Victim Narcissist | How To Deal With Victim Narcissist?

Victim Narcissist

A victim narcissist is someone who lives his/her life as a victim. This person refuses to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. They have a tendency to blame others for what they go through. They will often resort to violence or anger when confronted. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the various types of Victim Narcissists you might encounter in your life.

Who Are Victim Narcissists?

Who Are Victim Narcissists?

Victim narcissists are people who have a narcissistic personality disorder. This is where they always blame everyone else for their problems.

A victim narcissist is someone with a problem identifying what’s going on in relationships. This is particularly when it pertains to them being victimized by others. They typically see themselves as blameless and vulnerable. However, at times they might also be seen as very aggressive or harmful. It can be because of how much damage that they do to other individuals close to them. When you take your life over completely with this kind of an attitude it can make things challenging for those around you if not downright impossible. It is essential that you discover whatever about yourself which may cause this type of behavior. This is before attempting anything substantial.

Types of Victim Narcissist

Types of Victim Narcissist

There are different types of victim narcissists. Some of these are:

  • The tyrannical victim narcissist
  • The neglected victim narcissistic personality
  • Victims of abuse as children.

Tyrannical Victim Narcissistic Personality

This type is focused on making others feel bad so they can look better to themselves and those around them. They are always the ones who have been wronged in some way or another by other people. This makes it impossible for them to be held accountable for their own actions. It is because everything that happens to them just seems like part of life’s plan. This is rather than personal responsibility. Their goal is usually centered on causing harm with no regard whatsoever for what this may do to the person whom they’re hurting. You will find different types within this group which include bullies, tyrants, and sociopaths who partake and martyrs.

Neglected Victim Narcissistic Personality

This type of victim narcissist is someone who feels like they were never given the love and attention that they needed as a child which has led to them feeling empty and alone most of their lives. They tend to look for validation from others in order to feel good about themselves, but since this is something that’s always been elusive it often leads to disappointment. As a result, they can become very needy and demanding when it comes to relationships.

Victims of Abuse As Children

These individuals are some of the most damaged because their trust was violated at an early age by someone who was supposed to be taking care of them. This can leave lasting scars that make it difficult for them to form healthy relationships as they grow older. There is a strong chance that these types of people will be very mistrusting and quick to say hurtful things about others who have done nothing wrong in order to push them away, regardless of the fact that this might cause needless pain.

Signs of Victim Narcissist

These are some signs of a victim narcissist:

Have To Be Right

They feel the need to be right all of the time, even if it means putting their own needs last. This often makes them come across as argumentative and hostile because they are always looking for a way to win an altercation.

Victim Card

They love to play the victim card in order to get what they want from others or make themselves feel better about a situation that’s gone wrong. They will often tell elaborate stories that paint them in a positive light while making everyone else look bad, even if these stories aren’t true.

Attention seeker

They constantly crave attention which can manifest itself in different ways such as being dramatic, seeking out sympathy, or even becoming aggressive when they don’t get the attention that they feel entitled to.

Never Take Responsibility

They never take responsibility for their own actions and always blame other people. This makes it impossible for them to change because they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior as a result of this type of thinking.

Lack Empathy

They have a hard time feeling empathy for others, which means that they will never truly understand the pain that they cause when hurting someone else. They may even laugh or smile while being cruel since none of this feels real to them so it’s difficult to comprehend what having an emotional connection actually feels like from inside themselves.

Reasons For Being Victim Narcissist

Reasons For Being Victim Narcissist

These are some of the reasons that someone is likely to become a victim narcissist:


If they were abused as children, it’s likely that they will grow up to be victim narcissists as adults. This can include anything from emotional abuse to being physically harmed.


If they were neglected by their parents or caregivers, this can leave them feeling empty and alone which often leads to them seeking validation from others.


If they were bullied in school, it can lead to them developing a victim mentality as an adult where they feel like they have to constantly defend themselves against anyone who dares cross their path.

Parental Narcissism

If one or both of their parents are narcissistic, there is a good chance that the child will develop similar traits in order to survive growing up in that environment.

Societal Pressures

There is a lot of pressure on individuals to succeed these days, and for someone who feels like they’ve never been good enough it can be difficult not to resort to narcissistic behaviors as a way of trying to fit in.

Treatment For Victim Narcissist

Treatment For Victim Narcissist

There can be many treatment options for victim narcissists:


The best treatment for victim narcissists is a therapy that can help them learn how to trust others again, develop empathy, and take responsibility for their own actions. This can be a difficult road, but with the help of a qualified therapist, it is possible for them to make significant changes in their life.


Self-help is another great option for victim narcissists. There are many books and websites available that can help them learn how to better cope with their feelings, types of communication skills, boundary setting techniques, boundaries in relationships, etc. This will give them the opportunity to confront these issues on their own without having to rely heavily upon a therapist or other professional who may not be able to connect with the individual due to a lack of empathy themselves.

Drugs And Medication

There are also drugs and medications that can work well for some people as long as they have been prescribed by a medical doctor. This is after being tested thoroughly at an appropriate facility. It is where those tests would be done safely and under supervision. This is from accredited professionals such as psychiatrists.

How To Deal With Victim Narcissist?

How To Deal With Victim Narcissist?

Everyone should learn how to deal with victim narcissists because they are unfortunately quite common. The following tips can be helpful:

Avoid Taking Them Seriously

You should avoid taking them seriously because they will only cause you more pain and suffering if you do. They are best left alone, but it’s always better to stand up for yourself when necessary instead of allowing the victim narcissist to walk all over you.

Be Honest With Yourself

It can be difficult not to take things personally with someone like this, but it is important that you learn how to separate their issues from your own so that none of what happens between the two of you feels like a reflection on who YOU are as an individual human being.

Use Boundaries Effectively And Set Limits

You should set limits by using boundaries effectively in order to get through any interactions with these types of people without falling into self-loathing or feeling guilty about what you’ve done wrong.

Understand That They Cannot Be Changed

Most importantly, it’s important to understand that victim narcissists cannot be changed. They will likely never have the capacity to love another person in a healthy manner no matter how hard they may try on their own or with your help. These people are often very unhappy themselves. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with YOU personally if someone like this chooses not to see who you really are. Instead of wasting any more time on them, focus on making positive changes in YOUR life instead!

Try To Have Compassion

It can be difficult to have compassion for someone who has hurt you so deeply. Try to remember that they are suffering too and that they may not even be aware of the pain they are causing. This is not an excuse to allow them to continue hurting you. It can help you to have a little bit more understanding and forgiveness in your heart for them.

Avoid Contacting Them

The best thing you can do with the victim narcissist is to avoid all contact as much as possible. If they are in your life, try everything within reason to remove them from it. This is even if it means having a conversation about why they should leave. This will be difficult at first. However, once you learn how to effectively communicate this without feeling guilty or afraid of what their reaction might be, you’ll see that there’s nothing left for them in your life and that everyone will benefit from being free of the burden that someone like this has been causing throughout your entire relationship together.

Remember That It Is Not Your Fault

It’s important not to remember that it is not YOUR fault when dealing with a person who suffers from NPD. This is not something that you have done or can change, so do not internalize any of the guilt or pain that they may try to put on you. It’s their problem, not yours.


In conclusion, victim narcissists can be difficult to deal with at times. But hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about how best to cope with them for your own sake. There are many treatment options available that may or may not work. It is depending on the individual and their needs. It’s important that everyone learns about these types of people. This is so they know what it looks like when someone is struggling in order to help them get professional assistance if necessary. They can also be quite dangerous if they’ve been given the power to take advantage of others. This is why it’s so important for people not to give them that kind of control over their lives.
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