Emotional Abuse: Recognizing the Signs and Healing From It

emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is one of the most common types of abuse. It can take many forms, including verbal assaults, constant criticism, and belittling someone’s appearance. It can also be subtle when people ignore their needs. Sadly, there are many people who suffer from emotional abuse. Sometimes this type of abuse goes unrecognized because the abuser may not strike their victim physically. Some people might emotionally abuse other people to feel powerful. Other times, they are just trying to get attention. Whatever the reason, emotional abusers need professional help too! This article will discuss the symptoms of emotional abuse and what you should do if you suspect your partner is an abuser so that you can live a happy, healthy life.

Detailed Overview on Emotional Abuse

emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is one of the most prevalent types of maltreatment. Verbal assaults, continual criticism, and denigrating someone’s appearance are all examples of emotional abuse. It can also be indirect when people ignore their needs. Some people might harm other people to feel powerful. They might do this because they want attention. But in order to help them, you will need professional help too.


There are many different reasons why people emotionally abuse others. Some of them are:

  • To feel powerful
  • Because they want attention
  • They are trying to control you. This can be indirect or it could even look like caring too much about your feelings, but the reality is that the person just wants to have power over you. They might do this because of their own issues with power and respect for themselves that stem from childhood trauma.

Recognize if someone does not care about your needs by checking yourself frequently! If a friend has been making you feel bad, check on them to make sure that they are not mean to other people. You may need professional help as well since emotional abuse affects everyone around those who act abusively.



There are many ways to recognize emotional abuse and the signs of it. If you feel like your partner:

Making Fun

He/she bullies you by making fun of your appearance or what you say. He/she does not care about your needs. When people love themselves and others, they would never do this. They will help build the person up instead!

Playing Blame Game

In relationships, when things go wrong, both people should take responsibility. It does not matter if it is because of stress or anything else. When one person always blames you and never considers how they might be the problem, then they do not care about your feelings or needs. They just want to control you. When people are insecure or have low self-esteem, they blame others for their own mistakes. If someone loves themselves, then they will take responsibility for their actions and not blame other people. If someone has low self-esteem, then it is possible that they have been hurt before by another person too. They might need to forgive the other person.

Putting You At Fault

He/she constantly tells you that everything is your fault, then this means that he/she does not respect themselves very much. They are trying to make you feel bad in order to get their attention instead of dealing with their own issues!


He/she ignores what you say when it conflicts with something else they said before. This might mean that they never take responsibility for anything even though mistakes happen all the time. If someone loves himself or herself – which most people do because otherwise why would we be alive today? Then they will accept accountability for their actions no matter how big or small!

Saying one thing but doing another

He /she is always saying one thing but doing another. For example, if someone says they love you but only talks to you once a week or even less frequently. If someone really loves you, it doesn’t matter how often the two of you talk. What really matters is that both people feel connected to each other and have time for one another.

Commenting on Appearance

He or she is not nice to you. You know that this means they do not care about your feelings and needs. They will probably cheat on their partner too because they want attention from others. If someone truly loves themselves and the people around them, then they would never make fun of anyone else’s appearance or anything else about them.

Having an Anger Problem

If someone has anger problems, then this means that they may not know how to control their emotions and that something happened in the past that made them feel like they couldn’t do anything. They need help from others and will stop getting angry if they love themselves and those around them.

Ignoring the needs

People who do not care about themselves don’t care about other people’s feelings either. If someone cares for themselves and others, they would always take into consideration another person’s needs as well as their own!


This person criticizes you. They don’t respect themselves very much and are trying to make you feel bad in order to get attention from others. When someone loves himself or herself, then he/she would never criticize another person’s character or appearance (or anything about them). If someone loves himself or herself – which most people do because why else would we be alive today? – then there will always be room for forgiveness no matter how big the mistake might seem like on paper!

Behaving Carelessly In Taking Responsibilities

is not good at taking responsibility for his/her actions and always says that something is your fault instead. This means that they will blame other people whenever things go wrong – which also means that they do not care about themselves either; if someone truly cares about him or herself along with all those around them, then there will be no reason to avoid accountability and everyone involved in the situation (not just one single party) should take part of the solution rather than making everything worse by ignoring problems within relationships!

Effects of Emotional Abuse

  • If you love yourself, then you won’t be mean to other people. Mean things are wrong. Be nice and don’t blame others for things that are your fault!
  • Not everyone who has low self-esteem is an abuser but sometimes the two do go hand in hand. If someone cares for themselves and others, there is always room for forgiveness. No mistake is too big!
  • Emotional abuse can cause someone to feel nervous and afraid all the time. It might make someone always be scared of things. This is called an anxiety disorder. You should know yourself and those around you so that this will not happen.

