Narcissist Break Up Games | Side-Effects of Break Up Games

Narcissist Break Up Games | Side-Effects of Break Up Games

Breakups are tough! They can make you feel like your world is crashing down and that suddenly there is no happiness. But, what if we told you there was a way to get back at your ex by playing some games? The perfect guide for getting revenge on your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. There are some narcissist break-up games.

What Are Narcissist Break up Games?

What Are Narcissist Break up Games?Narcissist break-up games are some mind games that narcissists play with their partners during a break-up. They may use these games to get what they want, hurt their partner, or manipulate them in some way.

These games are also ways for narcissists to get the last word. Narcissist break-up games are a way of getting back at their partners, even when they’re no longer together.

To spot these narcissistic break-up games, it’s important to know what signs of narcissism you’ve experienced in your relationship with them or has seen so far. If your ex is showing any of the signs below after a breakup, there’s a high chance that he/she will pull one (or more) of these break-up games on you

Different Narcissist Break Up Games

These are some of the most common narcissistic breakup games that narcissists play with their partners:

Silent Treatment

Silent TreatmentThis is one of the most common narcissistic breakup games. Narcissists will give you the silent treatment after a breakup to punish their partner for leaving them, or because they’re mad at them. The silent treatment is also used as part of hoovering techniques designed to bring back your ex.

Grand Gesture

Another narcissistic breakup game where some people might think this is romantic but actually may be very manipulative is the grand gesture. Narcissists will often try to make a big, romantic gesture right after a break-up in order to get their partner back or to make them feel guilty for leaving them. This could be anything from buying an expensive gift to showing up at their doorstep with flowers.


This game happens when narcissists involve other people, usually friends and family, in their break-up in order to manipulate their partner even more. They’ll use these people as pawns to make their partners feel like they’re not good enough or that they’re being unfair by breaking up with the narcissist. Triangulation can also be used as part of hoovering techniques.


GaslightingGaslighting means manipulating someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity and it’s another popular game narcissists play with partners during a break-up. They’ll try to convince you that everything was your fault in an argument, even if it wasn’t so that they can justify why they did what they did or said what they said.

Love Bombing

Love Bombing

Love bombing is another one of these narcissistic break-up games. In the beginning, it may have been very romantic and perfect but after a while, you’ll notice that your narcissist will start to withdraw from being affectionate with you. He/she might even be mean or critical towards you at times in order to get what they want later on – which is for their partner to give them attention again so they can feel wanted and loved once more


Narcissists use hoovering techniques as part of their breakup game too. Hoovering means trying to manipulate someone into giving them something (love, sex, etc) by pretending that things are going well between the two of them when actually this isn’t the case. Narcissists may use hoovering techniques to try and get their partner back after a break-up or even when they’re still with them if they know that the relationship is going downhill.


This is another narcissistic break-up game. Narcissists will try to take revenge on their partners by hurting them in some way after a breakup, even if it’s just emotional pain they’re causing or making you feel guilty for leaving them.


GhostingGhosting is another one of these narcissistic break-up games. It means that your narcissist’s ex will just completely disappear from their life, not speaking to them anymore and refusing to answer any calls or texts so they can punish their partner for leaving them too. This may be a form of revenge. This is especially if the person does something wrong in order for this break up to happen. The only way you’ll know why someone has disappeared on you like this is when you ask them yourself but chances are, they won’t tell you because then it would make things awkward between both parties which defeat the whole point of doing this anyway


This is another narcissistic break-up game. Narcissists are often very good at making themselves look like they’re the victim of everything, even if it’s not true. They’ll constantly blame their partners for things that aren’t their fault or make them feel guilty for doing something wrong when in reality, they did nothing wrong, to begin with anyway. This is done so more power can be given back to the narcissist and he/she can control you more easily again. They may even blame you for things that happened to them or try and make it look like they were the victim of a crime if their partner left him/her.


This is another narcissistic break-up game. Baiting means that the narcissist will spend time with their partner in order to get them hooked again and then suddenly turn on them, making it seem like they were never interested at all. They’ll give their partner just enough attention so he/she comes back but not enough to make him/her feel satisfied with anything or happy with how things are going between you two anymore. Then, when your ex has come crawling back into his arms once more, the narcissist will start ignoring you again which can be very confusing for someone who’s been through this before because it doesn’t make sense why a person would do something like this, to begin with.

Bad Mouthing

Bad MouthingNarcissists will often bad mouth their partners to other people in order to get them back or just so they can make themselves look better than you. They’ll say that they were never interested in the person when they actually are but this is done for a different reason altogether – it’s because your ex wants more power over you and doesn’t want you going around telling everyone how controlling he/she was, especially if something did happen between both of you which might be embarrassing for him/her.

Why Do Narcissists Play Break-Up Games?

