Sexual Addiction Therapist | Different Sexual Addiction Therapist

Sexual Addiction Therapist | Different Sexual Addiction Therapist

Sexual addiction is a difficult and complicated issue to deal with. It can be hard for someone who has never dealt with it before to understand the gravity of the situation. If you find yourself in an abusive relationship or struggling with sexual addiction, it may be time for you to get help from a sexual addiction therapist nearby. This is so that you can start your journey towards recovery.

What Is Sexual Addiction?

What Is Sexual Addiction?Sexual addiction is a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it affects the brain much like other addictive behaviors. Like gambling or drug addiction, it can be difficult to treat. But there are many different types of therapy that have proven helpful in recovery. The first step toward getting help is understanding what sexual addiction actually means.

Sexual addiction is defined as an obsession with sexual thoughts or acts; this obsession causes negative consequences in the individual’s life, such as broken relationships or loss of employment. It can also cause intense feelings of shame and guilt. A person with sexual addiction may think about sex constantly, feel controlled by their thoughts and actions, lose track of time because they’re thinking about these things so often, and engage in sexually compulsive behaviors whether they feel like it or not. If sexual addiction is left untreated, it can destroy a person’s life.

Types of Sexual Addiction Treatment

Types of Sexual Addiction Treatment

There are many types of treatment for sexual addiction, but most types of therapy are used either in isolation or in combination with other therapies.


Medications can be used to help control or reduce cravings for sex, which is important for people who are recovering from sexual addiction. Some medications used to treat sexual addiction include antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety medications, energy boosters, and erectile dysfunction products.


Therapy can be especially helpful for sexual addiction because therapy is tailored to the individual, and it helps them address their specific problems with sex. With therapy, people can identify triggers that lead to compulsive sexual behavior. They work with a therapist on building self-confidence and self-control, identifying negative thought patterns, changing negative behaviors into positive ones, learning ways to cope with urges, repairing relationships affected by sex addiction, effectively communicating needs in relationships so they don’t have to resort to sexual compulsion, building new interests outside of sexuality, developing healthy coping skills for daily stressors, and rebuilding trust.

Self-Help Strategies

There are many different self-help strategies designed to help recovering addicts, including attending 12-step meetings, going to therapy on a regular basis, avoiding triggers that lead to compulsive behavior, using cognitive strategies and relaxation techniques, journaling about thoughts and feelings, exercising regularly, drawing comfort from religion or spirituality, finding a healthy social network, working a program of recovery from addiction (such as Sex Addicts Anonymous), joining mutual support groups such as sex or love addicts anonymous.

What Is Sexual Addiction Therapy?

What Is Sexual Addiction Therapy?Sexual addiction therapy is a way to treat the psychological component of this disorder. A large part of successful therapy is learning how to manage urges and cravings for sexual activity, as well as recognizing what triggers those feelings. It’s also important to develop coping strategies for those feelings; without them, a person with sexual addiction will be unable to function in healthy relationships or achieve sobriety from sexually compulsive behaviors.

Different Sexual Addiction Therapists

There are many sexual therapists all over the world. Sexual addiction therapy is different from other types of addiction therapy because people who suffer from sexual addictions may be addicted to a wide range of things, such as pornography, masturbation, and even sex with another person. Treating these issues requires specialized care; each one has to be addressed individually before the real work can begin. Some of these are:

Dr. Patrick Carnes

Dr. Patrick CarnesDr. Patrick Carnes is an American sexual addiction therapist who focuses on sex addiction in men. He founded the Gentle Path program at the Pine Grove Behavioral Center and is a founding member of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals. He has authored several books about sexual addiction, including Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction, Don’t Call It Love: Recovery from Sexual Addiction, and Contrary to Love: Helping the Sexual Addict.

Ben Caldwell

This therapist provides sexual addiction counseling from a Christian perspective. He has been working as a therapist for over 20 years and is the founder of Compulsions Anonymous, a support group for those struggling with compulsive behaviors. According to his website, he takes a holistic approach that considers the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects of an individual’s well-being. He also offers Christian sex therapy to help couples deal with sexual dysfunction and pornography issues.

Dr. Mary Sharpe

Dr. Mary SharpeMary Sharpe is an international specialist in relationship breakdown who helps individuals explore what went wrong so they can move forward again – together this time! This therapist was born in Scotland but now works internationally as a counselor, coach, speaker, consultant, trainer, public speaker, and writer. She holds a doctorate in social psychology, a master’s degree in family therapy, and is an associate member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. She has written several books including, Return to Me: Recovering Intimacy, Trust & Respect After Infidelity.

