Teenage Counseling | Counseling For Young Adults

Teenage Counseling | Counseling For Young Adults

The teenage years are a time of change and growth. It is also a time where many teens experience significant stress, anxiety, or depression. If you have been wondering how to help your child in this difficult period in their life, then we have the answer for you. This blog post will discuss what teenage counseling is. It will also discuss how it can be helpful when they need guidance through these tough times.

What Is Teenage Counseling?

What Is Teenage Counseling?Teenage counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on the emotional and mental well-being of young adults. They are approximately 13 to19 years old (typically ages 12 to 20). This type of counseling helps young adults to develop coping skills. They need these skills in order to handle their feelings and emotions.

In the teenage years, young adults are going through a variety of changes. These can cause them to feel overwhelmed or stressed. This includes physical, mental, and social development as well as the loss of childhood status and responsibilities. These years also include many new challenges. These challenges are being independent of your family for the first time, developing relationships with peers, starting colleges and universities. These all while trying to figure out how you want to shape your future. In addition to these stressors, it’s not uncommon for teenagers today who have experienced trauma at some point in their lives. These are including bullying by peers or being exposed to violence, etc. This only adds additional pressure on this already delicate period of life.

Types of Teenage Counseling

Types of Teenage Counseling

There are many types of teenage counseling. These talk about emotions, talk about any problems you’re having in relationships or school, learn new coping skills, etc. Some of these are:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This type of teenage counseling is based on mindfulness and acceptance. It helps teenagers to develop a positive attitude towards their feelings – things that happen, or thoughts that come up. These are instead of trying to avoid them or push them away. ACT also focuses on living in the present moment. This can help teens with past trauma as well as anxiety issues they may be experiencing currently. Mindfulness exercises are commonly used by therapists who practice this form of therapy.

Family Therapy (FT)

During teen years it’s common for family problems to arise. These are due to many factors including divorce; working parents; lack of communication; etc., all while young adults themselves are developing boundaries between themselves and their families. Family therapy allows everyone within the family unit to communicate openly about their feelings.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This form of therapy focuses on changing the negative thinking patterns that often lead to anxiety, depression, etc. CBT helps teenagers to recognize faulty or incorrect thought processes and replace them with healthier thoughts that help reduce stress levels.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)  

This type of therapy is based on mindfulness as well but also includes cognitive-behavioral methods in combination with DBT skills training techniques which are used for emotion regulation/distress tolerance; mindfulness; interpersonal effectiveness; and distress reduction – all aimed at helping teens feel more comfortable processing emotions and coping better when faced with challenges they may be experiencing currently within their lives.

Reasons For Teenage Counseling

Reasons For Teenage Counseling

There are many reasons why someone needs teenage counseling:


Sometimes depression in teens is caused by the lack of communication with parents, living conditions at home, relationships with peers or family members. Teenage counseling can help teenagers to process their emotions and improve mental wellbeing through developing coping skills that allow them to handle stressors they are experiencing currently within their lives.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

If you’re feeling anxious all the time; panicking over seemingly small things; worrying about everything under the sun – then-teenage counseling may be able to assist you in managing your anxiety better so that it doesn’t take complete control over your life anymore. Similarly, if you suffer from panic attacks frequently (or even occasionally) without knowing why this happens – teenage counseling should be able to help you.

Bullying & Low Self-Esteem  

If someone is bullying you or your child at school then teenage counseling can be a great way of coping with the situation and making sure that it doesn’t get worse than what it already is currently for either party involved. In addition, self-esteem issues in teenagers are common because they feel unsafe, don’t have good relationships with peers/family members; etc., – all leading to low levels of self-esteem in general. Teenage counseling will be able to work on building better interpersonal skills while also helping teens learn how to value themselves more.

Self-Harm & Suicidal Thoughts  

Self-harm is typically caused by major depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. If you are feeling suicidal thoughts now or have ever tried to commit suicide in the past – teenage counseling can help teens learn how to cope with these feelings better instead of acting upon them impulsively.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Teenage counselors will also be able to assist young adults who struggle with drug/alcohol abuse because they feel that it’s their only escape from reality – which usually becomes a huge problem later on if not dealt with properly.

Self-Doubt &Low Confidence  

If you are constantly doubting yourself or lacking confidence in your abilities, then-teenage counseling may be able to help you overcome these negative feelings and start believing in yourself.

