Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

self hatred

We all have our bad days. It is a natural human emotion to feel self-loathing from time to time, but it can become something more serious if you do not handle it in the right way. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can deal with self-hatred and keep your mental health at its best.

What Is Self Hatred?

Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

Self Hatred is when you have a negative opinion about yourself. It can come in several different forms, including feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. You may feel that others would be better off if they were not around you because the negativity surrounding your life will rub off on them.

This feeling causes so much emotional pain for people who are suffering from it, to the point where depression occurs both mentally and physically.

Symptoms Of Self Hatred

Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

There are many symptoms that accompany feelings of self-hatred such as:

  • Feeling negative emotions towards yourself – Even if no one else says anything bad about you, this person may still feel the need to put themselves down.
  • Having low self-esteem – This person feels that they are not good enough in any way, shape, or form when compared to others and this will cause them stress when it comes to making decisions.
  • Feeling ashamed about yourself – You may even be embarrassed by certain aspects of your personality which could push you further into depression if left unaddressed for a long time period. This is known as ‘being hard on oneself’.
  • Not wanting anything good for yourself –People who have experienced hard things in life might think that bad things happen to them because they are unworthy of happiness., so everything positive becomes tainted with guilt and dread. It is also common for people who suffer from depression to lose interest in things that they used to enjoy doing.
  • Feeling anxious or irritable – This is due to the fact that if someone hates themselves it can be very hard for them to relax and calm down because they are constantly worrying about the negative thoughts running through their minds. It may also cause one’s muscles to become tense, which could lead to headaches etc.,
  • Self-destructive behavior – Such as drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs excessively might seem like a good idea at first but this will only make you feel worse about yourself after the initial ‘high’ has worn off.

Causes Of Self Hatred

Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

There is no one answer to this question because self-hatred can stem from many different things:

  • Negative childhood experiences – If something has happened during childhood such as neglect or abuse by parents/family members etc., then these bad memories will play out in the person’s mind on a daily basis and will make them feel unworthy and inferior.
  • Poor self-image – This may be due to the media’s portrayal of the ‘perfect’ body or lifestyle which can make someone feel like they do not measure up. It could also be as a result of being bullied or taunted at school for example.
  • Traumatic life experiences – Such as bereavement, job loss, illness, etc. can all trigger negative thoughts about oneself as we try to make sense of why these things have happened to us.
  • Seeking approval: If someone is desperate to be liked and validated by others, then they will base their sense of self-worth on other people’s opinions. This makes people vulnerable to criticism from loved ones, which can lead them to depression.
  • Focusing excessively on the past: Dwelling too much about how you could have done things differently or what went wrong when you were younger does nothing but damage your mental state further as one begins to feel down about themselves even more so than before.

Why Do I Hate Myself?

Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

There are many reasons why a persons start to hate themselves:

  • If you have been feeling these symptoms for a long time period, it is normal to start wondering why exactly this has happened.
  • People may begin to hate themselves. This happens for many reasons, but the main one is that they are too sad or feel too much pain because something bad has happened.
  • For example: If someone loses a loved one, they will feel sad. If they don’t learn how to cope with these feelings, they could get mad at themselves.
  • This rage might stem from thinking ‘why me?’ or telling yourself that other people would be better off without you around because happiness feels out of reach when your mind is consumed by negative thoughts.

Outcomes Of Self Hatred

Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

Self-hatred can have devastating consequences for a person’s mental health if they do not seek help from a therapist or counselor:

  • In most cases, people who hate themselves tend to turn their rage outwards and then lash out verbally at the ones that they love.
  • Become abusive towards everyone else in general because of how angry it makes them feel with themselves about what is going on inside their head.
  • They might also experience physical symptoms such as headaches etc. which could lead to chronic pain later down the line so this needs to be taken seriously by getting professional assistance ASAP.

How Do I Stop Hating Myself?Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

If you are wondering ‘how do I stop hating myself?’ there are many ways in which one may go about doing this. These include:

  • Talking to a loved one – It is always good to have someone you can confide in because this person will be able to listen without judgment and they might be able to give you some helpful pointers.
  • They may even take the time out of their day just so that they could keep talking things through with you which shows how much they care about your well-being.
  • Seeing a therapist or counselor- It is okay to have someone else there with you to listen. This way, you can talk about your problems and know that you are not alone. If this does not help, then it would be best if you see a professional who has personal experience dealing with these types of problems.
  • Keeping a journal/diary – This is a chance for people who get sad all the time to get rid of their feelings. They can write how they feel without being judged or told that it’s wrong.
  • Doing something which makes you happy – This can be anything from reading your favorite book to going for a walk in nature, as long as it takes your mind off of things that are causing you pain and suffering.
  • Exercise- A great way to combat symptoms such as anxiety and depression is by getting active because when the body releases endorphins (happy hormones) this will have a positive impact on one’s mood.

How To Develop Self Worth?Self Hatred: How To Deal With It?

There are many ways to develop your worth such as:

  • When you feel like your life is worth nothing, it can be difficult to know where to turn in order for this feeling to go away.
  • But if a person does not love themselves, then they need to take steps. They need to do things that will make them think differently about their lives and how they want other people to see them as a wonderful person.
  • One great step would be finding an activity that makes you forget all of the negative thoughts running through your head because When someone spends time doing things like baking or playing games with friends, they will feel better. They will be able to forget about the bad things that are happening inside their body.
  • Another step could include looking in the mirror and repeating positive affirmations to yourself. People should say things to themselves that are kind. They should say things that tell them they are strong and beautiful. This helps the person to believe in themselves.
  • Last but not least, talking openly about how you are feeling inside (even if it’s just to a friend) will help people understand that self-hatred is a real emotion that a lot of individuals go through at some points in their lives. This way, they won’t feel so alone anymore and will know that there are people who care about them no matter what.
  • Self-hate comes in many different forms, but the outcome is always negative.
  • A person who has a lot of self-hatred might hurt themselves. They can hurt their feelings or their body. It is important to get help when they have serious symptoms like depression and anxiety.


It’s hard to be strong when you’re feeling weak. That’s why it is important for people with self-hatred to know that they are not alone and help is available if they want it. The best thing we can do for ourselves in these times of need is to find someone who understands, reach out or take care of our mental health first before anything else. Remember, the only person you have control over, at all times, is yourself so don’t forget about your own needs too.

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