Scared of Commitment : Meaning, Signs, Reasons And More

Scared of Commitment : Meaning, Signs, Reasons And More

Many people are scared of commitment. They worry about the consequences that come along with it, but they often forget that there are many benefits to being committed as well. This blog post is for those who have not yet found their true love and want to know what commitment can do for them.

What Is “Scared of Commitment”?

What Is 'Scared of Commitment'?When one says “scared of commitment,” we’re talking about a fear of getting too close to someone or becoming too attached. People who are scared of commitment may avoid relationships altogether. They may become very clingy in their relationships. They often have a hard time trusting people, and they may be afraid that if they commit to someone, they will end up hurt.

People who are scared of commitment may also feel like they can’t control what happens in their relationships. They may worry that if they get too close to someone, they will lose them somehow. This can lead to a lot of fear and anxiety around relationships.

This means that relationships may either be totally avoided, or they are constantly fought for.

People who struggle with commitment issues tend to have a hard time trusting others. They will often become very paranoid when it comes to their partners “cheating” on them. They can also get jealous of other people who show interest in their partner. This leads to more problems between the two of you. One possible reason someone might fear getting close is that they never learned how to do so while growing up. They may not know what healthy intimacy looks like, and instead mimic unhealthy behavior seen in past generations. It is even within your own family.

Signs That Depicts Someone Is Scared of Commitment

Signs That Depicts Someone Is Scared of Commitment

There are many signs that may depict that someone is scared of commitment. They may show some or all of the following signs:

Trust Issues

A person who is scared of commitment will often have trust issues. They may be hesitant to get too close to someone. They may jump into relationships very quickly just so that they don’t feel alone.

Entitled Attitude

Someone with an entitled attitude might believe that their partner should never want anyone else but them, which can cause some problems in the relationship (such as jealousy). This could also come off like a “sour-grapes” type situation if your partner ever does find interest in another person; you would act very upset about it even though deep down you know there’s nothing really wrong with it.

Clingy Behavior

Scared of commitment people tend to become clingy when they are in relationships. They believe that it is okay to be possessive and controlling because they are afraid of losing their partner. This can become very draining for the other person, who may feel trapped or suffocated in this type of relationship.

Disregard For Personal Boundaries

People with commitment issues often have a hard time setting personal boundaries within their relationships. They might allow people to call them at any hour of the night, send unsolicited pictures or videos (sexting), or even cross physical boundaries by initiating sex too soon into the relationship, pressuring you for things like oral sex when you’re uncomfortable giving it, etc.

Control Issues

A person who is scared of commitment may also have control issues. They might want to be in charge of everything in the relationship, from what you do together to how you spend your free time. This can be very frustrating and overwhelming for the other person.

No Future Commitments

There may be a fear of making any future commitments because the person might not want to experience the pain and heartache that often comes with them. This could mean that they avoid making plans or promises because it’s easier not to get attached to things.

Unhealthy Dating Patterns

Commitment-phobic people may experience the same unhealthy eating patterns over and over again in all types of different relationships. But often these date patterns are never addressed until one partner decides enough is enough. They might go from one person right into another without taking any time apart between them, which leaves both partners feeling like their needs are never being met. This can quickly turn into a cycle of codependency in which neither person is happy.

Reasons Why Someone Is Scared of Commitment

Reasons Why Someone Is Scared of Commitment

There are many reasons why someone may be scared of commitment. It could be because of many reasons:

Traumatic Experiences In Past

There might be traumatic experiences in your past that are influencing how you feel about love and intimacy. Maybe certain people hurt you when you were younger, or maybe there was a divorce within the family that had an impact on the way you view relationships now.

Poor Modeling Of Relationships Growing Up

You might not have experienced any healthy relationships while growing up; perhaps both of your parents worked all of the time which left little to no time for communication with each other (or alone time for everyone else). Or maybe one parent cheated on another frequently throughout their marriage, so they never taught you what commitment looked like between two people who really loved each other.

Emotional Abuse

Commitment issues could also be caused by emotional abuse during childhood. If you were constantly told that you were worthless, or that no one would ever want to be with you, then it’s understandable why you might feel this way as an adult.

Neglectful Parents

If your parents didn’t spend much time with you when you were growing up, or if they never showed any type of affectionate behavior towards each other or their children, then it can leave a person feeling scared and uncertain about what a healthy relationship looks like.

