Overthinking Symptoms: A Guide to Mental Health

Overthinking Symptoms: A Guide to Mental Health

Overthinking Symptoms: A Guide to Mental Health

One of the most important things to remember when overthinking symptoms is that they are normal. Everyone overthinks, gets stressed out, and overanalyzes at times. The difference between a healthy person and someone who suffers from anxiety or depression is how often these thoughts occur, and what actions are taken because of them. This article will discuss overthinking symptoms, their importance in mental health, and how you can help yourself if you find yourself having trouble coping with them.

Symptoms Of Overthinking

Why are you Overthinking?- overthinking symptomsThinking about things you could have done differently, second-guessing every decision you make, and imagining the worst possible scenario in life can be tiring. But it is hard to break this habit.

You might think that thinking about something for a long time is the key to finding the best solution, but usually, it’s not. The more you think about something, the less time and energy you have to do other things.

Everyone makes mistakes. They tend to have overthinking symptoms. You might worry about all the things that could go wrong when you give a presentation next week. Maybe you have wasted time thinking about what to wear for your interview and haven’t spent any time preparing your answers. You have to recognize when you are overthinking. You can tell when you are because your thoughts won’t stop. Overthinking is when you think too much. You can know if you are overthinking if you keep thinking about one thing for a long time.

You’re Not Solution-Focused

Problem-solving is about finding a solution for the problem while overthinking is about thinking and thinking about the problem. If a storm is coming, you can think about it. You can overthink this situation if you want. Or, you can take action and solve the problem by getting ready for the storm:

I am scared that the storm will come. It will be terrible. I hope my house doesn’t get damaged from it. Why do these things always happen to me? I can’t handle this. Instead of this, you should say “I will put sandbags against the garage door to stop water from coming in. I might go to buy some plywood to board up the windows if it rains a lot.

Problem-solving is good and can lead to productive action. Overthinking does not help and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

You Experience Repetitive Thoughts

When you’re exposed to overthinking symptoms, you might think about the same things many times. Thinking about bad things that could happen is also common. Dwelling on your problems, mistakes, and shortcomings will make you have mental health problems. The more you think about it, the worse it gets. As you lose your mental health, it is more likely that you will keep thinking about those thoughts. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break.

Your Worrying Keeps You Up at Night

When you think too much, your brain will not stop. It might be hard to sleep because you keep thinking about things. Your brain is working too fast and it might make you worry about bad things happening.

Overthinking symptoms make it hard to sleep. You can’t sleep when you are thinking about something over and over. Overthinking hurts the quality of your sleep too. So it’s harder to fall asleep when your brain is busy with thoughts about everything all the time.

People may think too much. It makes it hard to fall asleep. It’s like this: If you don’t sleep when you want, then the next day you might have a lot of worries in your head, and that can make it hard or even impossible to sleep.

You Struggle to Make Decisions

Thinking about the problem more and harder will not help you. When you think too much, it can make it hard to make decisions. Research shows when people think too much, they struggle to make choices.

If you are unsure about what to eat, or which hotel to book, you might be overthinking it. It is very likely that your decisions will not matter so much. You should be careful to avoid wasting time on second opinions.

You Second Guess Decisions

Sometimes, you think about what could have happened if you did something different. You might think that your life would be better if you had taken another job or not started a business. Maybe you get mad at yourself for not seeing the red flags sooner. Maybe they were obvious!

It is good to think about your mistakes. It will help you learn from them. You should not second-guess yourself or think too much about them. If you do, then it will make it difficult for you to make decisions in the future.

Two Forms of Overthinking

Overthinking is a term that refers to thinking excessively about both the past and the future. It’s not the same as problem-solving. Problem-solution analysis is part of problem-solving. Overthinking entails dwelling on the issue throughout numerous cycles of thought.

Overthinking differs from self-reflection in that it is unhelpful and ineffective. Self-reflection should be used to better understand oneself or a problem, not as an escape mechanism. It has a goal. Overthinking is thinking about how terrible you feel and what you have no control over. It won’t help you get a new perspective.

The distinction between problem-solving, self-reflection, and overthinking isn’t about the amount of time you spend in deep thought. Time spent coming up with innovative answers or learning from your actions is constructive. But time spent overthinking, whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 hours, won’t make your life better.

What to Do About Overthinking?

Research has shown that thinking less about a problem might actually help you find better solutions. A research study showed that taking time to think about the problem can help you make the best decision.

Ways To Stop Overthinking

Ways to Stop Overthinking- overthinking symptoms

You finally have a few minutes to yourself. You start wondering if you forgot to send that thank-you email or whether you’ve overestimated your chance of getting the promotion.