Dr. Carole Lieberman

She is one of the sexual addiction therapists. Carole Lieberman holds a Ph.D. in clinical sexology and practices psychiatry in Beverly Hills, California. She provides counseling for compulsive sexual behaviors as well as relationships after sex addiction. According to her website, she uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients identify the triggers that lead them to turn to compulsive sexual behaviors, then works with them to develop strategies that don’t involve obsessive behavior. Her book Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live With Them, and When to Leave Them is a good resource for those who find themselves in relationships with addicts or abusers.

Rebecca Bach

Rebecca BachRebecca Bach is a writer, speaker, and comedian from Chicago, Illinois. She earned her master’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in 2007, then moved to New York City where she began writing about sex and culture. In 2014 she published the book ” The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags: Relationship Warning Signs You Totally Spotted… But Chose to Ignore “, which helps people recognize the signs that someone isn’t healthy for them so they can move on to a partner who makes them happy.

Hollywood Life reported that Rebecca also provides sexual addiction therapy as part of her services as well as individual coaching sessions.

Dr. Barbara Winter

Dr. Barbara WinterDr. Barbara Winter is an American therapist known for her work with sexual addiction. She founded Sexual Recovery Institute in 1991, where she has worked to help patients overcome their addictions. She holds a doctorate degree from Stanford University and has authored several books about sex addiction, including Intimacy & Desire, Women Who Love Sex Addicts, Leaping On Starting Over After A Relationship Ends, and The Men on My Couch.

Abstinence Clearinghouse says that Dr. Winter’s treatment approach includes spiritual growth so individuals can improve themselves both physically and spiritually, as well as emotional growth so they are better equipped to have healthy relationships in the future.

Dr. Wendy Maltz

Wendy Maltz is a sex therapist and author who specializes in compulsive sexual behavior and healthy relationships. She developed the Maltz Sex Addiction Screening Test (SAST) in order to help her patients identify signs of sex addiction, then refer them to appropriate treatment. According to her website, she offers counseling sessions in person or via Skype for people struggling with compulsive sexual behavior as well as their partners, families, and friends.

Dr. Joe Kort

Dr. Joe KortJoe Kort specializes in helping individuals whose addictions affect their relationships. He has been working with addicts since 1996 when he founded ProActive Therapy, where he also provides relationship counseling for couples dealing with infidelity and other problems caused by sex addiction.

Dr. Don-David Lusterman

Don-David Lusterman is a licensed clinical social worker and certified sex addiction therapist. According to his website, he has been working with sexual addicts since 1989. This is when he founded the Center for Healthy Sex in Los Angeles, California. In addition to his work with addicts, Dr. Lusterman also helps in educating the public about healthy sexuality and sex addiction through educational workshops and lectures at schools, colleges, universities, conferences, treatment centers, and churches around the country. He also offers online counseling sessions via Skype or phone to individuals seeking a safe space. In this, they can discuss their problems without worrying about judgment.

Dr. Claudia Black

Dr. Claudia BlackDr. Claudia Black is an international expert on sex addiction who has been working with addicts for over 17 years. She founded the Sexual Recovery Institute in California, where she provides therapy for sexual addiction as well as other sexual issues. Dr. Black also speaks at conferences and universities around the country to help educate people about healthy sexuality and sex addiction.

Dr. Tara Fields

Dr. Tara Fields is a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist who specializes in sex addiction. Her website says that she has been working with sexual addicts since 1999. This is when she began teaching her patients skills to avoid addictive behaviors. The site also says that Dr. Fields takes an objective approach to treatment – rather than being judgmental about the addict’s problems. She tries to help them find healthy ways to address them without avoidance or shame.

Dr. Barbara Steffens

Dr. Barbara SteffensDr. Barbara Steffens is a California-based therapist and recognized expert in sexual compulsivity. She received her doctorate from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. It was with a specialty in clinical psychology and maintains a private practice. Dr. Steffens has been working with addicts for over 20 years. She says she has helped thousands of couples overcome relationship trauma. This trauma was mainly caused by compulsive sexual behavior, including infidelity, Internet affairs, objectophilia (sexual attraction to objects), and more. You can find out more information about her treatment approach on her website.


In conclusion, there are many sex addiction therapists out there who can help a person struggling with sexual addiction. If you’re looking for someone in your area to help voice, encourage, and support you on your journey of healing from sex addiction or know someone else who might need their services, check out the list above to find a professional near you!

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