified therapist or psychiatrist can ensure you receive the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

Habit Reversal Training (HRT)

Another OCD skin-picking treatment is Habit Reversal Training (HRT). This type of therapy focuses on identifying and changing the underlying behaviors that lead to skin-picking. Through this process, you will learn techniques to reduce your urge to pick as well as how to replace the behavior with healthier alternatives.

It works by helping you become more aware of the cues and triggers that lead to your skin-picking behaviors. This can help you to better manage these urges and eventually break the cycle of compulsive skin-picking.

Relaxation Techniques

One of the main goals of treating OCD skin-picking is to reduce stress and anxious thoughts. Relaxation techniques such as:

It can help you to better manage your feelings and impulses. This works by calming your body and mind so that you can focus on other activities rather than skin picking. In fact, mindfulness, for example, has been found to be an effective strategy for reducing anxiety and compulsions associated with OCD.

Alternative Therapy

Many people have found success in treating their OCD skin-picking through alternative therapies. These include:

These therapies have been found to be effective in reducing the anxiety and compulsive behaviors associated with OCD skin-picking. It is important to speak with a qualified practitioner before beginning any of these alternative therapies.

All these alternative therapies should be used as a complement to traditional treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.

Healthy Diet

It might sound unrelated to skin-picking, but eating a healthy diet can be an effective way to help manage OCD symptoms. Eating nutritious meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels which can be beneficial for treating OCD skin-picking.

You must choose a balanced diet to reap the benefits. This means avoiding processed foods and sticking to healthy, whole foods such as lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

Organizational Strategies

This is an OCD skin-picking technique that helps to reduce the amount of time spent on perfectionistic activities. This could involve anything from keeping a neat and organized desk space to set specific deadlines for tasks. By breaking down activities into manageable chunks, you will be able to focus more on the task at hand.

Instead of spending too much time worrying about perfectionism and over-analyzing details, you can use organizational strategies to help manage your OCD skin-picking.

Distraction Techniques

OCD skin-picking treatment is often supplemented with distraction techniques. This involves engaging in an activity that pulls your attention away from the urge to pick your skin, such as:

By finding something to take your mind off the compulsion, you are more likely to resist it and focus on something else. This can also be paired with other OCD skin-picking treatments for maximum effectiveness.

Social Support

Having social support is another important element of treating OCD skin-picking. Find someone in your life who you can talk to about your problem and confide in them. They can provide emotional support and help you stay on track with your treatment plan.

Joining a support group of others dealing with similar issues can also be beneficial. This gives you an opportunity to share your experiences and connect with people who understand what you are going through.

By combining some or all of these strategies, you will be better equipped to cope with OCD skin-picking and find a way to break free from compulsive behavior. With dedication and support, it is possible to manage your urges and eventually break the cycle of compulsive skin-picking.

What Is The Fastest Way To Heal Skin From Picking?

The fastest way to heal skin from picking is to stop the picking altogether. The best way to do this is by recognizing when you are about to pick, identifying any triggers that may cause you to pick, and then implementing strategies to help avoid or manage those triggers.

To help with skin healing, cleansing your skin regularly can help reduce bacteria and prevent infection. You can use mild, non-irritating cleansers and avoid any harsh soaps or exfoliants. Additionally, applying lightly moistened compresses with warm water to the affected area can help reduce inflammation and itchiness.

If you are finding it difficult to stop picking, seeking professional help may be beneficial. A mental health provider can work with you to identify any underlying causes of the picking and help you develop strategies to manage them. They can also provide support and resources to help you cope with this difficult condition.


In conclusion, OCD skin-picking treatment can be a difficult but rewarding journey. It requires commitment and perseverance to overcome the disorder. But the payoff can be enormous. With proper treatment, individuals are able to reduce or even eliminate skin-picking behaviors and reclaim their lives.

While it does take work to get there, OCD skin-picking is treatable and you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. If you or someone you know is suffering from this disorder, please seek help and get the support you need to start the road to recovery.

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