Couples Trauma Therapy | Techniques of Couples Trauma Therapy

Couples Trauma Therapy

Relationships can be challenging, no matter the age, race, religion, or gender of the couple involved. And when things start to break down, it can be hard for couples to take a step back and look at their relationship objectively. Enter couples trauma therapy. It’s designed to help couples who are having difficulty resolving conflicts and communicating effectively. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what couples trauma therapy entails and how it can help you and your partner build a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

What Causes Trauma in a Relationship?

When a couple experiences trauma, it can be caused by many things. It might be due to a one-time event, such as an accident or natural disaster. Or, it could be the result of ongoing stressors, like financial problems or chronic illness.

Whatever the cause, trauma can take a toll on a relationship. It can lead to communication problems, mistrust, and intimacy issues. If not addressed, trauma can even cause a breakup or divorce.

If you and your partner are dealing with trauma, it’s important to seek help from a therapist or counselor who specializes in couples therapy. With the right treatment, you can begin to heal the wounds of trauma and rebuild your relationship.

What is Couples Trauma Therapy?

What is Couples Trauma Therapy?

Couples trauma therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps couples heal from the effects of trauma. Trauma can take many forms, including physical, emotional, sexual, or mental abuse; exposure to violence or natural disasters; and neglect or abandonment. Couples who have experienced trauma often develop trust issues, communication problems, and conflict avoidance behaviors. Also, Couples trauma therapy can help these couples heal their wounds and rebuild their relationship.

Couples trauma therapy typically begins with an assessment phase in which the therapist gathers information about the couple’s history of trauma and its effects on their relationship. The therapist then works with the couple to develop a treatment plan that may include individual therapy for each partner, couples counseling, and/or family therapy.

Treatment focuses on helping the couple identify and process their feelings about the trauma, developing new coping skills, and rebuilding trust and communication. With time and effort, couples can heal the damage caused by trauma and build a strong, healthy relationship.

How Does Couples Trauma Therapy Work?

The working of couples trauma therapy depends on the individual approach of the therapist. Generally, however, it is a combination of different techniques such as systemic work, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and/or experiential interventions with a focus on attachment and relational security.

The main goal of couples trauma therapy is to help both partners understand their individual and shared traumas, their reactions to them, and how these traumas have affected the relationship. In couples trauma therapy sessions, both partners learn to better identify, talk about, and manage their emotions to reduce stress levels.

The therapist will also help each partner explore how their individual experiences affect the couple’s relationship, and help the couple recognize patterns of behavior that may be creating tension or stress. Additionally, couples trauma therapy can also involve exploring both partners’ experiences of shame, guilt, and hurt – all of which are common responses to traumatic events.

Different Techniques Used In Couples Trauma Therapy

Different Techniques Used In Couples Trauma Therapy

There are many different techniques used in the practice of couples trauma therapy, and each therapist may have their preferred method. Some of these are:


One type of technique that is often used in couples trauma therapy is communication. This involves helping the couple to learn how to effectively communicate their feelings and needs, as well as understanding each other’s emotions and wanting to be heard and understood.


Another popular technique used in couples trauma therapy is psychoeducation. This practice involves teaching both partners about different types of traumatic experiences and their effects on the relationship. It also helps couples to acquire new skills so they can better cope with challenging emotions, such as fear or anger.


Reattribution is another technique used in couples trauma therapy that focuses on helping individuals understand the source of problematic behaviors and how to be more productive in responding to those behaviors. This technique can help couples develop new strategies to work together, rather than rely on old patterns that may be causing more problems.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a form of couples trauma therapy that focuses on the relationship between two people and how they can be mutually supportive. This type of therapy works to address issues such as communication, trust, and connection between partners. It also helps individuals learn to accept their feelings and recognize them in others.


An often overlooked technique used in couples trauma therapy is gestures. This may include physical contact, such as holding hands or hugging, to help create a sense of security and trust between partners. It can also be helpful to make kind gestures towards each other, such as offering words of encouragement or simple compliments. This type of behavior can go a long way in helping couples to heal from their trauma.

These are just a few of the many techniques used in couples trauma therapy, and couples need to find a therapist who is experienced.

Pros and Cons of Couples Trauma Therapy

Pros and Cons of Couples Trauma Therapy

Couples trauma therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps people who have experienced trauma in their lives. There are many benefits and drawbacks to this approach, which should be considered before deciding if it is right for you and your partner.

Pros of couples trauma therapy include:

  • being able to address the specific needs of each partner in the relationship, as well as having a chance to work through any feelings or emotions that were repressed due to the original trauma.
  • Working with an experienced therapist can help couples rebuild their relationship and learn how to better cope with situations that may trigger the trauma.
  • It also provides a safe space for both partners to discuss what happened, which can be beneficial in understanding why it occurred and how to avoid similar experiences in the future.

On the flip side, there are some drawbacks to couples trauma therapy.

  • It can be expensive, and may require multiple sessions if the trauma experienced is particularly intense.
  • Additionally, couples trauma therapy requires both partners to be willing to open up and share their experiences, which can be difficult after experiencing a traumatic event together.
  • Finally, it can be emotionally difficult and painful for both partners to confront the trauma and its effects.

When deciding if couples trauma therapy is right for you, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and talk to your therapist about any concerns you have.

How to Find a Qualified Couples Trauma Therapist?

How to Find a Qualified Therapist?

If you’re looking for a qualified couples trauma therapist, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the therapist is licensed and has experience working with couples. Second, ask about their training and experience in treating trauma. Lastly, be sure to ask about their approach to therapy and whether they think it’s a good fit for you and your partner.

A licensed couples trauma therapist will have the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively help you and your partner heal from trauma. When searching for a therapist, be sure to ask about their qualifications and licensing. In addition, be sure to inquire about their training and experience in treating trauma specifically. This will ensure that they are well-equipped to help you address the unique challenges that come with healing from trauma as a couple.

Finally, when meeting with potential therapists, be sure to ask about their general approach to therapy. Does their model of therapy align with your needs and goals? Do they seem like they would be a supportive and understanding partner on your journey of healing? Choosing a therapist is an important decision, so take your time in finding someone who feels like the right fit for you and your relationship.


Couples trauma therapy is a great way to address unresolved issues between two people in a relationship. It can help couples learn how to better communicate, understand each other’s needs, and build healthy relationships.

While the process may be intimidating at first, taking the time to seek out professional help can make all the difference for couples struggling with their relationship. With an experienced therapist guiding them through the healing process, couples who engage in trauma therapy can find new ways of relating to one another and create healthier patterns that will last long into the future.

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