These are the reasons why narcissists play mind games with their partners:

To Get More Power Over You

To Get More Power Over YouAs mentioned above, the main reason why these people do this is because they want to have all of the power in your relationship. They don’t like it when things become equal or even worse than them so if that happens then quickly start playing some break-up games on purpose just to raise yourself back up again! It’s a way for them to stop feeling threatened by you and will also make you feel better too knowing that he/she isn’t worth your time anymore anyway – e.g., always looking at other people online, etc. Always having an escape route is great but sometimes it can be difficult depending on what kind of person they are so think carefully about what you’re going to do and how it’s going to affect your life.

To Get Back At You

The final reason why narcissists play break-up games is to get back at you for a situation or something that happened in the past! They may have been hurt by somebody else, had their heart broken, etc. so they try and do this as revenge which can be very difficult if it happens but just remember not to rise to any of their traps because it’s only going to make things worse! Just focus on yourself instead and ignore anything like these as best as possible until they realize what they’re doing – e.g., send insulting messages via email, etc. It will take time but everything always works out eventually even though it might seem impossible right now! Some people never learn from others’ mistakes.

To Stop You From Moving On

To Stop You From Moving OnAnother reason why narcissists play break-up games is that they want to stop you from moving on with somebody else after the relationship ends – e.g., “hacking” into their email account or phone, etc. They might also try talking about themselves all of the time in an effort to make sure that nothing happens between you two ever again! This will be extremely hard for them too but if they can’t control your mind then at least they’ll know that nobody else can either which should give them a bit more peace (but probably won’t!) so just ignore any messages like these as best as possible and move forward instead.

To Get You To Talk

Something that you might want to try when this happens is getting them talking by asking questions! They will also get a shock hearing from you after months of silence. It will make things interesting again. However, don’t take anything like these seriously because the only reason why they’re doing it is probably just for fun and definitely not to see whether or not you still care about them which should give you a good idea as to their motives in general – e.g., ask what they’ve been up to recently, etc. Narcissists always need attention though even if it’s negative but know that everything works out eventually when playing mind games with someone who has some serious problems themselves.

Benefits of Narcissist Break Up Games

As horrible as it sounds, the benefits of narcissistic breakup games are that you cannot be hurt anyway. If they don’t want you back then there’s no point in trying anymore – these people are often very good at making their partners look like idiots for wanting something with someone who doesn’t actually care about them or thinks anything of them! So if your ex is playing one of these types of games on you, just walk away and find yourself a much better partner instead who won’t play mind games with you but will be honest from the beginning too.

Side-Effects of Narcissist Break Up Games

There are many side effects that are the direct result of being involved with a narcissist.

These side effects can affect you long after your relationship has ended, so it is important to realize that there are ways to heal from these effects and overcome them. This doesn’t mean that they will go away overnight or even fully in some cases, but by knowing what they are and working towards healing you can minimize the negative impact that they have on your life.

Below are some of the most common side effects of narcissist break up games:

Creates Confusion

Creates ConfusionAnxiety and fear of the person you’re with. If they’ve been playing games like these, it can make things very difficult for both parties to actually get along again in a loving manner because one of them may always be worried about what’s going on behind their back or if they’ll disappear from your life too soon. This can make things very difficult for both parties to manage and often leads to a lot of stress, anxiety, and heartache because you never know if the person is going to be there or not.

Wastes Time

Wastes TimeIf your partner disappears on you like this, it means that time has been wasted where he/she could’ve been with someone much better than them – e.g., yourself! So instead of wasting time wondering why they did something so stupid as disappearing from your life without any notice whatsoever (like most sane people would!), just move on and find somebody new who will appreciate what you have to offer instead which can save you a whole load of hassle in the long run too.

Creates Lack of Trust 

The actions of the narcissist lead you to not trust others. You may be afraid to get involved with anyone else for fear that they might turn out like them, or you find it difficult to open up and let people in because your experience is still fresh. This lack of trust can carry into other areas as well such as work relationships and friendships.

Causes Depression

Causes DepressionThe most serious side-effect of narcissistic break-up games is that they can often lead to depression. This is because you’re constantly being put through the emotional wringer by someone who doesn’t even care about you. You’ll find yourself wondering what you did wrong, why they won’t talk to you, or if there’s anything that you could’ve done differently – but the answer will always be no because these people are just toxic for your mental health. If you start feeling like this, please get some help from a professional as soon as possible because your well-being should always come first and foremost.

Makes You Doubt Yourself

It can also cause you to feel like you are worthless, which is exactly how the narcissist wants you to feel. They want to take away your self-confidence and make you dependent upon them for validation.

Promotes Feelings of Emptiness Or Loneliness

You may find that after a breakup with a narcissist it’s extremely hard to be alone even when they were abusive towards us. This feeling tends to fade over time but in some cases, there are serious issues that need addressing within ourselves before we will allow anyone else into our lives again, especially someone who treats us badly.


In conclusion, narcissist break-up games can be very frustrating and complicated to deal with but everything works out in the end! These people are just pure evil at heart so don’t let them get away with anything like these ever again. These games are usually just a way to get more power over you, stop you from moving on or getting back at you so be very careful and never forget what they’re capable of.

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