How to Become a Psychiatrist In Just A Few Simple Steps

Psychiatrists- difference between psychologist and psychiatrist

Becoming a psychiatrist is not an easy task. It takes years of schooling, internships, and on-the-job training to make it happen. But with some dedication and hard work you can become one! This article will teach you about how to become a psychiatrist. You need to know what it takes and how much you will earn. You also need to know some tips for getting started.

Who Is A Psychiatrist?

How To Find Psychiatrists

A psychiatrist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats mental illnesses. They can prescribe medication or therapy to help patients get better. Psychiatrists must have a medical degree from an accredited school, as well as three years of residency training in psychiatry.

A psychiatrist typically sees patients once a week for an hour-long session. During this time, they will talk to the patient about their symptoms, daily life, relationships, and medications. If needed, the psychiatrist may also order lab tests or imaging studies.

How To Become A Psychiatrist?

What Does A Psychiatrist Do

If you would like to become a psychiatrist, it is helpful to be in college. If you are not, then you must get your GED. After that, the steps are as follows:

  • Graduate College: You will need to obtain a medical degree from an accredited school. This typically takes four years, and during this time you will learn about human anatomy, physiology, pathology, and more.
  • Complete A Residency: After obtaining your medical degree, you must complete three years of residency training in psychiatry. During this time you will work with patients who have various mental illnesses and learn how to diagnose and treat them.
  • Pass The Board Exam: Once you have completed residency training, you must pass the board exam in order to become a licensed psychiatrist. This test is difficult, but with hard work, it can be done!
  • Take the MCAT: If you want to attend medical school, you will need to take the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). This test measures your ability to think critically and solve problems.
  • Get Licensed: After passing the board exam, you must become licensed in order to practice psychiatry. This can be done by contacting your state’s licensing board.
  • Graduate medical school: Obtain a medical degree from an accredited school
  • Apply to be a licensed doctor: You need to apply in the state where you want to work. You will take a test made by the state where you want to work. You may need to do other things, like if you have a background check.
  • Complete a psychiatric residency: You will need to do a residency in psychiatry. This is where you learn how to be a doctor who treats mental illnesses.

Other Tips To Become A Psychiatrist

  • Get involved in extracurricular activities, like volunteering or working on research projects. This can help you stand out from other applicants when it comes time to apply to medical school.
  • Shadow a psychiatrist to see what the job is like and get some first-hand experience.
  • Stay up to date on current events and issues in psychiatry so that you can discuss them with your patients.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Psychiatrist?


The cost to become a psychiatrist varies. It depends on where you go if you have student loans and the area that you live in. Out-of-state students who attend four-year public colleges spend about $23,890 per year intuition, which is about $95,560. This does not take into account the cost of books, room, and board, or food. These can be expensive. For example, the cost of room and board is around $5,000 per year.

Out-of-state students who attend public medical schools pay an average of $58,668 a year in tuition. If they live on campus, they will have to pay for room and board as well as books. This can be expensive!

This means that taken together, for an out-of-state public school student, the cost of medical school and college is about $330,000. In-state public school students typically pay less than this amount but you may pay more if you go to a private school.

The average salary for psychiatrists is $256,000. The salary of a psychiatry resident is $60,800 per year. A resident usually has to work hard and do so much work to get the money they need for their student loans.

Can I Become A Psychiatrist Without medical School or Medical Degree?


You can become a psychiatrist without going to medical school or getting a degree in medicine. You need to go through the process of becoming qualified as well as pass certain exams and tests.

You will need to take classes to be able to work with patients. You can take these classes at an accredited college. After graduating from college, you need to do a residency. It takes three years to get a license before taking the exam. A physician needs to know how the human body works in order to treat a mental illness. There is no treatment for an illness unless it involves drugs, but those just help with symptoms and do not cure the illness completely.

How To Become A Psychiatrist In Canada Or The UK?

The process may be slightly different in Canada and the UK. Becoming a psychiatrist is difficult but you can do it if you work hard!

You need to take courses that are specific to psychiatry, like chemistry or biology. You also will need an undergraduate degree (a four-year college degree). After graduating from university, apply for medical school through your local schools or colleges. In order to become a psychiatrist in the UK, you must first complete at least one year of foundation training after completing medical school. Then, you go to work for two years in the hospital doing medical care. Then, you become a doctor and take care of people who are sick. At this point, doctors should have all their qualifications so they can start working as psychiatrists under supervision with the right to prescribe drugs.

There are many resources out there that can help you become a psychiatrist. The most important thing is to be passionate about helping people and working hard! Stay up to date on what is happening in the world, do extracurricular activities, and work as a doctor for a short time. These things will help you become successful.

How Much Do Psychiatrists Make?

The average salary is $188,000 per year! However, the salaries vary by location and job title. Some psychiatrists earn as little as $110,000 while others make up to $200,000+. As an intern psychiatrist can expect around $51,800/year and it only goes up from there! But remember: this is just an estimate – your actual salary may be higher or lower depending on your years of experience, skills, and other factors.

Benefits Of Becoming A Psychiatrist

Reasons to seek psychiatric services- online psychiatrist

Becoming a psychiatrist is not just about getting paid. There are many other benefits to being a doctor! Psychiatrists have flexible hours, the pay is reasonable for how difficult it can be, and they get time off during holidays.

Psychiatrist’s job list:

  • Diagnose mental disorders in patients  – including depression, schizophrenia, etc.
  • Provide psychiatric assessments of people who may potentially harm themselves or others (this includes children)
  • Prescribe medications that are used to treat symptoms related to mental illness

Negatives Of Becoming A Psychiatrist

The negatives of becoming a psychiatrist are the long hours, stress involved in diagnosing people and dealing with difficult patients.

Many psychiatrists work nearly 60 hours per week which can lead to burnout quickly! Doctors get stressed when they don’t know what is wrong with their patients. If you can’t figure out the problem and give the right medication, your patient might not get better. Some people don’t want to take their medicine. It is hard when people do not take their medicine because that means that they are not making any progress.


So… is psychiatry the right career for you? Only you can decide that! But if you’re interested in helping people who are struggling with mental illness, want a challenging and interesting job, and have the patience to deal with paperwork, then psychiatry may be perfect for you. The bottom line: it takes a lot of hard work – but it can be very rewarding – to become a psychiatrist.

To become a psychiatrist, one must first practice psychiatry by contacting their state’s licensing board; secondly obtain a medical degree from an accredited school; apply to be licensed as a doctor in the state they wish to work; complete residency training in psychiatry; become board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology; pass an ethics exam; receive a state license to practice medicine. Psychiatrists earn on average $188,000 per year but salaries vary depending on location and job type. To become one takes around eight years in total (four for college + four for medical school).

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