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Employee perks are benefits that are offered to employees in addition to their salary. These can include health insurance, a retirement plan, paid time off, and other benefits. Some companies offer employee perks as a way to attract and retain employees. Others view them as a way to show appreciation for their employees’ hard work.

Why companies in Turkey offer work perks?

There are several reasons why companies in Turkey offer work perks. One reason is to attract and retain employees. By offering perks such as free or discounted transportation, child care, and health care, companies can make their workplace more attractive to prospective employees. Additionally, work perks can help improve employee morale and motivation. When employees feel appreciated and supported, they are more likely to be productive and committed to their work. Finally, work perks can also help build a positive company culture. By offering perks that promote wellness and balance, companies can create an environment that is supportive and enjoyable to work in.

What are the top employee perks’ offered in Turkey?

When it comes to top employee perks, Turkey is no exception. In fact, many companies in Turkey are now offering wellness programs as a way to attract and retain top talent. Here are some of the top employee perks offered in Turkey:
1. On-site fitness facilities: Many companies in Turkey now offer on-site fitness facilities, which can be a great perk for employees who want to stay fit and healthy.

2. Gym membership discounts: Gym memberships can be expensive, so employers who offer discounts on gym memberships can really save their employees some money.

3. Health insurance discounts: Employees in Turkey are required to have health insurance, and many companies offer discounts on health insurance premiums as a perk.

4. Flexible work hours: Flexible work hours are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey, as they allow employees to better manage their work-life balance.

5. Paid time off: Paid time off is another great perk that allows employees to take the time they need to relax and recharge.

6. Employee assistance programs: Employee assistance programs (EAPs) provide employees with access to confidential counseling and support, which can be very helpful during times of stress.

Top employee benefits providers in Turkey

MantraCare is a leading provider of employee benefits provider in Turkey. They offer multiple perks for employees such as EAP, Stepathlon, Corporate Yoga, Physical therapy, chronic condition reversal (for Diabetes & Hypertension), meditation, work counseling & more.

Mercer is another large global provider of employee benefits and human resources solutions. They also have a strong presence in Turkey and offer a wide range of services, including benefits administration, health and wellness programs, retirement planning, and more.

Allianz is one of the largest employee benefits providers in Turkey. The company offers a wide range of services including health insurance, retirement planning, and investment products. Allianz has a network of over 1,000 hospitals and clinics across Turkey.

Cost of Employee Perks in Turkey

The cost of an Employee perks will vary depending on the provider, the size of the company, and the services offered.

Employee perks can sometimes come at a high cost for employers. In Turkey, the average cost of employee perks is around $1,000 per year. This includes things like health insurance, transportation, and housing allowances. While these benefits are often necessary to attract and retain employees, they can also be quite costly.

MantraCare is one of the most cost-effective employee benefits provider with plans starting at $3 per employee.

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