Choosing a Career In Psychiatry: A Guide on Careers and Education

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Psychiatry is a hugely popular career choice for many different reasons. It’s a profession that offers the opportunity to help others through one of life’s most difficult times. Also, it presents an interesting challenge because each person has their own set of needs that need to be met. Choosing a career in psychiatry is not as easy as pursuing other professions. You’ll need to obtain quite a few qualifications before even applying for the job. This article will give you all the information you need on how to become a psychiatrist, what kinds of personalities can or should choose this line of work, and more!

Choosing a Career In Psychiatry

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Choosing a career in psychiatry can be very rewarding. It is a great way to help people who are struggling with their mental health. However, not just anyone can become a psychiatrist. You need to have the right personality type and the necessary training and education.

So, how do you become a psychiatrist?

Get a Degree

The first step is to get a degree in psychiatry. This can be done at a medical school or a psychiatric residency program.

Complete a Residency Program

After you have your degree, you will need to complete a residency program. This is where you will learn how to be a psychiatrist. You will also get experience working with patients.

Become Board Certified

To practice psychiatry in the United States or abroad, you must become board certified. To do this, you must pass the board certification exam.

NOTE: Most psychiatrists will need to become certified by their state as well. This certification is usually done after several years of practicing psychiatry under supervision from another licensed physician. It can take around five years before you are fully able to practice psychiatry without supervision.

In India

The process to become a psychiatrist in India is very similar to the process in the United States. You will need to get a degree from a recognized medical school or psychiatric residency program. After that, you will need to complete a residency program and become board certified.

Personality Type For Choosing a Career In Psychiatry

People who have a strong interest in psychology and science are good candidates for this career. You will need to be passionate about helping people with their mental health issues.

Psychiatry can be a challenging and rewarding career choice for those who are interested in mental health. However, it is not the right career for everyone.

Not Just Anyone Can Become a Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists must have an interest in science and psychology. They also need to be good listeners who enjoy helping people with their mental health issues. Psychiatry can be emotionally challenging because you will often come into contact with patients that may be suicidal or violent.

Psychiatrists need to be able to handle the stress of seeing lots of patients one after another all day long, every day. They also should not have any major issues with blood or needles because they will often work closely with nurses and other staff members who are giving injections.

Where Do Psychiatrists Work?

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A psychiatrist can work in a variety of places. Many are employed by psychiatric hospitals, but some work for private practices or community mental health centers.

Psychiatric Hospitals

Psychiatrists who work in psychiatric hospitals often see a lot of patients. They may have to work long hours, and they may be on call overnight.

Private Practices

Some psychiatrists choose to open their private practices. This can be a very rewarding career choice. But it can also be challenging because you are responsible for all the financial aspects of your practice.

Community Mental Health Centers

Psychiatrists who work in community mental health centers often have a more relaxed schedule. They may only see patients for a few hours each day. This can be a good career choice for those who want to help people. But do not want to work long hours.

How Do Psychiatrists Work?

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Psychiatrists often have to see patients one after another all day long.

Do Evaluations and Write Reports

Most psychiatrists spend a lot of time doing evaluations and writing reports. This is because they need to do assessments and write prescriptions.

See Patients All Day Long

Psychiatrists usually see patients one after another all day long during their workdays. They may have breaks in between sessions. But it can be a very busy and demanding job.

Can A Psychiatrist Become a Sub-Specialist?

Yes, you can become a sub-specialist. Psychiatrists might specialize in an area such as child psychiatry or geriatric psychiatry.

What Kinds of Tools do Psychiatrists Use to Help Their Patients?

Psychiatrists typically use a variety of tools to help their patients. Choosing a career in psychiatry might include prescription medications, therapy, or counseling.

Counsel Patients

Another tool that psychiatrists might use with their patients is therapy. This can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and more.

Prescribe Medication

One of the most common tools that psychiatrists use is medication. They may prescribe different types of antidepressants, antipsychotics, or mood stabilizers.

Provide Therapy (Psychotherapy)

Psychiatrists also provide therapy to their patients. This can be in the form of individual or group therapy.

Refer Patients to Other Specialists

If a patient requires more specialized care, a psychiatrist might refer them to another specialist. This could be an internist, neurologist, or other mental health professional.

Other Tools

  • Diagnostic Tests (X-Rays, Blood Work, etc.)
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
  • Patient and Family Support Services
  • Meditation

Though a psychiatrist often has to use several tools to help their patients. They may prescribe medications or do electroconvulsive therapy when needed.

However, the most important tool that they have is the patient themselves. By listening, empathizing, and offering support, psychiatrists can help their patients recover from their mental health issues.

NOTE: They might use other tools as well. For example, psychiatrists can prescribe devices like a heart monitor to patients who have conditions that affect the cardiovascular system.

How Much Do Psychiatrists Earn?

The salary of a psychiatrist varies depending on their experience and specialty. However, the median income for psychiatrists is around $200,000 per year.


Choosing a career in psychiatry can involve many different factors including personality type and training/education requirements. Psychiatrists are helping people every day with their mental health concerns. If you want to help others and enjoy working in science or psychology, this could be an excellent career path for you.

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