Dealing With Emotional Abuse

If someone is not nice to you or does something mean, then it means that they don’t care about your feelings and needs. They will probably hurt others too so be careful!

When people feel nervous all the time, they can use therapies that help them with this feeling. It is called anxiety disorder. They can do these treatments on their own, but it is more helpful if they join a group of other people who have anxiety as well.

Emotional abuse can make someone always feel afraid. This can lead them down a path towards an anxiety disorder if they don’t get help. You should show yourself, love, like you would with others around you; then, no mistakes will be too big!

Healing From Emotional Abuse

Healing From Emotional Abuse

It is not good to be mean and it does not make you a better person. If someone isn’t nice to you, then they don’t care about your feelings which means that there will always be room for forgiveness.

You should show yourself some love as well as those around you because everyone deserves happiness! You can find support groups online or in real life who can help guide you through this difficult time of emotional abuse so never give up hope! Always remember: no mistake is too big when learning from mistakes within relationships and forgiving others along with loving yourself just like how you would treat another person makes all the difference between an abuser and a non-abuser.

Common Queries

Sample Questions For Anger Test

What tactics do emotionally abusive people use?

The tactics used for emotional abusers vary depending on their personality. However, they will all involve manipulation and control so that the victim feels helpless. This includes verbal, physical, or sexual violence against another party which could be a friend or family member instead. Emotional abusers might also use isolation as punishment. They don’t want to talk to other people, so they can’t leave. Emotional abusers will also use guilt and fear in order to manipulate their victims so if the victim tries to leave or take action, they won’t.

Do people in emotionally abusive relationships recognize the abuse?

It largely depends on the severity of emotional abuse as well as how long a person has been in an abusive relationship. Some people know that they are being abused and others might not see it at all. They have been brainwashed to believe what their abuser says. But without help from friends and family, there is no way out for them.

Is psychological abuse worse than physical violence?

Both kinds of abuse hurt someone’s mental health. They are not better or worse than each other. This is up to the victim because only they can decide which one bothers them more. If you want both your partner and yourself to be happy, then leave a physically violent relationship as soon as possible instead of staying with them so that you can both be happy together.

What is the difference between emotional abuse and verbal abuse?

Emotional abusers will use words to make someone feel bad. They might tell them that they are not good enough or that they should do something wrong. This could make someone feel like they can’t make decisions for themselves and like their life is not safe.

Verbal abuse is when someone insults you, talks to you like they are better than you, or makes other people feel bad. They could also call you names for no reason at all. It can be embarrassing to have someone talk about you in front of other people who don’t know anything about what happened. It can also be bad when someone keeps information from another person like what is happening with their friends or family members. Emotional abusers might also lie about things that happened in the past. This is not good because it makes people believe what they say without question. If something doesn’t sound right then you shouldn’t do it, because nobody deserves to be abused by being mistreated either! If you don’t love yourself then nobody else will either.

Who is likely to be an abuser?

Emotional abusers can come from all different walks of life and don’t just apply to those who are wealthy, poor, or middle-class. More often than not, people who were abused as a child will continue the cycle and abuse their partners instead of breaking free. People who feel bad might also do bad things. This is because they think nobody cares about them, and they need attention.

What should I do if someone close to me is being abused?

If you know somebody personally then find out how long this has been going on before you try reaching out. Remember: everyone deserves happiness even if you don’t know them personally. If you notice signs of emotional abuse then make sure to get help for your friend or family member immediately because nobody deserves to feel like this! Emotional abusers will often isolate their victims so that they aren’t able to reach out which means that it might take time before someone is willing to talk about what’s going on in their personal life.


Emotional abuse is a type of domestic violence that causes emotional pain, mental suffering, and distress. It may never leave physical marks but can be just as damaging to the victim’s well-being. The abuser will usually use verbal assaults or constant criticism to make their partner feel worthless. They might also try isolation tactics like limiting contact with friends and family members in order to take away things they enjoy doing for fun which would eventually lead them into depression.

There are many signs you could notice if someone is being emotionally abused such as low self-esteem, excessive crying, withdrawal from social situations, lack of appetite, or weight loss due to stress eating/starving themselves because they don’t want anyone else touching what belongs only to them (body). This form of abuse is a deep wound that takes time to heal and it’s important you don’t immediately start another ‘relationship’ because chances are the next person will be just as bad or even worse. It helps to build self-esteem by doing things like going out with friends, volunteering in your community, or learning how to love yourself again through meditation/journaling.

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