How to Control Anger? | Anger Management Tips

How to Control Anger? || Anger Management Tips || Anger

What is Anger?

What is anger?

Anger is a very powerful emotion that one feels in their life. Like any other emotion, Anger is important too for everyone in their life. It can easily convey a message to how one person feels. The level of anger depends on person to person and situation to situation. You should learn how to control anger

How to Control Anger?

Venting out anger is very important but sometimes it creates your negative image around. People start judging you on the basis of that.  It not only harms your image but has certain effects as well like:

  • It affects your physical health a lot. Constant high levels of anger and stress cause a lot of problems like Diabetes, Heart disease, High Blood Pressure, etc. 
  • Your mental health gets affected a lot with excessive anger. It consumes a lot of time and you are unable to concentrate on your work.
  • Your work gets affected a lot by this as it acts as a barrier to your productivity. In addition to this, it does have an impact on your personal and work relationships as well. 

Controlling your anger is very important. To manage your anger, there are some tips that one can follow. These tips are very useful in managing anger as well as stress. 

Tips to Control Anger

  • Whenever you think that there is something wrong, you need to think before you speak. Sometimes in anger, you say a lot of things that you can regret later. Keep a check on your words and take a moment to collect your thoughts. You can help others to do the same. 
  • Try to say the things you want to say in a clear but calm manner. Once you start speaking, you can express anger or frustration in a very calm manner, not in a rude or confrontational manner. This can avoid hurting people and their emotions as well. 

Tips to control anger

  • You should do some exercise or physical activity so that the regular stress doesn’t harm your brain. Stress is the main reason for one’s anger. Take a walk whenever you are feeling angry. It can help you to think and can subside your anger that time. 
  • You should always take care of yourself during the day. This is important not only for children but also for adults. Getting short breaks during the day can help you to manage anger. You will feel happy and light and can handle the situation lightly. 
  • You should never look at the problem, look at the possible solution to solve the problem. What’s the point in thinking again and again about the problem. 
  • When your mind will keep a grudge for someone, it will automatically increase the anger in yourself. Start forgiving people so that your mind keeps relaxed. Anger comes with negative thoughts in your mind. Keep positive thoughts in your mind. 
  • Laughter is the best medicine. This quote can actually help you to control your anger. Humor is the best solution to anger. Keep the situations easy and lighten up the atmosphere to decrease the tension. Avoid using sarcasm as it can possibly harm the situation. 

Breathing exercise for anger

  • Relaxation skills can help you to control your anger. There are various methods that can relax you such as deep breathing exercises. Practice deep breathing exercises imagining a very relaxing scene or chanting some relaxing words or sentences. 
  • You can avoid putting up blame or criticizing anyone, as these can always make a situation worse. Be respectful and specific about the points you want to convey to others.
  • Start practicing yoga to control your anger. Meditation also helps everyone to control anger. These are the exercise that helps you to calm yourself. Start writing journal, listen to some calm music. These can give you much relaxation to avoid any damage.
  • You should know when you should take external help. You can take the help of anger management if the anger still gets out of control. It is good to avoid situations that you regret later and can hurt others. 

Anger Therapy 

Therapy as anger management

If someone feels that their anger is still getting out of their control and is affecting their relationships and work, you should consider counseling. A psychologist or any other expert who deals with this mental health issue can help you to manage your anger. Anger Therapy can either be personal or in group sessions. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. 

When you talk to a therapist, always tell him or her all the issues you are facing because of anger. Ask him what is his or her approach or tips for anger management. The therapy can last from 2 weeks up to 8-10 weeks depending on person to person. It can also depend on the circumstances and the techniques used for counseling. 

Sometimes Anger Management training is provided which includes

  • Identification of trigger points
  • Handling those trigger points
  • Adjusting irrational and extreme thought processes. 
  • Talk to a friend

Anger is an emotion that is very important but can be very dangerous sometimes. Controlling anger is very important for everyone. Everyone needs these anger management tips and various therapy to control their anger. Do the needful to control your anger. 

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