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BA in Behavioural Sciencies majoring in psychology and sociology. HIV testing and counselling

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Online therapy in East Rand

Online therapy in East Rand has been integrated into the academic curriculum. It is done online with a trained facilitator who is not of the same gender as the client. This helps reduce stigma and enables confidentiality which will help to maintain the privacy of the student.

The counselling sessions will be done in a safe environment where the patient can open up to a trained professional over their problems. The sessions are not long and require commitment from all parties involved, but it is worth it in order for students to receive the help they need. Online therapy allows students to schedule appointments according to their availability.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.     

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Mental Health in East Rand

Statistics for mental health conditions in East Rand show that the incidence of depressive and anxiety disorders is less than 2%. Anxiety and depressive disorders: 10.8% and 4.5% respectively. Alcohol and substance abuse: 13.1% and 5.5% respectively.

In the psychiatric institutions, there are approximately 1000 mental health patients that have been diagnosed with a depressive or anxiety disorder and about 200 with an alcohol or substance abuse problem. There are many more who cannot be put into institutions because their illness is not severe enough for them to be registered as mentally ill by the Department of Social Development.

As if that is not enough, there are an additional 400 or more people that cannot be put into institutions because there is no space for them to occupy. This does not include the many who take their own lives each year without anyone’s knowledge.

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It was this dire need to work with depressive and anxiety disorders, alcohol and substance abuse, and the apparent difficulty to get a proper diagnosis that prompted me to start my research.

It started as a query into the number of people that were being diagnosed with these disorders. The outcome was already known before I began my research – depressing and anxiety disorders have been found by many studies globally to be the most common mental health condition in the general population. The outcome of this research was that according to the South African Community Epidemiology Network on Drug Use (SACENDU) report, 9% of adults in SA suffer from such mental health conditions.

Best Therapists in East Rand

Mark Halpin

This therapist is a renowned international speaker, has been featured on BBC Radio 4, and is the author of over 30 books. He is known for his work with trauma and panic attacks. He studied from 1995 to 2003 at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) and became a registered clinical psychologist. He is also an ordained minister, specializing in spiritual counseling. Mark Halpin has been working as a psychotherapist since 1995.

Dr. Justin Volz

A strong supporter of rational emotive behavior therapy, this therapist helps people deal with their problems by teaching them new ways of thinking and behaving. His work includes helping sufferers of anxiety and panic disorders as well as phobias and other psychological complaints. Dr. Volz studied at the University of Cape Town from 1986 to 1990 before practicing for three years as a psychologist in America. Returning to South Africa, he completed his registrar training at the Wellness Centre in Johannesburg.

Hylton Smith

Smith’s therapy focuses on teaching new skills to cope with life-changing events such as divorce, bereavement, job loss, or illness. She studied from 1990 to 1994 at the University of Cape Town and is a registered clinical psychologist. She has also written numerous books.

Dr. Scott Duxbury

This therapist helps people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, self-esteem issues, anger management problems, and addictive behaviors to understand the roots of their mental health issues and develop healthier coping skills for dealing with life’s challenges. This therapist studied at – after completing his training in private practice in 2000 – the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), where he became a member in 2002 and continues to be an active participant today.

Ning De Conno

De Conno is known for her advanced study in both therapeutic hypnosis and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). She uses these therapies not only to treat clients with mental disorders but also for personal development and empowerment. The focus of her therapy is on taking a fresh look at a client’s life to find the source of their distress and then redesigning it – together with the client – towards greater happiness and fulfillment. De Conno has been practicing since 1993 after gaining her first degree from the University of Western Cape. She obtained her master’s degree from UCT in 1996 before heading to London where she completed her postgraduate diploma as a clinical hypnotherapist at the New School of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy in 2001. She is now based at Casa del Sol Guest House which offers retreats using therapeutic hypnosis for those struggling with chronic illness as anxiety, depression, stress, and other such conditions.

Martin Kriel

Kriel graduates from the University of Pretoria in 1990 and has since completed postgraduate work at UCT, Harvard Medical School, and Oxford Brookes University. He specializes in unlocking blocks to goal achievement and helping clients find their life’s purpose through his work as a leadership and management consultant.

Types of therapists in East Rand

  • Relationship therapists in East Rand
  • – Marriage counselors in East Rand
  • – Divorce counselors in East Rand
  • – Family counselors in East Rand
  • – Child therapists in East Rand
  • – Teen therapists in East Rand
  • – Anxiety therapists in East Rand
  • Depression therapists in East Rand
  • – Stress therapists in East Rand
  • – LGBTQ therapists in East Rand
  • – ADHD therapists in East Rand
  • – Addiction therapists in East Rand
  • – Sex therapists in East Rand
  • – Employee therapists in East Rand
  • – PTSD therapists in East Rand
  • – Bipolar therapists in East Rand
  • – Insomnia therapists in East Rand
  • – Panic Attacks therapists in East Rand
  • – OCD therapists in East Rand

Common types of therapies in East Rand

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Most common therapy approach in East Rand is where the therapist challenges your negative thoughts about you and the world. He tries to alter unwanted behaviors or treat disorders such as depression.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Second most common therapy approach in East Rand is which the therapists teach behavioral skills (mindfulness & emotion regulation) to help clients enhance motivation. DBT is often used for mental health issues including eating disorders, PTSD, personality disorder, self-harming notions.

Existential Therapy

3rd most common therapy treatment in East Rand focuses on self-actualization in the face of people’s challenges. Existential therapy aids clients in confronting hard and distressing truths about life and death.

Other therapy approaches include:

ACT Therapy in East Rand, Art Therapy in East Rand, Behavioral Therapy in East Rand, Contemplative Therapy in East Rand, Play Therapy in East Rand, EMDR Therapy in East Rand, Emotionally Focused Therapy in East Rand, Existential Therapy in East Rand, Experiential Therapy in East Rand, Gestalt Therapy in East Rand, Hypnotherapy Therapy in East Rand, Music Therapy Therapy in East Rand, Narrative Therapy in East Rand, Psychodynamic Therapy in East Rand, Psychoanalytic Therapy in East Rand, and Somatic Therapy in East Rand.


Psychologists or therapists in East Rand help people understand and handle different life problems and mental health issues.

They diagnose and treat mental disorders, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems.

You should expect to pay between $100 and $250 for a face-to-face therapy session with a East Rand area therapist.  Online therapy in East Rand is relatively affordable and therapists charge between $30 to $ 150. You can book both online and face-to-face sessions with a therapist in East Rand via MantraCare.

In case you are looking for free therapists or free therapy, you can choose to call the East Rand free helpline number. There are a few online therapy options that can be free or low-cost. At MantraCare, therapy can cost you as low as $10.

Anyone interested in working as a therapist or counselor in the East Rand area must earn at least an accredited master’s degree in counseling or social work. East Rand also has some continuing education requirements, and every counselor or therapist is required to know all the rules and laws that pertain to their profession.

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