Effective Strategy Of Combining EFT And Marriage Counseling

EFT And Marriage Counseling

The emotions and behavior of each partner determine the quality of their relationship. When these become difficult to manage, it can lead to problems between partners. This is where the EFT approach in marriage counseling comes to the rescue. In this blog, we will discuss the EFT marriage counseling combination, the techniques used by therapists, and how it can be beneficial for couples. We will also answer your question “How to find EFT marriage counseling near me?”.

What Is EFT?

What Is EFT?Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on emotions and attachment in relationships. It is based on the premise that emotional connection is essential to our well-being and that relationship distress is often caused by a lack of emotional safety and security. It aims to help couples identify and express their underlying emotions and needs, enhance their emotional bond, and thus improve communication.

Difference Between EFT And Marriage Counseling

EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and Marriage Counseling are two different approaches to addressing relationship issues.

EFT is a type of therapy that focuses on the emotional connection between partners. The goal of EFT is to help couples identify and understand the emotions that are driving their behavior, and to develop new ways of responding to each other that promote emotional safety and closeness. EFT is a short-term therapy that typically lasts between 8 and 20 sessions.

Marriage counseling, on the other hand, is a more general term. It includes various approaches that focus on improving the relationship between partners. It may involve exploring communication patterns, addressing specific issues such as infidelity or financial stress, or developing skills for managing conflict.

While both EFT and marriage counseling can help improve relationships, the focus and approach of each may differ. EFT specifically targets emotional connection and safety, while marriage counseling may have a broader focus on communication and problem-solving.

EFT And Marriage Counseling Combination

EFT And Marriage Counseling CombinationThe combination of EFT and marriage counseling can be an effective approach. EFT focuses on the emotional connection between partners, while marriage counseling can address more practical issues such as communication and problem-solving. By using both approaches together, couples can work on improving both their emotional connection and their ability to effectively communicate and resolve issues.

For example, a couple may start with EFT to improve their emotional connection and learn how to express their feelings and needs more constructively. Then, they may move on to marriage counseling to work on specific issues, such as how to better communicate about money or how to manage conflicts more healthily.

Combining EFT and marriage counseling can provide a more comprehensive approach to improving relationships, and may be especially helpful for couples who are experiencing significant emotional distance or who are struggling with deeper emotional issues.

Techniques Used In EFT Marriage Counseling

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) uses a variety of techniques in marriage counseling to help couples improve their emotional connection and strengthen their relationship. Here are some of the most common techniques used in EFT marriage counseling:


This technique involves the therapist reflecting on the couple and what they are hearing and seeing, without adding their judgment or interpretation. The purpose of this technique is to help the couple feel validated and understood. By reflecting on the couple, the therapist can clarify their understanding of the couple’s experiences and emotions, which can help the couple feel heard and seen.


This technique involves the therapist acknowledging and validating the couple’s feelings and experiences. Validation is important in EFT marriage counseling because it helps to build trust and emotional safety. When the couple feels validated, they are more likely to open up and share their experiences and emotions.

Emotion Labeling

This technique involves the therapist helping the couple to identify and label the emotions that they are experiencing. This can help reduce the intensity of negative emotions and create a sense of calm. By identifying and labeling emotions, the couple is better able to understand and manage their feelings.


This technique involves the therapist helping the couple to intensify positive emotions, such as love and affection. This can be done by encouraging the couple to focus on positive memories and experiences. Heightening positive emotions can help to create a stronger emotional bond between partners.


This technique involves the therapist helping the couple to reframe negative behaviors or situations in a more positive light. This can help reduce negative emotions and promote a more positive outlook. Reframing negative behaviors or situations can also help the couple to see each other in a more positive light. This can help to build trust and emotional safety.

Experiential Techniques

EFT uses a variety of experiential techniques. Such as role-playing or other exercises, to help the couple to practice new ways of interacting with each other. These techniques can help the couple to break negative patterns of behavior and develop new, more positive ways of interacting with each other.

Attachment Work

EFT focuses on strengthening attachment bonds between partners, and the therapist may use specific techniques to help the couple to develop a stronger emotional connection. These techniques may involve exploring the couple’s attachment history or using specific exercises to help the couple develop more positive attachment behaviors.

Benefits Of EFT Marriage Counseling

Benefits Of EFT Marriage CounselingEmotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a popular and effective approach to marriage counseling that has many benefits for couples seeking to improve their relationship. Here are some of the main benefits of EFT marriage counseling:

  • Improved communication: EFT focuses on helping couples to communicate more effectively and to express their emotions healthily. By learning to communicate more openly and honestly, couples can build a deeper understanding of each other and create a more positive relationship.
  • Strengthened emotional bond: EFT is based on the idea that a strong emotional bond is essential for a healthy relationship. By focusing on emotions and attachment, EFT can help couples to develop a stronger emotional bond and to feel more connected to each other.
  • Increased emotional safety: EFT creates a safe and supportive environment where couples can explore their emotions and work through issues without fear of judgment or criticism. This can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and insecurity in the relationship.
  • Reduced conflict: EFT can help to reduce conflict in the relationship by addressing the underlying emotional issues that are causing conflict. By understanding and addressing these issues, couples can learn to communicate more effectively and reduce conflict.
  • Improved intimacy: EFT can help couples to increase their intimacy by improving communication, strengthening emotional bonds, and addressing any issues that are impacting their physical or emotional intimacy.
  • Lasting results: EFT is designed to create lasting change in the relationship, rather than just addressing the immediate issues. By helping couples to develop new communication and attachment patterns, EFT can create lasting improvements in the relationship.

Ways To Find EFT Marriage Counseling Near Me

Ways To Find EFT Marriage Counseling Near MeHere are some ways to find EFT marriage counseling near you:

  • Online directories: Online directories can be an excellent resource for finding EFT marriage counseling near you. These directories allow you to search for therapists by location, specialty, and other criteria. You can read reviews from other clients, view therapist profiles, and even book appointments online. Make sure to check the therapist’s credentials, experience, and qualifications before booking an appointment.
  • Referrals: Referrals from your primary care physician, friends, or family members can be a valuable source. They can provide valuable insights into their approach, style, and effectiveness. Consider asking those who know you and your partner well for recommendations.
  • Internet search: A quick internet search for “EFT marriage counseling near me” or “EFT couples therapy near me” can yield many results. However, it’s important to do your research before choosing a therapist. Take time to read reviews, check their qualifications, and visit their website to learn more about their approach to therapy.
  • Social media: Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can also be useful tools for finding therapists near you. Many therapists maintain professional profiles on these platforms. You can learn more about their practice and services through their pages.


In conclusion, EFT marriage counseling can be a powerful tool for couples seeking to improve their relationship. By focusing on emotions, attachment, and effective communication, EFT can help couples to develop a stronger emotional bond, reduce conflict, and increase intimacy. If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, seeking the help of a trained EFT therapist can be an effective way to work through these issues and build a more positive, fulfilling relationship.

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