Social Anxiety Test: Find Out How Shy Will You Be?

Social Anxiety Test: Find Out How Shy Will You Be?

Social Anxiety Test

What Is Social Anxiety?

What Is Social AnxietySocial anxiety is an intense fear of social situations. People with this disorder face extreme, often debilitating stress in everyday interactions. They can go to great lengths to avoid any situation which could trigger their discomfort. This means that social anxiety can be a highly debilitating disorder. Want to know how much anxiety you feel socially? Find out with Social anxiety test.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

Symptoms of Social AnxietyThese are some of the symptoms of social anxiety :

  • Anxiety and fear about social situations.
  • Worrying for days or weeks before a social event.
  • Avoidance of any type of public performance, such as speaking in front of an audience.
  • Physical symptoms such as trembling, sweating, or a racing heart.
  • A strong desire to escape the social situation for fear of showing anxiety and being embarrassed.

How Does Social Anxiety Impact Anyone?

These are the impacts of Social anxiety:

  • A person with a social anxiety disorder may find it difficult to develop and maintain relationships, both personal and professional.
  • This can result in a lack of intimacy, isolation from others, poor communication skills, low self-esteem/self-confidence issues, and family struggles over the years. They might also struggle at school or work due to problems interacting with other people on a daily basis.
  • It can impact someone’s mental and physical health as well. The disorder can cause sleep problems, panic attacks, other anxiety issues (like OCD or agoraphobia), depression, and substance abuse.
  • This disorder can affect anyone at any age, but it often first appears during the teen years or early twenties.
  • It can impact someone to that extent that it can even interfere with their education, job, relationships, and family.

How Is Social Anxiety Diagnosed?

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia is diagnosed after a psychological evaluation. The diagnostic criteria are found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV TR).

You can also diagnose it using a self-test.

What Is Social Anxiety Test?

It’s an online quiz where you answer questions about yourself in order to find out how bad your social anxiety is/how likely it will be for you to struggle with this issue vs having no problem at all being around others. It tells you if your level of social anxiety falls into a category such as mild/moderate/severe.

The Social Anxiety Test can be used as a self-assessment tool to determine if someone may have social anxiety disorder and/or related concerns. This is not meant to replace medical advice from your doctor or another qualified mental health professional; this is only meant to help people better understand their symptoms in order for them to take further action (and not just assume that they’re shy).

Why Does Someone Need Social Anxiety Test?

Are you someone who is always socially anxious? Do you walk into a room and feel like the walls are closing in around you, making it harder for you to breathe? You know that many of your friends have social anxiety too. But sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between normal shyness or awkwardness from having an actual mental health disorder. You may need three tests if:

  • You are socially anxious.
  • When you have a hard time at parties or in work meetings.
  • You do not want to go out with your friends because you are afraid of what will happen, and worry that they won’t like you anymore if you don’t show the “perfect” side of yourself.
  • If you feel less confident in yourself.
  • You find it difficult to make new friends and feel like you don’t really have any close ones now.
  • When you do not want to go out or meet new people: they are afraid that other people will notice their anxiousness and think badly of them for it.

Is Social Anxiety Test Accurate?

The Social Anxiety Test has been around for a while now, still, some professionals use it. Furthermore, there have been some concerns over the years about how accurate it may or may not be. However, there are several reasons why this test can work well as a guide to help people figure out if they might need treatment to deal with their social anxiety disorder symptoms.

There are a few reasons that this test is effective:

  • This test is made accordingly to the criteria for a diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder.
  • It is easy to use and understand, which will make it easier to take without feeling nervous or anxious about taking it at all.
  • There are no costs involved with using this test as an assessment tool, so there isn’t any reason not to try it out if you might think that your anxiety symptoms may indicate a social anxiety disorder.

Sample Questions For Social Anxiety Test

The social anxiety fear can cause more severe problems in relationships as well as lead socially anxious individuals into depression since they may end up feeling lonely all the time due to being so isolated from others. That’s where this test comes in. The Social Anxiety Test will give you an idea of how likely your social anxiety is to interfere with your life.

Some sample questions of the Social Anxiety test are:

Do people often tell you that it’s hard to read your emotions on your face?

  • Yes
  • No

Do strangers compliment your appearance?

  • Yes
  • No

Do others react when they see a picture of you for the first time?

  • Not at all
  • Somewhat
  • Moderately
  • Very much

Do you avoid eye contact or speaking to others in social situations?

  • Not at all
  • Somewhat
  • Moderately
  • Very much

Does it take a lot of effort for you to attend parties/gatherings with friends?

  • Not at all
  • Somewhat
  • Moderately
  • Very much

How likely are you to go out on weeknights vs weekends?

  • Not at all
  • Somewhat
  • Moderately
  • Very much

Do you feel like you are hidden and not respected by others?

  • Yes
  • No

How likely are you to attend events where alcohol is served even if people do get a bit rowdy?

  • Not at all
  • Somewhat
  • Moderately
  • Very much

Are you more comfortable talking on the phone or with someone face-to-face? 

  • On phone
  • Face-to-face

Treatment of Social Anxiety

Treatment of Social Anxiety

If you think you might struggle with some of these issues, please seek out proper treatment right away before things get worse. You should never feel ashamed about seeking help; there are plenty of good therapists who specialize in treating social phobia out there.

Social anxiety is not something that a person should have to live with forever though. There are plenty of treatments available that help people overcome their shyness so they can enjoy life without fear. Some of these are:


Medicines can treat social anxiety, though they are not only the way to get better.  There are some who have issues with taking any kind of medication on a long-term basis so this is not for everyone.


Counseling is another effective treatment for social anxiety. You can learn coping mechanisms and how to change your thoughts so they are more positive in nature rather than negative.

Self-Help Books

There are many excellent self-help books that can be very helpful depending on the person’s situation. These worksheets teach you tools about how to think correctly when dealing with people, or even teach yourself things like meditation exercises that help calm down someone who feels anxious without medication or counseling sessions.

In-Person Support Groups

Finally, there are support groups you can attend in person. These can help with social anxiety as well by teaching proper coping mechanisms and allowing the individual to feel like they aren’t alone when it comes to these issues.


Therapy is very important if you are struggling with social anxiety. If you think that things might be getting worse, please seek out proper treatment right away before it gets any worse. You should never feel bad about seeking help; there are plenty of good therapists who specialize in treating social phobia out there.


Social anxiety is a mental disorder that can be difficult to deal with, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. The social anxiety test is a great way to get an idea of where you stand and what you can do to reduce your social anxiety. Therefore, if you’re looking for some help combatting this debilitating disease without medication, there is a compiled list of five ways that may work for you. From reading books and articles about social anxiety to trying out simple exercises like meditation or yoga; we hope these tips will help make the journey less daunting. Maybe try one or two and see if they bring relief? Who knows what might happen next?

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