How to Build Trust in a Relationship Again

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The one thing that is more important than anything else in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, is trust. A lack of it can cause a lot of problems and lead to the end of your current relationship. If you are looking for some tips on how to build trust in a relationship again, after it has been broken, this blog post will help!

Why Trust Is So Important In A Relationship?

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Trust is so important in a relationship because it is the foundation that everything else is built. If you don’t trust your partner, then you won’t feel comfortable opening up to them and sharing your thoughts and feelings. This can lead to a lot of problems as the two of you will be unable to communicate effectively. Without communication, the relationship will slowly deteriorate.

What Is Breaking Of Trust?

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Breaking of trust is when one person in a relationship does something that destroys the trust that has been built up between them. Breaking of trust can come in many different forms. This could be anything from cheating to lying to your partner about important things. There are also some ways that you could break that trust without even realizing it! Once this trust has been broken, it can be very difficult to rebuild it.

What Are Some Examples Of Breaking Of Trust?

There are many different ways that you can break the trust in a relationship. Some examples of breaking trust are described below.

Cheating on your partner

This is the most obvious example of breaking trust, but it can be difficult to rebuild after you have done this! If you cheat on your partner, they will never be able to trust you again.

Not being honest about how you feel

If you are not honest about how you feel, your partner will not be able to trust you. This is because they will never know what you are thinking or feeling. If your partner doesn’t know how you are feeling, they can never support you.

Not backing up your words with actions

If the two of you have an agreement about something, both parties must keep to their word. If one person does not do this then trust will be broken and rebuilding it again may prove difficult! Before having an agreement, make sure that both of you are happy with the arrangement and are willing to stick to it.

Lying about important things

Lying about anything that makes a difference in your relationship can destroy trust between two people. For instance, if you lie about how much you love your partner or how often you talk to them, they will likely never be able to trust you again.

Withholding information

If there is something that you know that could potentially harm your relationship, it is important to share this information with your partner. If you don’t and choose to keep it hidden instead, it will likely cause a lot of problems between the two of you.

NOTE: If your partner feels like you are not there for them when they need you, it can be very damaging to the trust that has been built up.

What Breaking of Trust Feels Like?

When trust is broken in a relationship, it can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. This is because you have been carrying around this feeling of mistrust for some time and it can be quite exhausting. However, once the initial relief wears off, you will likely start to feel angry, resentful, and hurt. These are all valid feelings and you should not try to suppress them.

NOTE: If you are in a relationship and your partner has done something to break the trust between you two, it can be difficult to understand how they feel. This will likely make them angry or upset with themselves. They may also become defensive when talking about what happened because they don’t want to blame themselves for what happened.

How Do I Know If I’ve Broken Trust?

If you are not sure whether or not you have broken trust in your relationship, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have I done something that would make my partner not be able to trust me?
  • Do I feel like my partner does not trust me?
  • Is there a lack of communication in our relationship?
  • Am I feeling angry, resentful, or hurt?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the trust between you and your partner has likely been broken.

How To Build Trust In A Relationship Again?

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Before trying to rebuild trust in a relationship, you must be honest with yourself about what caused the break low breakdown. For example, if you have cheated on your partner or lied to them about something important. Then it will be much harder for them to trust you again. However, if the issue was that there is a lack of communication between the two of you then it should not be too difficult.

Once you know what caused the breaking down of trust and how you can fix it, you will need to take some steps to rebuild that trust. Though, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to rebuilding trust in a relationship. However, there are some general steps that you can take which may help. Give them an honest shot and see if they seem to work.

Acknowledge Your Mistake

If you have done something that has caused the trust in your relationship to break down, it is important to own up to your role in this. This means being honest with yourself and your partner about what you did and how it made them feel.

Apologize, Make A Apology Plan

An apology plan is a list of everything that you will do to show your partner that they can trust you again. This should include things like apologizing for what happened, being honest with yourself about why this has happened in the past, staying away from temptation by not hanging out with the person you cheated on your partner with and making a commitment to change your behavior.

Arrange a Talk Time

When you are ready to apologize to your partner, ask them for a good time to talk. This means that you will need to be available at a time when they can talk without being too busy.

Accept Responsibility

When you are apologizing to your partner, you must accept responsibility for what happened. This means being able to tell them why this has happened in the past and how they can help you change your behavior so that something like this will not happen again. It also means owning up to any other wrongdoings that you may have done in the relationship.

Hear Them Out

When your partner is talking to you about the trust that has been broken, it is important that you actively listen to them. This means not interrupting them and letting them finish their thought. It also means showing interest in what they are saying and being supportive.

Deliver On Your Promises

Once you have apologized to your partner and they have accepted your apology, you must back up your words with actions. This means not just saying that you will change but changing the way you behave. It may take some time for your partner to fully trust you again, but if you back up your words with actions, you will start to show them that they can trust you again.

Be Patient

Rebuilding the trust in a relationship is not something that happens overnight. It takes time and patience for both of you to learn how to communicate better or stop certain behaviors that have caused the loss of trust before this happens again. This means that you will need to be patient with your partner and allow them time to adjust.

Relationship Coaches On Building Trust In A Relationship Again

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If you are finding that rebuilding trust in your relationship is a difficult task, it may be helpful to get some professional help.

Relationship coaches understand the dynamics of a relationship and can provide you with the tools needed for successful reconciliation.

For more information on how to rebuild trust in a relationship again, please visit our website Therapy Mantra, or give us a call today. We would be happy to help!


If you have done something that would make your relationship not able to trust each other, this is a difficult situation for both of you. However, if the issue was due to a lack of communication then it should not be as bad as trying to rebuild trust after cheating. There are several steps that you can take to help rebuild the trust in your relationship and both of you must be willing to work on this. It will not be easy, but with time and effort, the trust between you can be rebuilt.

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