Meditation: Types and Benefits of Meditation | Meditation Tips

Meditation: Types and Benefits of Meditation | Meditation Tips

What Is Meditation?What is meditation

Meditation is a type of mental exercise that involves focus, awareness, and patience. It is very important to your mind for keeping patience, kindness, calmness, etc. This has a lot of benefits for psychological health.  


What Are Types of Meditation? 

Types Of Meditation

One can choose the type of meditation according to his or her preferences. The most common types are:

Mindfulness Meditation

This type of meditation is very common in Western countries and it originates from Buddhist teachings. In this, you give attention to your thoughts but you don’t get involved in them. It is basically meditating with concentration and awareness. It is mostly practiced alone at home. Anyone can do this meditation anywhere. This also eases the tensions or pain in the body. 

Scan Meditation

In this, you basically analyze your body and figure out the areas of tension in your body. It helps you to feel calm and there’s relaxation in your body. During the meditation, you tense and relax your muscles. During meditation, you start from one end (usually the feet) to the whole body. It eases chronic pain. As it relaxes your body, it is used by people to help them in sleeping. 

Metta Meditation

In this, a person releases stress to develop kindness, humbleness towards everything, even if it is an enemy. When you are meditating, you receive kindness, compassion, love, etc. from others. This helps a person to be positive. The main purpose of this is to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, etc. 

Transcendental Meditation

This type is very popular. It is a spiritual form of meditation. During the process, you chant some mantras or a series of words. This mantra is made by the expert on the basis of various things like your birth year, teacher’s training year, etc. In the past, there have been many scientific types of research on this. For practicing this, you should have spiritual as well as mindfulness experiences.

Visualization Meditation

In this type, you visualize some positive images or scenes, so that you can feel relaxation, peace, and calmness. There is another type in this when you imagine yourself succeeding in a goal you have set. It automatically increases your focus and motivation to complete that task.

Mantra Meditation

In this, you use the same sound to chant which clears your mind. People use this type so that they can be a little more aware. It creates the same impact, even if you are chanting it loudly or slowly. It is apt for those people who are unable to focus in silence and will enjoy chanting. You become more alert and focused after doing this for some days.

How Does Meditation Help? 

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has always helped people in some or other ways. Either It has helped someone physically or mentally. These are some benefits:

  • Meditation helps you to stay young. Meditation helps you to manage stress which automatically helps in reducing aging
  • Medication helps you to deal with anxiety or depression if you are suffering from it. It is very effective at managing anxiety and depression better than antidepressants. 
  • It helps you to focus better in life. Meditation helps you to think about the present, neither past nor future. It also helps you in improving your memory. 
  • Meditation helps you to decrease chronic pain very efficiently. 
  • It helps you to control your anger. This helps you to let go of the negative thoughts. This automatically helps you to manage your relationships better. 
  • Meditation helps in managing many health problems such as high blood pressure (hypertension), heart diseases, etc. 
  • It improves your immune system. 
  • It helps you to sleep better.

How Should You Meditate?

There are some tips and tricks that you should follow while meditating. These tips are :

  • Choose a comfortable place to sit that is free of distractions. You should not use any distractive things like mobile, television, etc. If calm music helps you to focus better, you can play it in the background. 

Tips for meditation

  • Sit comfortably with crossed legs on the floor for as much time as you can. 
  • Choose a time in which it is suitable for you to meditate every day. Do not change the time slot on an everyday basis. 
  • Your mind doesn’t stop thinking. It is all about thinking positively. Just keep the focus on your thoughts while meditating. 
  • You should keep a check on your breathing. It is all about breathing. You should feel every breath. 
  • Keep a check on your feelings. Sometimes while meditating, your mind can lead to some uncomfortable thoughts or depressing thoughts. Acknowledge these thoughts and then focus back on breathing. 

Meditation should be a very important part of your life. It has different benefits which help you live very smoothly. Practicing meditation is not only important for your mental condition, but it helps in maintaining your physical health as well. Keep in mind the tips that you should follow during meditation, otherwise, it will not have any good effect on your body. You can also download our app MindMantra.

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