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Mental health is often viewed as a taboo topic in the Philippines, and employees are often reluctant to seek help for fear of judgement or discrimination. However, mental health issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in the country, with one in five Filipinos suffering from some form of mental illness.
There are a number of reasons why employee mental health is deteriorating in the Philippines. Firstly, the country has a high level of economic inequality, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and stress. Secondly, the Philippines is a highly competitive society, which can add to the pressure that employees feel. Finally, the country has a culture of machismo, which often leads to men feeling they have to bottle up their emotions and not show any weakness. All of these factors can have a negative impact on employee mental health, and it is important that employers are aware of the signs of mental illness.

Benefits of the EAP program in Philippines

The EAP program provides a number of benefits to employees, including:
1. Access to confidential counseling services: Employees can receive confidential counseling and support from trained professionals who can help them deal with a variety of personal and work-related issues.
2. Increased job satisfaction and productivity: Employees who have access to the EAP program often report increased job satisfaction and productivity.
3. Reduced stress levels: Employees who participate in the EAP program often report reduced stress levels.
4. Improved work/life balance: The EAP program can help employees achieve a better work/life balance by providing them with resources and support to manage their work and personal life effectively.
5. Increased Employee retention: The EAP program can help increase employee retention by reducing stress levels and improving job satisfaction.

Top EAP providers in Philippines

MantraCare is a leading provider of employee assistance programs in the Philippines. They augment their EAP program with Yoga, mindfulness & meditation for employees. The company offers a wide range of services, including counseling, coaching, physical wellbeing programs for diabetes, physio, women’s wellness & more.

LifeWorks is a leading provider of employee assistance programs (EAPs) that help organizations improve the productivity and well-being of their employees. Their services are designed to address a wide range of issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more.
Cigna Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive employee assistance program that can help employees with work-related stress, personal problems, and other mental health issues. Their services are available 24/7 and include counseling, legal support, financial planning, and more.

Cost of EAP program in Philippines

The cost of an EAP program will vary depending on the provider, the size of the company, and the services offered.

The cost of an employee assistance program (EAP) in the Philippines can vary depending on the size and scope of the program. However, most EAPs will typically range from $500 to $3,000 per year.

MantraCare is the most cost-effective among all the EAP providers with plans starting at $3 per employee.

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