12 Meditation Tips to Lead to Greater Peace

12 Meditation Tips to Lead to Greater Peace

What is Meditation?

Meditation Defination

Meditation is the art of calming your mind and gaining self-awareness, through this process you can reach a higher state of consciousness. The goal of meditation is to witness your thoughts without judgment. This way you can gain insight into how your mind works and learn new things about yourself. Meditation will also help improve your focus and concentration. It might take some practice but with constant dedication, it’ll become easier for you to meditate at any given time during the day. There are some Meditation tips that you should follow while practicing Meditation. 

Meditation brings awareness to subconscious thoughts and feelings by observing them with objective reasoning instead of judging them with biased opinions. Most people can benefit from meditation and its application in daily life. Meditation is the foundation of Eastern philosophy and similar concepts are found in other traditions such as Christianity. 

What are Meditation Tips?

Meditation tips help to bring about peace in the middle of the conflict. Meditators are trained professionals who can be brought into a situation where people need guidance and resolution.

To see the best results of Meditation, there are some Mediation tips and tricks that you should follow. There are some Meditation tips that you should follow Before, During, and After Meditation.

Before Meditation

These are some tips that should be followed and kept in mind before meditating.

Find Your Posture

Find Your Posture While meditating

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes everyone commits. Meditation requires good posture. As a beginner, it can be challenging to find your posture since you’re not used to sitting with a straight back and closing your eyes, but if you meditate every day then over time it’ll become easier. Ideally, it is in a cross-legged position, but if you don’t feel comfortable in that position, try avoiding that.  

Choose your Location Wisely

Choosing the right location for mediation is important. You want to find a place that will be free of interruptions and distractions, but also somewhere comfortable where everyone can sit down in peace. When you’re at home there are more temptations than just the kitchen pantry. It’s best to choose neutral ground when it comes to choosing a location, as this avoids any feelings of favoritism or bias from either side regarding who has won out over another.

Do Yoga

Do yoga before meditating
mother with children meditating doing yoga

If you can do yoga then it’s a great way to prepare your body for meditation. Since some exercises release tension and relax the muscles, it will help ease you into a meditative state. There are different types of yoga so if you’re unsure as to which style would suit meditation the most, then consider trying out Bikram. It involves holding poses in a really hot room so if that doesn’t suit you then there are plenty of other options. This is not necessary but I found it helped me in my practice – At first, start with gentle stretches, but later on, when starting to do longer sessions it will help you to improve your focus better since yoga calms the mind through breathing exercises.

Same Place, Same Time 

Meditating in the morning is difficult when you first get up but try to make a commitment to meditate at the same time and place every day. Making these practices become an integral part of how we live our lives can lead us on this path for long-term habit development that will last forevermore. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear Comfortable Clothes for yoga


This one might seem like an obvious tip, but the more comfortable you are – The better you’ll feel. Try to dress casually since it’s almost relaxing for everyone in the environment. Just wear something that makes you feel good. 

Try to Start Early 

The idea of starting your morning with a little meditation sounds like something that will help get you into the right mindset for an action-packed day. The great thing is, it doesn’t have to take long at all — just five or ten minutes can do wonders. Plus if done early in the evening when you’re more relaxed from work then this isn’t too difficult either; most people find they fall asleep easily while practicing home exercises anyway (or else end up watching their favorite TV show).

During Meditation

These are the tips that you should follow during the Meditation for better results:

Remove Distractions

Remove Distractions while meditating

Everyone gets distracted on their phone or on the computer when starting out. Try to remove these distractions while meditating. This is where listening to guided meditation tracks will help you a lot, especially those that play calming music in the background. Some people even use incense sticks (the ZEN kind) which helps them relax more before they begin their session.

Try to be Comfortable

Meditation can be a challenging and uncomfortable practice. It’s often the case that people who meditate will experience negative emotions like anxiety, restlessness, or irritation while they are doing so, don’t try to resist these feelings. Instead, give them your full attention as if you were experiencing them for yourself and just allow everything else in life that may seem to distract at times (from work stressors) to go away for this one moment until it becomes clear how each thought manifests into emotion on its own accord depending upon what is going within us right now.

Try to be Mindful

Try to be Mindful

Meditating is a great way to relax, but it’s even better when you take mindfulness with yourself outside of meditation. Before finishing your session and going about your day try formulating what will happen next.  This helps really focus on how much has been achieved during this time so far because not only does our mind need some peace (which we all know can be difficult sometimes) but also something new in order to keep yourselves interested throughout those long hours at work.

After Meditation

These are some points that you should keep in mind after the meditation process. 

Don’t Rush

Patience is key. Meditation takes time to master. Sometimes you don’t feel any different from when you started. There are certain days where you fall deeper into a trance and it makes you appreciate the simplicity of being present in your body. It’s not easy to do but every day try your best to have a consistent practice. Remember that it’s okay if you don’t see results – Just continue with what works for you (and not what you see on social media!). Patience is important because, like most things in life, this too takes time and effort since meditation has countless benefits that vary from person to person – You can get addicted. So be careful. 

Try to Motivate Others

Try to Motivate Others whie meditating

Get a friend to meditate with you. If they aren’t into it yet, let them know how much better life can be once we start practicing regularly and consistently.

A simple way to stay motivated is by getting someone on board for their own accountability journey- whether that’s just one friend or all the encouragement in the world; either way there will always come up days where sitting down together takes precedent over any other activity (especially if things get busy).

Don’t Analyze 

Don’t judge. It may be tempting to analyze your progress and wonder if you experience anything different but resist this urge. Instead, notice how many times meditation has changed for the better or become more productive in some way because nothing distracts from what really matters is feeling less tensed up after meditating. 

A great thing about mediation is that even though we can never master it 100%, every day brings new changes as our lives continuously flow by us-it’s not something worth analyzing too closely, rather just examine whether there are any noticeable differences between when sitting down compared with before getting started (perhaps one feels relaxed). 


Meditation is not hard, in fact, you are doing it right now. However to get the benefits you are looking for you are going to have done it more often and meditate longer when doing so. To get the best results you have to follow the above tips. It. If done right, it can benefit both your physical as well as mental health.

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