Jealousy & Insecurity  

Teenage counseling can also help teens overcome feelings of jealousy and insecurity they may be experiencing towards other peers/family members.

Future Goals & Career Planning    

Teenagers who are having difficulty setting long-term goals for their future or simply don’t know what to do with themselves after graduating from high school – teenage counselors will be able to assist them by helping them set better career paths that meet both short-term as well as long-range life goals.

Signs That Someone Needs Teenage Counseling

Signs That Someone Needs Teenage Counseling

There are many symptoms that someone needs teenage counseling such as:

Not Having Fun Anymore

If your teenager has lost interest in all of the hobbies they used to enjoy doing because something is “missing” or incomplete within them – then-teenage counseling should be able to help teens figure out what it actually is and how they can go about fulfilling their goals/desires.

Lacking Energy & Feeling Tired All The Time  

Teenagers who feel tired nearly every day; lack energy no matter how much sleep they get during the night, etc., – teenage counselors will be able to assist by helping you work on coping with these feelings better so that life doesn’t become this strenuous cycle anymore.

Not Being Able To Concentrate On Schoolwork  

If you or your child is struggling with focusing on school work and simply can’t seem to get anything done – then-teenage counseling should be able to assist by helping young adults focus better so that they can complete their assignments as well as do well in exams.

Not Being Able To Control Emotions     

Teenagers who are feeling confused about not being able to control how they feel – teenage counselors will be able to teach them coping mechanisms for dealing with these emotions without getting overwhelmed too easily.

Not Knowing How To Make Friends       

Many teenagers struggle socially because of a lack of knowledge when it comes down to making friends, communicating properly, etc., – the list goes on and on! If your teenager is struggling with these issues, then-teenage counseling should be able to assist them so that they can learn how to form friendships more easily.

Trouble Sleeping      

If your child or yourself have been having problems sleeping at night because you feel like there is something else going on – teenage counselors will be able to help by helping teens identify what exactly it might be and provide coping mechanisms for dealing with the sleepless nights without too much stress/anxiety.

Feeling Like Something Is Missing

Teenagers who are feeling lost and confused may need teenage counseling sessions in order to figure out what’s causing this lack of self-identity and why they don’t seem happy lately – teenage counseling sessions will help teens figure this out and more.

Benefits of Teenage Counseling

Benefits of Teenage Counseling

There are many benefits of teenage counseling. Some of these are:

Helps To Overcome Negative Feelings

By helping teenagers overcome negative feelings such as self-doubt, low confidence, etc., – teenage counselors can help them to become happier and more confident in their own abilities so that they no longer feel weighed down by these emotions.

Increase Self Esteem & Self-Worth

Many young adults struggle with having a healthy sense of self-esteem and worth – which is why teenage counseling sessions will be able to assist your child or yourself with increasing this aspect within themselves.

Gives Better Understanding 

Through the process of working closely with a therapist/counselor who specializes in youth counseling; many teens are able to gain a better understanding of who they are and what makes them happy in life so that they can take steps to actually live out their dreams.

Helps To Make Friends Easily      

Having a great support system is very important when it comes down to being young, especially if you’re trying to make friends or find someone who’s like-minded – teenage counseling sessions will help teens form strong friendships with ease without too much stress/anxiety on the side of either party involved.

Helps To Overcome Trauma 

If your child has been struggling with any kind of abuse (emotional, physical, etc.,) then-teenage counselors should be able to assist them by teaching coping mechanisms for dealing with these emotions while also helping them to overcome the past in order for them to move forward with their lives.

Helps To Deal With Addiction  

If your son or daughter has been struggling with addiction, teenage counselors should be able to help by teaching coping mechanisms and how this can affect not only themselves but also everyone else who’s close to them – so that they can better understand what an addict goes through and why it’s so important to get clean and stay clean without relapse.


The teenage years are an important time in a person’s life. It is the period of growth and development that will shape who they become. If you have concerns for your child, it may be best to seek out professional help before things get worse. Our counselors can work with teens on issues like stress management or substance abuse.

Teenage counseling is not just for teenagers. Whether you are a parent, friend, or family member of an adolescent, it’s important to have the tools necessary. These are to help them navigate this difficult time in their lives.

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