Do you know what this is? It’s worrying and overthinking. They’re part of the human experience. But if they are not controlled, they can make your life worse. Worrying too much can lead to some mental health problems like depression or anxiety. If you overthink too much, try these tips and you might get better.

When you think about something over and over again, it can sometimes make you feel bad. Take a moment to notice how your thoughts make you feel. If they make you feel irritated, nervous, or guilty, then this is the primary emotion behind those thoughts.

If you want to change your mindset, it is important for you to be aware of yourself.

Find A Distraction

Find a distraction- overthinking symptomsThink less about what you are doing by doing things that you like.

This looks different to everyone. Some ideas are:

  • Learning some new kitchen skills by tackling a new recipe.
  • You like to do your favorite workout class because it makes you feel happy.
  • You can take up a new hobby, such as painting.
  • Volunteer with a local organization. You will have fun and help people too.

It is hard to start something new when you are thinking about a lot of things. You might feel very overwhelmed, but you can try setting aside 30 minutes every other day. Use this time to do something that will distract your mind, or to do things that keep your mind busy.

Take A Deep Breath

Take a deep breath- overthinking symptomsYou’ve heard it before, but it works. Take deep breaths when you are thinking about your thoughts.

This is a good exercise to do when you are feeling stressed. To start, try taking deep breaths.:

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit. Relax your neck and shoulders.
  2. Put one hand on your heart and one on your belly.
  3. Put your nose to the air and breathe in and out. The air will go into your stomach.

Do this exercise three times a day for 5 minutes. This will help you when you have racing thoughts.


Meditation is a good way to make your mind happy. It can be hard to start. This book shows you how in 5 minutes and in a quiet place.

Look At The Bigger Picture

Look at the bigger pictureWhat will the issues in your mind mean for you five or ten years from now? Will anyone care that you bought a fruit plate instead of baking a pie from scratch? It does not matter if small things turn into big problems.

Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Do something nice for someone elseWhen you help someone else, it can help you be more positive about your life. You might think of ways to be helpful to people who are going through hard times.

Do you want to watch someone’s children for a few hours? Can you go to the store to buy groceries for your neighbor who is sick? When you feel bad or think about bad things, you might start to feel better when you do something good for someone else. It’s important to make people happy.

Acknowledge Your Successes

Acknowledge your successesIf you are thinking too much, stop. Write down at least five things that went well in the past week, and think about what you did in each of them.

Don’t worry about what other people think about these little things. You might be surprised at how quickly they add up. When you are thinking something bad, refer back to this list.

Stay Present

Stay present

You don’t need to go to a meditation class. There are other ways you can ground yourself in the present moment.

Be here now

Be here nowHere are some ideas:


Shut your computer or phone off for a designated amount of time each day. Spend that time on one activity, like reading.

Eat mindfully

You need to take time for yourself. That means that you should go out and buy your favorite meal. You need to remember how it tastes, smells, and feels in your mouth.

Get outside

Take a walk outside. You can do one quick lap around the block. Look at all the things you see and hear, like smells and sounds.

Take Action

Take action- overthinking symptomsSometimes, your thoughts can be bothering you and you don’t know what to do. That’s when it is important to take action. You might feel like someone else has a better life than you and that makes you not want to go out. When that happens, the best thing is to remember what they have and use it as inspiration for what you want.

The next time you are visited by that green-eyed monster, remember to take some notes. Write down ways that you can go about reaching your goals. This will get you out of your head and help you think about what it is that needs to be done.

Practice self-compassion

Practice self-compassion- overthinking symptomsTherefore, think about mistakes you made in the past. If you are beating yourself up over something that happened last week, try to think more of self-compassion. Here are some ways to start:

  • Take a note of a stressful thought.
  • Pay attention to what you are feeling.
  • You can say that you are feeling ___ right now.
  • I want to be my best self. I want to think about how I am better when I say these things.

Embrace Your Fears

Embrace your fears- overthinking symptoms

Moreover, you can’t control some things. When that happens, you need to accept it. That will help you stop overthinking about it.

It is hard to do this. It will take a while. But look for ways to confront the things that you worry about. Maybe it is standing up to a bossy co-worker or taking a day trip by yourself that you have been dreaming of.


As a result, it is important to remember that everyone has overthinking symptoms and overanalyzes at times. The difference between a healthy person and someone who suffers from anxiety or depression is how often these thoughts occur, and what actions are taken because of them. If you find yourself having trouble coping with your own symptoms of overthinking, it can help to seek professional mental health care or talk about your feelings with friends and family members as well as consider taking some time for self-care such as meditation, exercise, hobbies, etc.

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