How to Overcome Overthinking?

How to overcome overthinking?

What is Overthinking?

What is overthinking

Overthinking is a common mental illness that plagues many people. It can be difficult to identify and overcome overthinking as it is often hidden under behaviors such as perfectionism, procrastination, and general difficulty making decisions. People who overthink may also suffer from depression or anxiety disorders, or they may simply have an obsessive personality type; regardless of their specific diagnoses or issues, understanding how to stop overthinking is a key step in overcoming the idea that the world owes them something. It is very important to know how to overcome overthinking. 

How Do You Know When You’re Overthinking?

Symptoms of overthinking

Overthinking may present itself in a variety of ways, depending upon the individual and their personality type as well as their specific mental health issues. Symptoms can include:



  • Jealousy 
  • Carrying grudges   
  • The feeling of low self-esteem  
  • Feeling of worthlessness  
  • Preoccupation with the past

How do You Know If One is Overthinking?

Overthinking often presents itself in depressive lulls, unfocused anxiety, and obsessive behavior. While some people may be able to hide their true feelings, others will display these signs quite openly. The following are common signs that someone is overthinking:

Chronic fatigue

  • Lack of focus or attention  
  • Chronic fatigue   
  • Reclusive behavior without an obvious cause (such as depression)  
  • Habitually making excuses for absences or mistakes at work/school 

What Causes Overthinking?

Many causes for this issue have been determined after extensive research. Some causes include: 

  • Stressful life events, such as the loss of a loved one or unemployment
  • Existing mental disorders. If you already suffer from anxiety or depression, overthinking may be exacerbated by these conditions.
  • High expectations from others 
  • Inability to prioritize tasks
  • Egoistic pride
  • Emotional dependency on others
  • Fear of failure  
  • Inability to cope with stress

How to Overcome Overthinking?

tips to avoid overthinking

These are some of the tips you can follow to overcome overthinking:

Change Your Thinking

Your thoughts may be in a constant state of overthinking for a variety of reasons, such as mental illness or an emotional dependency on others. Because you’re used to holding onto negative thoughts and emotions, it’s important that you understand that these feelings are not the result of external stimuli; they’re occurring within your own psyche and body. Understanding how to stop overthinking requires a full understanding of this fact.


Get Some Exercise

Research has found that people who suffer from depression often benefit from exercise by improving their mood, lowering stress levels, and reinforcing a general sense of well-being. This is true whether the person chooses physical exercise, meditation exercises, yoga, or even just going for a walk in a park. Exercise helps promote healthy neurotransmitter activity and boosts immune system functioning, both of which are important in overcoming overthinking.

Be Mindful

Be mindful of your thoughts as they come up so that you can accept them for what they are- just a thought. Thoughts don’t always equate to actions. If we let our mind wander on every single little thing it wants then we will never get anything done or accomplish any goals in life.

Remember that all things are impermanent. Nothing is permanent, it’s just how life works! Things come and go so if you can’t control them then don’t waste your time worrying about what could happen in the future because no one knows for sure what will actually occur. Being mindful of this fact helps to lower overthinking tendencies as well.

Do Things That Make You Happy

Do Things That Make You Happy

Life is too short to be sad and always worrying about everything. Go out with friends, spend some time alone doing something constructive for yourself or simply relax on a Saturday night by binge-watching Netflix while eating ice cream- who cares what anyone else thinks. 

Be Grateful

Remind yourself that there is always something to be grateful for. You might even find it in your capacity as a human being, which means you can continue living no matter what difficulties come along. It might even be your capacity to think, feel, breathe, and so on. You have the ability to think and feel no matter what difficulties you are experiencing at this time.


To overcome overthinking, take some time to sit down and try meditating every day. Meditation allows the mind to rest, providing a break from all of our thoughts circling around in our heads. It is important that we spend at least 20 minutes a day practicing meditation because it can provide many amazing benefits such as:

  • It reduces stress levels
  • Helps us sleep better
  • Improves our focus and attention
  • Increases self-awareness

Meditation can help control those emotions which will, in turn, decrease the amount of time spent overthinking.

Practice Yoga

Another great way to reduce negative thoughts is by practicing yoga. Yoga provides many benefits such as increasing strength and balance, improving flexibility, and reducing stress. Yoga requires deep breathing which is a great way to relax the body & mind because it allows you to focus on something other than all of your thoughts that are going through your heads at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Think About Future

Think About Future

If you are overthinking about something negative it is important to be reflective of the bigger picture. Take a moment and ask yourself what really matters most in life? Is this thing that’s bothering you truly worth wasting your time on or can you let it go because there are so many more wonderful things in life?

Don’t Take Everything Personally

When you overthink, you frequently take everything personally, which is not ideal. People think and act differently than you, so don’t get upset or angry when someone does something that offends you because no one intends any harm.

Remember, you cannot control everything. You live in a world where there are so many things that you cannot control. For example, you can’t always predict what other people will say or do and you may not even know why they’re saying/doing it because everyone has different upbringings which means everyone will think differently than the next person.

Forgive Yourself

When you overthink, it can sometimes lead you down a path of self-blame and guilt which is not healthy! Sometimes you just need to let go & forgive yourselves because everyone makes mistakes from time to time and you cannot change the past.

Learn Patience

When you’re constantly overthinking, it can sometimes feel like there is no light at the end of this tunnel. To help with this feeling just remember that patience really does work wonders because everything happens for a reason & in its own time. Sometimes things take longer to achieve than others but don’t give up because you are so much stronger than you realize.

Don’t Compare

Don't Compare

When you overthink things it’s easy to start comparing yourself to others which really doesn’t help any situation at all because everyone has different strengths & weaknesses. If someone seems happier or more successful than you it doesn’t mean that they are any better or worse off in life.

Try To Take Things Less Seriously

When you overthink, it’s easy to start taking everything too seriously and this can sometimes lead you down a dark path. It is so important to remember that life is not always serious & you need to learn how to laugh at yourself from time to time because laughter really does help with so many things.

Try New Things

Why not give something new a try if there are things that have always interested you but for some reason, you never gave them a chance? You’ll be shocked at how many different possibilities life can offer if you only open yourself to them.

Don’t Over complicate Things

Don't Overcomplicate Things

Life is not always as complicated as you make it out to be, so why complicate your life when you can simplify it? It’s said that the simplest answer is usually the right one but sometimes people are too quick to judge which really doesn’t help anyone at all. Learning how to overcome these obstacles can go a long way & it’s so important to remember that everyone has their own issues because nobody is perfect.


Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from reaching your goals. If you are overthinking, it may be time to rethink what’s important to focus on and how best to prioritize tasks in order for them not to slip through the cracks again. These are some of the ways through which you can overcome overthinking problems. 

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