Solution-Focused Couples Therapy : Techniques, Working and Benefits

Solution-Focused Couples Therapy

Are you tired of feeling stuck in a cycle of arguing and negativity with your partner? Do you feel like every conversation turns into a blame game instead of finding solutions? It’s time to try something new. Solution Focused Couples Therapy is an approach that focuses on identifying and building upon the strengths within a relationship, rather than dwelling on problems. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this type of therapy can help couples overcome challenges and create positive changes in their relationships.

What is Solution-Focused Couples Therapy?

What is Solution-Focused Couples Therapy

Solution-focused couples therapy is a type of therapy that helps couples identify and achieve their goals. The therapist uses a solution-focused approach to help the couple identify their strengths and resources and then uses those strengths and resources to achieve the couple’s goals.

Solution-focused couples therapy is based on the belief that the couple can solve their problems. The therapist works with the couple to help them identify their goals and then helps them develop a plan to achieve those goals. The therapist also provides support and encouragement to the couple as they work to achieve their goals.

This type of therapy is based on the idea that it is possible to create positive changes in a relationship without focusing on all of the negative aspects. Solution-focused couples therapy also focuses on improving communication and understanding between partners, which can help to reduce conflict and improve overall satisfaction in the relationship.

How Does Solution-Focused Couples Therapy Work?

When a couple enters into therapy, the therapist will ask each partner what they would like to change about the relationship. The therapist will then help the couple identify their strengths and work together to brainstorm solutions. Each session is focused on problem-solving and goal-setting. The therapist will provide support and guidance, but it is up to the couple to put the solutions into action.

The working of solution-focused couples therapy is based on the idea that the couple can create their solutions. Through this process, they learn to identify patterns that are causing relationship issues and how to use those patterns to create positive changes.

The therapist helps facilitate these conversations without offering advice or taking sides. Instead, they provide a safe environment for open communication and collaboration while teaching constructive problem-solving techniques.

The couple works together to create a plan that they both agree on and are willing to work towards. The therapist will help them break this plan down into manageable steps that can be achieved in the short term, such as weekly or daily goals.

Techniques Used In Solution Focused Couples Therapy

Techniques Used In Solution Focused Couples Therapy

There are several techniques used in Solution Focused Couples Therapy, which emphasize the positive aspects of the couple’s relationship and focus on solutions to present and future problems. The goal is to identify strengths and successes that can be built upon.

These are some of the techniques:

Collaborative Problem Solving

One key technique is collaborative problem-solving. The couple works together to identify common goals and develop strategies for working towards those goals. This requires good communication skills and active listening from both partners in the relationship.

Scaling Questions

Another technique that Solution Focused Couples Therapy employs is the use of scaling questions. These are used to help couples assess their relationship and identify areas that need improvement. The scale is often used to measure topics such as trust, communication, agreement, commitment, and satisfaction in the relationship.

Miracle Question

The Miracle Question is another technique used in Solution Focused Couples Therapy. This question encourages couples to imagine a future wherein their relationship has improved drastically due to one event. The couple then works together to identify steps that can be taken to make that vision a reality.

Exceptions Questions

Exceptions Questions are used to help couples identify what has worked in the past and how it can be applied in current situations. This technique encourages couples to look for exceptions, which means identifying areas of the relationship where progress has been made, even if there are still areas of contention.

Solution Talk

Solution Talk is a technique that encourages couples to discuss solutions rather than problems. This requires couples to use active listening and focus on problem-solving rather than blaming each other for relationship issues. The goal is to identify areas where improvement can be made, rather than pointing out flaws.

Coping Questions

An additional technique used in Solution Focused Couples Therapy is Coping Questions. This approach encourages couples to identify ways they have successfully coped with difficult situations in the past and how they can apply those techniques to their current relationship issues.


Some Solution Focused Couples Therapists may also use breaks during sessions. Taking a break allows both partners to take a step back and process what has been discussed so far. This can help couples process their emotions and reflect on the techniques that have already been discussed.

Pre-Session Changes

An important part of Solution Focused Couples Therapy is the pre-session change. This encourages couples to make changes in their behavior before therapy, which can help them achieve their desired goals more quickly and efficiently. It may involve changes in communication, attitude, or behavior.

By using these techniques, Solution Focused Couples Therapy can help couples work toward their goal

s and improve the overall quality of their relationship.

Benefits of Solution-Focused Couples Therapy

Benefits of Solution-Focused Couples Therapy

There are many benefits of Solution Focused Couples Therapy. Some of these benefits are:

Communicate Effectively

One of the major benefits of Solution Focused Couples Therapy is that it helps couples learn to communicate more effectively with each other. By teaching them how to engage in constructive dialogue and conflict resolution, couples can understand and better express their feelings and needs. This can lead to a stronger connection between the couple, improved trust, and an overall healthier relationship.

Helps To Identify & Resolve Issues

Solution Focused Couples Therapy also helps couples to identify and resolve the issues that may be causing tension or conflict in their relationship. By encouraging open and honest communication, couples can learn how to address problems head-on and develop strategies for dealing with them effectively. This can lead to increased satisfaction in the relationship as well as improved feelings of security and trust.

Improved Intimacy

The intimate connection between couples is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. By helping them to open up to each other more, Solution Focused Couples Therapy can help couples improve their intimacy and build stronger emotional connections with each other. This can lead to an overall improvement in their relationship as well as a greater sense of closeness and security.

Improved Understanding

Another benefit of Solution Focused Couples Therapy is that it can help couples gain an improved understanding of each other’s wants, needs, and feelings. By learning how to better understand their partner’s perspective, couples can better empathize with each other and develop a deeper level of trust and connection. This can lead to greater satisfaction in their relationship, as well as improved communication and conflict resolution skills.

Limitations of Solution-Focused Couples Therapy

Limitations of Solution-Focused Couples Therapy

Other than benefits, there are some limitations to Solution Focused Couples Therapy.

  • Sometimes the therapist might overlook underlying issues and a more comprehensive approach may be necessary for certain couple dynamics.
  • Additionally, the technique is not well suited for couples dealing with substance abuse or domestic violence as these complex issues require an in-depth analysis of their particular circumstances.
  • Furthermore, this type of therapy involves a great deal of introspection and analysis on the part of both partners, which may be difficult for some couples.
  • Finally, this type of therapy relies heavily on the willingness of both partners to communicate openly and honestly with each other, as well as their willingness to work together toward finding solutions. If any one partner is not fully committed to the process, it can lead to ineffective results.

How to Find a Solution-Focused Couples Therapist?

There are a few different ways to find a solution-focused couples therapist. You can ask your primary care physician for a referral, visit online websites like MantraCare which offer therapist and counseling directories, or research potential therapists in your area.

Once you have a list of potential therapists, you can start narrowing down your choices by considering things like their training, experience, and approach to therapy. It’s also important to make sure you feel comfortable with the therapist and that they offer services that fit your needs.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can always call or email a few different therapists to ask about their services and get a feel for their personalities and style. Once you’ve found a therapist that feels like a good fit, you can schedule an initial consultation to get started on addressing the issues in your relationship.


Solution-focused couples therapy is an effective way to help couples in distress. It focuses on identifying solutions and strategies that the couple can use to improve their relationship, rather than dwelling on past issues or problems. This technique encourages both partners to work together as a team towards common goals, creating a more positive environment for improving communication and understanding between them. With guidance from an experienced therapist, couples can learn how to resolve conflicts more effectively and create greater harmony in their relationship.

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