ADHD Couples Counseling – A Treatment Guide

ADHD Couples Counseling

If you are the parent of a child with ADHD, then you know how challenging it can be. But what about when you have to deal with ADHD as a couple? It can be downright frustrating! That’s why we’ve put together this guide to ADHD couples counseling. We’ll discuss what it is, how it works, and who can benefit from it. So if you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to turn, read on!

What Is ADHD Couples Counseling?

ADHD couples counseling is a type of therapy that helps couples who both have ADHD. It focuses on developing better communication skills, understanding each other’s needs, and learning how to work together as a team. This type of therapy typically involves talking about the issues in your relationship and working through them in a supportive environment.

The goal of this counseling is to improve functioning and create healthier relationships. It can help couples learn how to effectively manage their ADHD symptoms, as well as build trust and strengthen their bond.

How Does ADHD Couples Counseling Work?

How Does ADHD Couples Counseling Work?

During an ADHD couples counseling session, a therapist will work with both members of the couple. The therapist will often use strategies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These therapies involve identifying triggers that cause stress in the relationship, learning skills to better cope with those triggers, and setting realistic goals.

The therapist may also recommend lifestyle changes such as improving diet and exercise, getting more sleep, reducing technology use, and creating time for meaningful connections between partners. They will provide education about ADHD, discuss strategies for managing symptoms, and offer tools that couples can use to better understand each other. Here are some benefits of ADHD couples counseling:

  • Improve communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Develop more trust and understanding between partners.
  • Manage ADHD symptoms more effectively.
  • Strengthen the relationship bond.
  • Create healthier boundaries and expectations.

Why You Should Consider Couples Counseling For ADHD?

Couples counseling can be incredibly beneficial for couples dealing with ADHD. It is a safe space to talk about the issues in your relationship and learn how to better cope with them. Working with a therapist can help you understand each other’s needs and perspectives, build trust and connection, and develop strategies for managing stress.

Additionally, couples counseling can provide a sense of relief from the strain that ADHD symptoms may put on relationships. With an experienced therapist by your side, you will have a better understanding of what to expect and feel more empowered in navigating your relationship.

Treatment Approaches Used In ADHD Couples Counseling

Here are the few of the treatment approaches used in ADHD couples counseling:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): This approach focuses on identifying patterns of behavior and thoughts that are causing distress or unhappiness. The therapist will help the couple practice new skills such as better communication, problem solving, and understanding each other’s needs.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): This approach focuses on helping the partners become more aware of their emotions, build acceptance for them, and learn how to cope with triggers. It also encourages setting realistic goals and making lifestyle changes that can be beneficial for managing ADHD symptoms.
  • Family Systems Therapy: This type of therapy looks at the family as a whole unit rather than just focusing on one person’s issues. It helps couples learn how to better work together as a team and understand each other’s perspectives.
  • Medication: Depending on the severity of symptoms, medication may be recommended in addition to therapy. This can help manage symptoms and improve functioning.

How To Start The Couples Counseling For ADHD?

There are the few steps you can take to get started on couples counseling for ADHD.

  • Find an experienced therapist: Look for a therapist who specializes in working with couples and has experience treating ADHD.
  • Talk it out: Communication is key, so make sure you have honest conversations about your needs and expectations before beginning couples counseling.
  • Set goals: Take time to set clear goals and discuss what success looks like for both of you in therapy.
  • Make a commitment: Attending therapy requires effort from both partners, so make sure to stay committed to making it work.
  • Follow therapy sessions: Remember to follow through on the tools and techniques suggested by your therapist in each session.

Couples counseling can be an incredibly powerful tool in managing ADHD symptoms and strengthening relationships. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused, don’t hesitate to seek out a qualified therapist who can help guide you through the process.

How To Find A Better ADHD Couples Therapy Near Me?

How To Find A Better ADHD Couples Therapy Near Me?

Here are the tips on how to find the best ADHD couples therapy near you:

  • Ask your doctor for a referral: This is usually the best place to start looking for couples counseling. Your doctor may know of some good therapists in your area who specialize in ADHD couples counseling.
  • Qualified and experienced: Make sure to find a therapist who is qualified and experienced in dealing with couples. Ask questions about their credentials, experience, and approach to therapy.
  • Research local counseling centers: Look up local mental health clinics or counseling centers and see if they offer ADHD couples counseling.
  • Use online directories: Search online directories such as Mantracare to find therapists near you who offer couples counseling for this disorder.
  • Ask for recommendations: Talk to friends, family members, or colleagues who have had success with a therapist and see if they can recommend someone.

ADHD couples counseling can be a great way to improve communication and build trust in your relationship. With the right therapist and a willingness to work together, you can find ways to better manage your ADHD symptoms and create a stronger connection with your partner.


ADHD couples counseling can be a great way to improve communication, build trust and understanding between partners, and manage ADHD symptoms more effectively. It is important to find the right therapist who specializes in this type of therapy. With an experienced therapist by your side, you will have a better understanding of what to expect and feel more empowered in navigating your relationship.

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