Teaching Students With ADHD


Students with ADHD are an interesting lot to teach. This blog post will help teachers navigate the challenges that come along with teaching students with ADHD.

We’ll discuss the classroom challenges of students who have ADHD. As well as how teachers can use certain accommodations to make their classroom experience better for everyone involved.

Finally, we will also provide some helpful tools and methods for teachers looking to reach these special needs learners!

Teaching Students With ADHD


Most teachers don’t realize that ADHD affects the way they teach students. When teachers know how to reach their students with ADHD, they become more effective in the classroom. Teachers should be aware of these common challenges that children and teenagers face when trying to learn.

One of the biggest challenges when teaching students with ADHD is that they’re easily distracted. This can be from something in the classroom, or when they’re trying to read.

They may be inattentive or hyperactive-impulsive. And their behavior will likely affect your class’s learning environment. Because it’s hard for them to sit still and pay attention.

However, there are teaching tools available that you can use to help your class learn more effectively. As well as the understanding that how these students think will help you reach them.

The Role Of Parents And Teachers

role of parents and teachers

Parents and teachers need to work together while teaching a child who has ADHD. Because each can play an integral role in their child’s success.

Parents can help teachers by providing them with information about their son or daughter. Such as the specific symptoms they are facing and any new challenges that have arisen since previous school years.

Teachers need to know how best to communicate with parents of children who have ADHD. So that both parties understand what is being said to reach an agreement between parties.

Parents and teachers should communicate frequently to understand what is going on in their student’s life. Since students with ADHD may need more support than others when it comes to learning new things such as vocabulary or math concepts, parents can help by offering extra practice for their children at home.

NOTE: Parents of children who have ADHD need to know that they are not alone. And there is always help for them. Parents should also understand that their children will be capable of doing anything if given the right opportunities and support system.

Classroom Challenges Of Students With ADHD


Teaching students with ADHD can be a difficult task. Here we have listed the main challenges faced b students with ADHD.

Attention Deficit

They may have trouble sitting still and paying attention. It can lead to behavior problems in the classroom. And it can affect the other students.

Difficulty In Processing Instructions

ADHD students may also have a hard time completing homework. Or following instructions when asked to complete tasks in the classroom.

Impatient Attitude

They may have trouble being patient. And you might find the picking fights with other students.

Trouble With Time Management

They can also lack the basic skills of managing their time. This may lead to students having trouble staying on task and finishing things that are assigned to them. Teachers need to use effective teaching tools when teaching these children so they can succeed in school.

How Teachers Can Help Students With ADHD


The best way for teachers to help students with ADHD is by understanding how they think. And reaching them in a different manner that works better for them than the usual classroom methods do.

Be a Little Flexible

You should also allow ADHD students to stand up and move around the room. This will help them stay focused on what they’re learning.

Organize Them

And teachers can encourage students to stay organized at all times. Write down their daily tasks in a planner or agenda. And be prepared for any assignments they receive from their teacher.

Prepare Them

They should also ask the student if there is anything that needs to be done/accomplished before class begins each day. So it will be done before the day starts.

Cultivate Responsibility

They should also teach the student how to become more responsible for their actions. They may need a reminder of what is expected from them daily or when completing assignments and projects.

Provide Extra Support

Finally, teachers can provide extra help and support by giving ADHD students additional tutoring sessions with other professionals. This can be beneficial for students who struggle to complete their work on time. Or need more assistance in the classroom with what is being taught.

Teach With Patience And Understanding

It’s also important for teachers to show ADHD students that they have patience and understand how their minds work. So if there is a problem along the way, it can be worked out together as a team.

Set Expectations

Finally, the teacher should make sure that all assignments are laid out before beginning class. So there is no confusion about what they’re expected to do by the end of the period or day. This will eliminate any distractions from other students as well.

Classroom Accommodations Needed For Students With ADHD

classroom challenges

The best thing a teacher can do is make sure they understand how students with ADHD learn. And that the accommodations you provide will help them succeed in your classroom.

Front Desk

Teachers should give their students with ADHD a desk that isn’t facing everyone else in the room. Instead, it should face towards the wall. This will help them stay focused on what they need to learn and get through lessons easier at school.

Sit Closer

You might have to sit closer to these students when teaching them important lessons. Or change up your lesson plan so they don’t get bored.

Engage Them

Teachers can also reduce distractions by playing soft background music or moving some of the students to other rooms where they are free from distractions.

Provide Structure

Finally, teachers can provide better structure in their classroom by giving them a specific time frame to complete an assignment or project with good instructions. This way, ADHD students will know what is expected of them and how to get it done.

Teaching Tools And Methods For Students With ADHD


There are many different tools that teachers can use in the classroom to teach their students effectively. And by keeping these techniques in mind, you will be able to reach your ADHD student more easily. These tools can help ADHD students in the classroom and keep them focused on their assignments.

Optimal Learning Environment

Teachers need to create an optimal learning environment. And this can be done by making sure their class has enough space and noise levels conducive to work and study, as well as lighting that is not too bright.

One Subject At a Time

First, they should teach one main subject at a time. So it’s easier for the student to focus on what is being taught. This way, there will not be any distractions from other subjects.

Short Tasks 

Teachers should also break down large assignments into shorter tasks. This way, it’s easier for the student to stay focused on what they need to get through before moving on to another subject.

Give Clear Instructions

Teachers should make sure that ADHD students know exactly what is expected of them and provide them with instructions. This way, they are more likely to complete the assignment on time.

Teach In Small Groups

It’s also a good idea to teach them in small groups. This will help keep the student focused on what they are learning. Instead of getting distracted by their classmates or trying to socialize with others during class time.

Use Visuals

Teachers should also present information clearly with visuals like posters or other visual diagrams/instructions. As it is easy for their students to understand what they’re learning. This way there will be no confusion when being taught new information.

Ask Frequent Questions

Teachers might ask questions frequently and check for understanding right away. This way, students are more likely to stay engaged throughout the lesson.

Give Them Short Breaks

Another way teachers can help their ADHD students learn better is by using short breaks. This will give them a chance to refocus and re-establish concentration on what they’re learning. And if your class has an interactive whiteboard or document camera, use it!

Allot Specific Task

Give each student a specific task or assignment that they will enjoy doing. This way, students are more likely to complete the work on time without being reminded of it constantly.

Set Goals

Use clear instructions and goals for each assignment that is given to them. This way the student knows exactly what’s expected of them to get good grades from their teacher. And if they have questions or need clarifications, feel free to ask.

Reward System

Finally, they should provide rewards to their students for completing certain tasks or assignments that are difficult but important. This will motivate them to work harder on these projects and complete the assignment successfully.

NOTE: They should also be used as a teaching method for students who do not have ADHD. This way, they will learn more effectively and efficiently with what is being taught in the classroom.


If you want to be a teacher, you must have an understanding of how students with ADHD learn and what they need to succeed. It can be difficult for teachers who are not well-informed about this disability. Because they may feel frustrated or resentful when the student’s behavior causes them frustration. However, if we know more about these children and their needs then we will be able to better support them in our classrooms. This article has provided some insight into teaching students with ADHD. Would you like us to continue? Let us know!

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