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Employee perks are extra benefits or privileges that are given to employees. They can be in the form of financial benefits, such as bonuses or stock options, or they can be non-financial benefits, such as free parking or gym memberships. Perks can be used to attract and retain employees, and they can also improve morale and motivation.

Why companies in Poland offer work perks?

There are several reasons why companies in Poland offer work perks. First of all, it helps to attract and retain employees. If a company offers good perks, employees are more likely to want to stay with the company for a longer period of time. Additionally, work perks can help to improve employee morale and motivation. When employees feel appreciated and supported by their company, they are more likely to be productive and engaged in their work. Finally, work perks can also help to build a positive company culture. When employees feel like they are part of a supportive and positive community, they are more likely to be loyal to the company and proud to be part of it.

What are the top employee perks’ offered in Poland?

Employee perks are a great way to attract top talent and keep your employees happy. But what are the top employee perks offered in Poland?
One of the top perks that Polish companies offer is wellness programs. These programs include gym memberships, free health screenings, and even on-site massage therapists. By offering these perks, companies are able to show their employees that they care about their health and wellbeing.

Another popular perk among Polish companies is flexible working hours. This perk allows employees to have a bit more control over their work-life balance, which can lead to increased productivity and satisfaction.

Finally, many Polish companies offer generous vacation packages as a perk. This is a great way to show employees that you value their work-life balance and that you want them to enjoy their time off.

Top employee benefits providers in Poland

MantraCare is a leading provider of employee benefits provider in Poland. They offer multiple perks for employees such as EAP, Stepathlon, Corporate Yoga, Physical therapy, chronic condition reversal (for Diabetes & Hypertension), meditation, work counseling & more.

PwC Employee Benefits offers a range of services to employees, including health insurance, retirement planning, and financial advice.

PZU Życie is the largest life insurance company in Poland. It offers a wide range of products including health insurance, accident insurance, and pension plans.

Cost of Employee Perks in Poland

The cost of an Employee perks will vary depending on the provider, the size of the company, and the services offered.

Employee perks are becoming more and more common in Poland. The average cost of employee perks is around $500 per year. This can include things like gym memberships, free food, transportation stipends, and more. Companies are offering these perks to attract and retain employees.

MantraCare is one of the most cost-effective employee benefits provider with plans starting at $3 per employee.

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