Addiction In Family

Another reason someone may fear commitment is if there is addiction in the family. If either of your parents is/were addicts, then there’s a good chance that you grew up feeling very unsafe and unstable. This could lead to some unhealthy beliefs about relationships. This is such as “all men/women are cheaters” or “relationships always end in pain.”

Fear Of Abandonment

A fear of abandonment is one of the most common reasons someone may be scared of commitment. If you’ve been hurt in the past by a partner who ended things abruptly, or if you were left alone and feeling lost as a child, then it’s understandable why this might be your biggest fear when entering into a relationship.

Negative Effects On Others When Someone Is Scared of Commitment

Negative Effects On Others When Someone Is Scared of Commitment?

There can be many negative effects on others when someone is scared of commitment. One partner often feels like they’re doing all the work in the relationship, while the other person just sits back and enjoys the ride. This can be very frustrating and often leads to resentment.

Difficulty To Trust Others

If you’re dating someone who is scared of commitment, it can be difficult to trust them because they’ve probably given you a lot of reasons not to. They may have been inconsistent with their words or actions, which has caused you to doubt their true intentions.

Relationship Will Most Likely Be Unhappy

Since one person is always giving more than they’re receiving in a relationship where one party is scared of commitment, it can be very unhealthy for both people. This is why this type of relationship rarely works out in the long term.

Unbalanced Relationship

There is usually an unbalanced relationship in a couple where one person fears commitment. This leaves the other partner feeling exhausted and unhappy because they have to constantly give more than what they’re receiving from their significant other.

Inconsistent In Their Actions Towards You And Others

If your partner is scared of a commitment then you probably know that they often act inconsistently towards you and others; this can be very confusing for someone who craves stability within their relationships. It’s hard to feel close with them when there are certain days that they don’t want anything physical or emotional happening between the two of you (or even months). This is only to randomly decide at another time that they do actually love spending time together after all.


It’s common for a couple where one person is scared of commitment to have codependency issues. This can be very unhealthy. This is because it often leads to the two people growing apart instead of closer together, which isn’t what either one wants. They may even feel suffocated by each other and this becomes their reason for breaking up with someone they once loved so much.

Insecurity In Relationship

This is another example of codependency because it causes someone to become insecure in the relationship, which can be very hurtful to their partner. They may feel like they’re not good enough for them or that there are other people who are better options; this usually leads one person feeling extremely jealous and the other growing tired of always having to reassure them about their feelings.

How To Deal With Someone Who’s Scared of Commitment?

How To Deal With Someone Who's Scared of Commitment

If you’re dating someone who is scared of commitment, it’s important to understand where they’re coming from. There are many other methods on how to deal with someone who is scared of commitment:

Try To Understand Their Point Of View

The best way to deal with someone who is scared of commitment is by trying to understand their point of view. This means that you should take the time to listen to them. You should not just try to fix the problem yourself. Often, people are scared of commitment because they’re afraid of getting hurt again. If you can be understanding and supportive, they may gradually start opening up to you more.

Don’t Take It Personally

When someone is scared of commitment, it’s often not personal; they simply have a fear that’s holding them back from entering into a relationship. Don’t take their hesitation or lack of interest personally–remember that this has nothing to do with how much they care for you, it’s just a fear that they’re dealing with.

Don’t Force The Issue

If your partner is scared of commitment, it’s important to not force the issue. It is because this will only push them further away from you and closer towards someone who may be more open to entering into a relationship. If they want to get serious with you then they’ll come around on their own time. Forcing an ultimatum isn’t fair nor healthy for either party involved in the relationship. This will only cause resentment between both people who are trying so hard to figure things out but don’t feel like there’s enough room or understanding within the relationship for them to do so.

Be Understanding And Supportive

It can be difficult dating someone when you know that they’re scared of commitment, but if you can be understanding and supportive. After this, it will make the relationship a lot easier for both of you. Try not to get frustrated with them when they pull away or take things slow. Remember that this is something that’s new and scary for them, so cut them some slack. Showing genuine interest in their feelings as well as being there for them emotionally can help reassure your partner that you’re serious about the relationship. This is also if you want to make things work.


In conclusion, dating someone who is scared of commitment can be a difficult task. But it’s definitely worth it if you’re both willing to put in the effort. By being understanding and supportive, you can help your partner feel more comfortable with the idea of committing to you. You can also make the relationship stronger in the process.

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