Forgive But Not Forget: Know The Reasons Behind This Attitude

Forgive but Not Forget

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Revenge is a dish best served cold. We all know the saying, but for many of us, it’s hard to put into practice. Sometimes we want to make people who hurt us feel bad. We might want revenge. But we should not do this because it is wrong and it will make us feel bad too. If someone hurts us badly, we will want them to feel the same pain that they made us feel, though sometimes it is important to forgive but not forget what the other person has to you. Forgiving is hard, but it can be worth it. This means that you need to take your time and not think about revenge.

What Is ‘Forgive but Not Forget’ Attitude?Forgive but Not Forget

Forgive people but do not forget them. Do not feel bad about what they did, but learn from their mistakes and move on. Forgiveness is when you decide to not be mad at someone. Even if that person does something that makes you mad sometimes, you do not need to hold on and be mad. When someone apologizes for something they did that hurt you deeply, you should forgive them. What they did was not ok. But this means that you should think about the future and learn from their mistake so that you don’t make one too. And then, move on with your life without holding onto anger or hate towards anyone else.

Why Is It Good to Forgive?Why Is It Good to Forgive?

There are many reasons why it is good to forgive. When you forgive someone, it means that you have let go of your anger and pain. This makes you feel happy. You no longer need to feel mad at the person who hurt you. This can be really helpful because then you will not be angry or stressed anymore. Forgiving someone can also mean that the relationship between you and that person can become stronger. You will be able to trust them more and talk to them about anything. Lastly, forgiving someone means that you are kind and good-hearted.

How Can I Forgive?

It is not always easy to forgive someone, but there are some things that you can do to make it a little bit easier. The first thing is to understand why forgiving someone is good for you. Once you know this, it will be easier to let go of your anger and pain. You should also try to talk about the situation with a friend or family member. This will help you to understand what happened better. If you’re mad at someone, don’t tell them. Talk to that person about what happened and why it was wrong. Lastly, try to forgive them by writing a letter or email. Tell them how much pain they have caused you. This will help release negative feelings towards them while showing that you have forgiven them.

4 Reasons to Forgive but Not ForgetReasons to Forgive but Not Forget

Forgiving is critical to our emotional health

People who are unable to forgive themselves or others have worse mental health than people who do. Forgiveness helps us let go of anger and negative feelings. Forgiving someone can make our lives happier. We will be happier, and the person we forgave will also be happy. Forgiveness can improve relationships. When we forgive someone, they will not feel bad about their mistake and they will be my friend again.

We can learn from past experiences

Forgiving someone does not mean that we forget what they did. In order to not make the same mistake again, you can learn from your past experiences and those of others. When we forgive someone, it helps us move on with our lives. We can focus on building a life that is happy and healthy. And we will be able to live our lives without being stressed or angry all the time. Lastly, when we forgive someone it means that they will feel better about what happened. They can learn from their mistake too and this way nothing bad happens again in the future.

Forgiving can strengthen our relationships

Many people think that forgiving someone is harder than forgetting about what happened. But, it’s actually the opposite! Forgiving someone can help you build a strong relationship with them again. It means that they will feel better and no one ends up feeling bad anymore. And this way your relationships are stronger too because everyone feels good around each other again. Forgiving someone is a very good thing to do. It can help us move on with our lives and it makes everyone happy. When we forgive, we learn from our past experiences so that we don’t make the same mistake again. Lastly, forgiving someone strengthens our relationships because everyone feels better around each other again. So, next time you’re feeling angry or stressed, try forgiving the person who made you feel that way. It’s definitely worth it!

We safeguard ourselves from being a victim of the same offense again

When we forgive someone, it means that the bad thing they did to us is not a big deal anymore. Forgiving someone means that we are no longer hurt by them. It’s like we are putting up a shield and saying that this will not happen to me again. This is really important because when we don’t forgive someone, they can keep hurting us. We have to put a stop to this before it gets worse and the person hurts us again in the future. It’s really important for our mental health and self-esteem that we let go of anger and negative feelings towards people who did bad things to us.


Forgive but don’t forget. Dr. Fred Luskin says that if you are bullied, do not react to the abuse. He also says not to try to get your bully in trouble and instead forgive them and move on. The first step is to understand that it is not your fault. When people act badly, it can be hard to believe that they are not acting like this because of you. But it is true. But once you understand this key point, know there is hope ahead! Bullying is when someone does something to harm you. If you get bullied, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself and change the situation. Asking for help from friends and family members is a great step.

Talking to an adult can also help, and they will be able to connect you with the right resources. Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology to hurt or harm another person. This could include sending mean texts or pictures, posting embarrassing things online, or pretending to be someone else in order to make them look bad.

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